500 Mary's road to trust II

Zaleria approached Mary with a serious face, "The one thing metallic hate is facing their own ideal. Each one of them has a thing, something they live by. For gold, it's order and law. For silver it's heroism. For bronze it's justice. For copper it's entertainment. For brass it's socialization. But for steel, that is freedom and revolution."

Mary glared at Zaleria, "So, what's your point?"

"Freedom and revolution, your kind always get dragged to fight against absolute authorities. Each of us has arrogance, and you ended up fighting fate itself. Doubt such a thing was for Cain, only fueling your own arrogance." Zaleria growled.

"That isn't true, and even if it was, aren't you the same?" Mary glared at her.

"I said it at the start, I stayed for these." Zaleria made her tattoos visible, "And I'm staying for more. We red are power and everyone knows it."

"Are you saying…"


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