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"Did I really die?" Cain Lisworth woke up in the adventurer guild, he had returned to the start of his journey after being killed by the cosmos guards. Armed with his knowledge, he started his life once again trying to break the heavenly orders and escape the mortal world. This time, without mistakes he will rise back to the top and reclaim his throne as the strongest enchanter in history! **** Please Give my other works a look. They are far more refined, especially the newest book [The Supervillain Transmigrated Into a Runt to Avoid Resurrection] [The dragon's harem] Is also pretty good. This story finally has a Discord server. Please visit it to see character art, or demand art to be created for a specific character. Only ask how someone looks, and I will get it out. https://discord.gg/EvfXR9BjBH Discord: Alen_Tanor#1599

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[Bonus chapter] In the Black Sea, Standing on the Prow.

Cain waited in the room thinking about what they are going to do after this. Spending some time with Marina was a must right now, after that they can start heading toward the capital.

To hasten things a bit, he can start traveling and then return to Ourals to spend time with Marina every so often. A day every five days should be enough.

There are two ways he can travel to the capital, the first one was to traditionally take a good old carriage and hit the ground with hooves. The second one was to ride Zaleria to the capital, a highway on a dragon's back would draw a lot of attention. From dragons that are.

The plan was to head to the capital, then take a boat to the elvish kingdom where he can meet Sylph once again.

Cain looked to the sky, what he hated the most was crossing the sea. It was filled with pirates, monsters, violent storms, and Kraken. He might even leave the girls in the capital and cross it alone and then just teleport them after.