499 Mary's road to trust I

After a while, all the girls gathered in Cain's room.

Sofia, Selena, Alice, Gracie, Mary, Marina, Zaleria, Hati, Nemmoxon, Isbert, Farryn, Mei, and Even Melissa, who insisted on talking with Cain about her people.

Cain stared at them all standing in a line, "So, Mary…come sit here beside me."

Mary slowly walked and sat on the bed beside him, he patted her hair and then glared at the other girls. "Since we're all here, I like honesty. If you hate her just say it, that won't be a problem. If you agree with what she did just say it. The goal of all of this is fixing that problem."

After looking at them, "Now, Sofia you first. What do you think of Mary and how could she make you accept her again?"

Sofia slowly approached them, took a deep breath, and looked at the worried Mary. "I do understand where she is coming from, but I still can't take her manipulation kindly. I also fear she might try it again."

Sofia then looked directly at Mary, "Would you do it again?"


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