515 Lord Amaya Bennett

"Can you calm down a bit?" Cain said staring at Skoll writhing up his torso.

She smiled thrusting her nose into his chest, "(I rarely get out, sensory stimulation like those are hard for me to resist.)" She gave his nipple a gentle bite rubbing herself on his thigh.

"Fine," Cain pulled her up and lifted one of her legs…he was to give her the same treatment as her sister… But…for a moment he felt something in the back of his head.

'What was that…probably nothing' He ignored it as he sensed nothing important.

Cain slowly pushed into Skoll, "Ah!" he groaned, strangely enough, Skoll felt tighter than Hati even though they share the same body. He pressed his body into her locking her mouth in a deep kiss.

"Ah! AH! Ah! Give me more!" she moaned, each thrust sending electric shocks into her brain.

Cain licked her ear and whispered gently, "Hold tight." He grabbed her buttock with both hands and started thrusting as fast as he could jumping her inside and making her fill dizzy.


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