108 Stop the fight

Monk was worrying even more after hearing the words come out from Ray's mouth. Monk trusted Ray ever since Ray had gotten him out of the situation with the minotaur.

"Martha please give up." Monk wanted to shout out these words but he knew what Martha was like and she wouldn't listen.

Martha still had one more trick up her sleeve that she wanted to try. She knew she was in a dangerous situation but didn't want to give up before trying everything she had.

Wilfred and Sir K were currently watching inside the arena. They were using Sir K's shadow skill to remain practically invisible to everyone. This included those in the audience, as well as the two contestants.

"Do you think you can stop the arrow in time?" Wilfred asked.

"If it's at that speed, it's not a problem. The problem is if that arrow was her full power or not." Sir K replied.


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