522 Alice's realization and enlightenment

Alice went back and looked for Hati but didn't find her anywhere in the mansion, after asking Sebas she was informed that Hati went to the forest to kill monsters. This had left only them there.

As the bath got ready, all the girls gathered in and Alice brought Cain there with her. In the changing room, they all gathered.

Cain, Sofia, Selena, Alice, Gracie, Marina, Ellie, and Olivia. Marina did ask Cain about her twin maid but he refused their participation saying it might not be good for them.

Inside the changing room. Cain sat on the bench to take his clothes off and Sofia approached him. "Are you fine? You were extremely injured when Alice brought you in." She asked with a worried face.

Cain smiled pulling her to sit on his lap, "I'm more durable than I look, I bounce back quickly." He gently patted her head. Sofia blushed for a moment but soon heard Gracie speak.


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