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"Did I really die?" Cain Lisworth woke up in the adventurer guild, he had returned to the start of his journey after being killed by the cosmos guards. Armed with his knowledge, he started his life once again trying to break the heavenly orders and escape the mortal world. This time, without mistakes he will rise back to the top and reclaim his throne as the strongest enchanter in history! **** Please Give my other works a look. They are far more refined, especially the newest book [The Supervillain Transmigrated Into a Runt to Avoid Resurrection] [The dragon's harem] Is also pretty good. This story finally has a Discord server. Please visit it to see character art, or demand art to be created for a specific character. Only ask how someone looks, and I will get it out. https://discord.gg/EvfXR9BjBH Discord: Alen_Tanor#1599

Alen_Tanor · Fantasy
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Before the Hunt

Cain entered with Selena and Chad into the kitchen to have a quick meal. This time Elise ignored him when she saw him crunching on the raw vegetables. Selena on the other hand ate a raw piece of meat while Chad heated some leftover soup for himself.

Elise sighed, "There is some cheese in the store room that you can eat from it if you want." she pointed out to a large goat cheese wheel that was in the next room.

"You seem more tolerant than the last time, did something happen?" Cain asked her.

"It's bad for a maid to have a lot of friction between her and the master. Trying to get on your or the ladies' bad side is just a ticket for the street." Elsie sighed. She wasn't in a position where she can talk up to him. Surprisingly, even Gracie who could talk back to Cain had chosen to follow his orders blindly. Probably that was the reason she rose to the position of Headmaid.