My DxD reincarnation story

A boy kills himself hoping to end his own misery, unknowingly his soul end up in the Dimensional gap. Not the usual dxd system fanfic -No dungeons -No party’s -No multiversal gacha I feel the things I listed take away the fun of the system except the dungeons (I’m just to lazy to right dungeon scenes) so I won’t be adding them

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A couple hours after my encounter with Issei one thing came to mind

"I need to get stronger"

Cliche I know but I am just a regular human like REGULAR

I would bet even Issei right now could kill me with his boosted gea-

Oh shit

His booster gear

Did he awaken it?

What point in time am I even in?!

Why haven't I thought about that before!

Well nothing can change it now but if I arrived before plot

I really need to buff up, but how

Wait, do I have a sacred gear?

How do you even manifest it


I shoot my hand out


That didn't work

I try again but with a different hand motion


Still didn't work…

Maybe I just don't have one

Most gamblers quit before winning millions

"Damnit, I can't give up now"


Taking a deep breathe a try one more time

I shoot my hand out one more time with a battle cry

Or atleast what I thought a battle cry would sound like




God damn what hell was that?

I look at my hand to see a golden gauntlet

"Holy shit it worked"


"What the fuck is this?"

This ain't no divine dividing

Then a voice emerges from the gauntlet

"You are correct it is not, infact, it's something much better"

I look at my hand where the golden gauntlet is

"Are you a dragon?"


"Do not associate me with those foolish creatures who got themselves sealed"

"So what are you then?"

"I am simply your sacred gear"

"What sacred gear even are you?"

"I'm glad you asked, boy you weild the potential to rule over gods, the power to bend reality and history to your favor, I AM TELOS KARMA"

"What the hell is a telos karma?"


"Kill yourself so I may get a weilder who's more appreciative"

"Been there done that pal"

"What do you mean?"

"Nothing ,so what do you mean "bend reality" what can "Telos Kama" do?"

"Hmph, I'm not telling you"

Is he… pouting

"Come one man, I was just oblivious as to what you were"

"I guess that's fair, ahem, THE ALL MIGHTY TELOS KARMAAAA!"

This again?

"You have the ability to make any thing possible to a degree"

"Woah, explain more"

"Hm, not so "oblivious" any more are we?"


"Ha, anyways, you can make anything possible to a degree"

"Yeah you said that already"

"It seems an example is required"

"Finally we're on the same page"

"If you were to slap someone in the face many possibilities could happen, they could dodge, take the hit, or even hit you at the same time, but with the telos karma you can choose which possibility will happen forcefully"

"That's… OP AS FUCK"

"I know right"

"Is there a balance breaker and how do I access it-"



"Do not even think of balance breaker at your current level it will rip you apart from the inside"

"O dam"

"Now that you know the ins and outs I'm going to rest now, it tole quite a bit energy to establish a steady connection with you"

"I see, well goodnight"

"Goodnight… Partner"


The gauntlet vanishes off my hand

"Telos karma…"

I think of the upcoming enemy's



The old Satan's

"Will it be enough"

Another short chapter, I just wanna make sure you guys ACTUALLY want this fic I don’t wanna right 1k plus words and nobody likes it

not many fanfics experiment with telos karma and I planned on giving him telos karma and zenith tempest since those to combined would be HELLA BROKEN but I seen a fanfic on that already and i don’t wanna get the “wanna be” claims so if you guys have any good pairs for telos karma let me know (doesn’t have to be a Longinus)

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