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Finally a quality novel. Didn't expect it to be this good. Check it out and see if you like it........................................................

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i have read upto latest chapters in the raws and have to say that it turned out worse than i thought. truthfully i completely expected the racism and all other bias it have, as it being a Chinese novel. But i can't take the utter shameless way the author put others to be, I mean like WTH are you looking down on all other countries when you are literally stealing their ideas and pasting them in this parallel world? so disappointing, and the Mc is so frikin smug about it. ugh! another thing is about how all the non-Chinese countries are presented, For example. Except china all other countries don't have any or as strict measures against the so called dream dungeons and nightmare as if they are the only so called 'humans' with concise, and every other is just some different breeds of humans who popped out of nowhere. i don't know if it will get selected or not. but seeing so many novels which were even worse getting selected maybe it will.🤢🤮


My Dungeons are for licking the butt of China would be a 100% more fitting name. .. .. .. .. .. .. My Dungeons are for licking the butt of China would be a 100% more fitting name. .. .. .. .. .. ..


This is Sister’s Bride’s latest novel and it’s basic concept is similar to the author’s other work that’s being translated on here, the mc transmigrates into another world and brings ideas and things from his world into this new one. This starts out pretty good, but I have heard that the writing gets more and more messier. If you’re currently reading Sister’s other book, then you’ll know that the current update speed of that is only 3 chapters per week. Well, this book currently has 137 chapters in the raws (the name is 我的副本全球流行 if you wanted to know). It started out pretty good, releasing 2 chapters every day, then it gradually started releasing either one or two a day. Now it’s completely whack, updating every two or three days. It has now been 4 days since the release of the latest chapter.


Another one of the racist novels with the typical same old same old. This novel is nothing new. ✅ copying from other works ✅ every world attacking China ✅ racist remarks


Interesting idea, hope it got picked.Interesting idea, hope it got picked.Interesting idea, hope it got picked.Interesting idea, hope it got picked.


Good Novel for Chinese Racist people 😑😑😑😑😐😑😑🤨😑😑🤨😑😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑😑🤨🤨😑😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑🤨😑😐


Nationalist and Racisist Chinese Dog Mc and world building ............................................................................................


i read it till ch 49 in raws in the start novel progress is good it feels like the story is making progress but after ch 35 I got totally disappointed it changed into a classical Chinese novel where other countries are becoming racist and china is striving forward still good to read if you can brave through that nationalisms'


So doing another review after reading some more and some RAW. I was really exited for this one but it has turned out to be a disappointment for me at least. Qidian is normally better with its novels and racism/xenophobia towards other country's and races than Chinese but again this is a China no.1 novel whilst completely stealing western ideas but at the same time t...... u get the idea not for me and also just blocks of text you end up skipping as it gets boring. Also the dungeons didn't turn out how I was expecting either. So hence my updated review


another china numba one novel where ccp are good guys and every non han is evil and should be killed 🇮🇱🇹🇼🇮🇱🇹🇼🇹🇼🇮🇱🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🤌🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼🇹🇼




Nationalist chinese Author...... ..... ........ ........... ....... ........ .......... ........ .... ... ..... .... ............ .........


I'm actually shocked that this is getting so many positive reviews. I read till chapter 12(spoilers ahead) Our MC transmigrated to an alternate world where dream and nightmare dungeons exist. Dream dungeons are 'nice' one. Nightmare dungeons on the other hand are created by humans through the power of the lord of nightmare. It's stated that the deaths in the nightmare dungeon affect you in real life. Internal bleeding, mental problems etc are common. So on a trip to prison to check out an S ranked nightmare dungeon, its lord picks our MC to be the dungeon master. The lord tells him that he wants to see the darkest parts of the human heart and that the deaths only cause damage to humans because fragile human minds can't differentiate between reality and the dungeon. So what does out MC do? He copies a certain island killing game (think pub g) without the game graphics that surprise surprise somehow the death penalty inmates and other personnel chosen for it get addicted to.... even though, for them, it should be like real life🤔. In a span of 1 chapter, we see a character, crying because he had to kill people who were trying to kill him, go from this to a mind broken psycho killer who wants to 'eat the chicken'(win). And while people did die, most just want to 'go back' into the dungeon.... All I can say is the plot(armour) is strong in this one. We're also not given a lot of info about the MC, other than him apparently being a psychopath(The original min. number of people for the dungeon was 20, he was like, nah give me a hundo). And why was he so sure about them getting addicted? We are, but only because we know it's a game we play through our phone, not something we experience with out body and minds. I wonder if that's the author being ignorant of the human mind or actually thinking that being forced to kill (having a licence to kill), be shot at and be the only survivor is.... exciting? I honestly hope it's the first. Honestly the world was nice, it's nuances with the dungeon was unique. But chinese authors taking western ideas(and creations) and inserting them into their stories(especially in fanfic), all while praising china and disparaging the west is... so very common that it makes me question the people raving about this. Bro, have you never read a decent book?


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China is named Celestial Empire and other Countrys are Evil type Book/Novel ..........,.,.,.,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,..,..,,..,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,


Deleting negative reviews and botting is bad.…. Deleting negative reviews and botting is bad.…. Deleting negative reviews and botting is bad .….


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It’s saddening. Webnovel has really turned into this, huh? Botting, inflation, deleting reviews? For what? It makes me sad. I used to complain about the monetization of the site. Now? Everything is a mess. You can find higher quality from pirate sites. MTL sites have the same translation qualities. It’s ridiculous and sad.


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