140 A loophole

Everyone sat at the table was now unmoving after hearing the decision made about Gary. The fact that not even one elder had voted for Gary to stay in the academy, came as a shock. Gary was the number one ranked student out of the second years, if he didn't get any leeway then the others already knew the result of their vote.

Gibby then went on with the next vote.

"All those in favour of banishing Monk, please raise your hand."

Again, just like before all of the elders had raised their hand. It was all too much for Monk as he started to burst into tears. Gibby ignored Monk's cries and continued on to the next vote.

"All those in favour of Banishing Dan please raise your hand."

Again, the same result. Dan mumbled cursing the academy under his breath. His fist was clenched hard.


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