1 Living a Peaceful Life

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Blue Planet.

District 12, Anyang First High School, Grade 12 Class 5.

The man on the stage had his hands behind his back and his eyes were sharp. One could vaguely feel his explosive power under his clothes.

"Students, tomorrow will be your official awakening ceremony."

Although your martial arts talent cannot determine your future, a good martial arts talent can help you get twice the result with half the effort.

"Now that the world is full of demonic beasts, I hope that you can become stronger as soon as possible and protect your country!"

"The activation ceremony in the morning has ended. I hope that all of you students can rest up and arrive at school on time tomorrow for your awakening!"


Even though the students had already been hearing about this for three years, when they thought to the fact that their awakening ceremony would be finally taking place the next day, they still had excited expression on their faces.

However, among the students, there was a boy who sat by the window, staring at the world outside the window in a daze.

His name was Lu Huai, and he was a transmigrator.

He had transmigrated to this world eighteen years ago.

This was a world of high martial arts. More than a thousand years ago, various demonic beasts suddenly appeared all over the world.

At that time, humanity discovered, to their horror, that firearms and explosives could not cause any harm to the demonic beasts. Under the attacks of the demonic beasts, the human race was forced to retreat.

It was also at this time that human warriors who could fight against demonic beasts awakened.

A martial artist's duty was to kill demonic beasts and maintain order.

With the help of the first generation of martial artists, humans eventually reached a stalemate with the demonic beasts and managed to carve out their own territory.

Everyone believed that martial artists were the messengers sent by the gods to save mankind.

As a result, their status on the Blue Planet could be said to be extremely high. Everyone was like a flock of ducks, eager to become a martial artist.

On the Blue Planet, when everyone reached the age of 18, as long as one's martial arts talent was awakened, they would become a respected martial artist.

And before one could become an awakened talent, the various schools would also hold an activation ceremony.

The purpose of the activation ceremony was to activate the bloodline and increase the probability of a person awakening a martial arts talent.

If there was a reaction during the activation ceremony, it meant that that person had a great possibility of awakening a martial arts talent.

The more intense the reaction, the higher the possibility of awakening a powerful talent, and the stronger the talent, the higher their achievements were likely to be in martial arts in the future.

However, during the activation ceremony this morning, Lu Huai had not gotten any reaction from his martial arts talent.

However, Lu Huai did not care. Most people on this planet could not awaken their martial arts talent.

Those who could not awaken their martial arts talent could generally only take on a life profession.

As a transmigrator, Lu Huai did not care about this.

Of course, it was good to be able to awaken a martial arts talent, but it did not matter if he could not eitehr. On the contrary, it would allow him to lead a much safer away from the battlefield.

What was not to be happy about such an outcome?

Just as he was lost in his own thoughts, a voice suddenly entered his ears.

"Lu Huai."

"Lu Huai!"


A large hand smacked down on Lu Huai's table, and he immediately came back to his senses and looked up to meet the teacher's eyes.

"I'm sorry, teacher, I was distracted again."

Lu Huai said apologetically.

The surrounding students followed the sound and looked at Lu Huai. They immediately burst into laughter.

"You're already about to awaken, yet you're still distracted? "

"You're simply the shame of class five!"

"You can't say that. Normally, a person would feel something when they go through the activation ceremony, but Lu Huai did not feel anything at all. From this point of view, he has made history."

"Hahaha, what's the use of training so hard? Talent is something you're born with. If you don't have it, then you don't have it! "

The teacher looked at Lu Huai and could not help but shake his head.

To be honest, he had seen how hard Lu Huai trained.

He was also very surprised that Lu Huai did not have any reaction during the activation ceremony this morning. However, when he saw Lu Huai's despondent appearance, he could not help but be angry.

"Lu Huai, even though you had no reaction to the activation of your martial arts talent, it does not mean that you have no hope. In history, there were also martial artists who had awakened their talents without having gotten any reaction during the activation ceremony. You can't just give up like this!"

However, Lu Huai just shrugged his shoulders, looking indifferent.

"Teacher, although there have been such cases in history, even if they can awaken, it's only the lowest F-grade talent."

"Those with F-grade talents, when sent to the battlefield, are just cannon fodder. It would be better for them to just take on some life profession. That way, they would at least have a higher probability of surviving."

The teacher went silent.

He knew that Lu Huai was right.

In history, those who could not sense the activation of their martial arts talent, even if they could finally awaken, were only martial artists with F-grade talents.

With such talent, it might be better for him to take on a life profession.

Moreover, the probability of awakening an F-grade talent was still extremely small.

There was a higher chance that he would not awaken any martial arts talent at all.

Looking at Lu Huai, the teacher finally sighed silently and returned to the podium.

"Everyone, go home and rest. Prepare for the awakening ceremony tomorrow."

He glanced at Lu Huai and added, "Even if you don't awaken a martial arts talent, don't be discouraged. Life professions are also a solid backing for martial artists."

After saying that, the teacher left, leaving the students in the room to discuss amongst themselves.

After the teacher left, Lu Huai did not stay in the class any longer. He picked up his bag and went home.

Lu Huai's house was on the sixth floor of an old apartment.

As soon as he arrived at the door, he heard a noise coming from inside the house. His heart skipped a beat, and he immediately had a bad premonition.

He then opened the door with his key.

As expected, the house was in a mess.

The snacks were scattered everywhere, and the bedding and bed sheets were dragged across the ground.

A plastic cup was lying quietly beside the table, and the kettle was lying right next to it, while the ground was wet with water.


A husky pounced on him.

Lu Huai turned around deftly and picked up the slippers that had been bitten badly.

"Big Black, this is the sixth pair of slippers you've bitten through this month."

Big Black's pounce failed. It quickly turned around and looked at Lu Huai with eyes full of "wisdom."

Lu Huai walked into the room with a gloomy face and looked at Big Black's masterpiece.


Seriously, are you trying to get the landlord to kill me?

Not a single part of the sofa mattress was intact, and there were a few teeth marks on the stool.


Big Black, are your teeth made of steel?

Lu Huai's head ached. How long would he have to work before he could afford a new one?

At this time, Big Black came to Lu Huai's side and wagged its tail. It opened its mouth and stuck out its tongue as if it was asking Lu Huai for dog food.

Lu Huai was helpless. He could only take out a bag of dog food from the cabinet, find a plastic bowl in the corner, and pour the dog food into the bowl.

In the end, Big Black was his only relative in this world.

Yes, the Lu Huai in this world was an orphan. His mother had run away from home when he was young, and his father had passed away in an accident not long after he had transmigrated. As such, he had only ever really been able to rely on Big Black.

Therefore, no matter how much Big Black made things hard for him sometimes, Lu Huai was willing to tolerate it.

Poor children generally matured early.

It was precisely because of Big Black that Lu Huai worked hard every day, working three part-time jobs.

He trained hard in his academy in order to maintain good grades and get a scholarship.

Fortunately, he knew Big Black's personality well. Everything in the house had been replaced with plastic to minimize his losses.

After feeding Big Black, Lu Huai lay on the bed in a daze.

Ever since he had transmigrated, he had thought that he could reach the peak of his life, but the failure of his activation had shattered his dreams.

However, Lu Huai's mind was still very strong.

At most, he would just live like he did in his previous life, a quiet, ordinary person.

Two words—lay low.

Since he could not become a martial artist, he just wanted to live a peaceful life.

With this thought in mind, Lu Huai slowly closed his eyes and entered his dreams.

In his dream, Lu Huai dreamed that he had awakened an S-grade martial arts talent, defeated countless demonic beasts, and even killed a demonic emperor, becoming a great hero of the human race.

As he dreamed, he could not help but smile.

What Lu Huai did not know was that just as he was falling asleep...

Big Black jumped onto his bed and looked at him, its big black eyes rolling around.

Then, Big Black crawled in front of Lu Huai and sniffed a few times with its nose. Like a human, it showed a look of disgust!

Then, Big Black let out a howl.


As Big Black howled ...

A strange rune that looked like a möbius ring appeared on its body, and then it disappeared from right in front of Lu Huai.

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