2 The Statue of Mother Mary Smashes on Mother-In-Law’s Head

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"Dear, let me explain it to you. William was smoking in the living hall. I know you are fastidious about cleanliness. So, I asked him not to smoke. He ignored me. I put out his cigarette, and he threw a kick at me…" Clarence explained what had happened. However, Miranda looked irritated.

Peony immediately scolded him, "William is our guest. What's wrong with smoking a cigarette?!"

"My mother is right. William is our guest," Miranda said coldly.

Clarence opened his mouth. "Miranda… I-I thought you hated the smell of smoke at home?"

"Enough with the nonsense! Clarence, look at what you've done to William. You should kneel down immediately and offer your apology to him!" Peony pointed at Clarence's nose. 

"Mother, it's not my fault. Why should I apologize?" Clarence argued his case.

Peony poured a glass of water and simply splashed it on Clarence's face. She said, "How dare you remain as stubborn as a mule?! Apologize now!"

William looked at the sight before him indifferently. He grinned and said, "Aunt Peony, forget about it. I have a big heart, and I can let bygones be bygones. I wouldn't lower my level to meet his. Today is your birthday, I have brought you a statue of Mother Mary. Please have a look."

William turned his head around and took out his gift.

The statue of Mother Mary was wrapped in an exquisite gift box that gleamed splendidly. The money-obsessed Peony could not even avert her gaze. 

"Statue of Mother Mary…" Peony mused and held the statue fondly. She looked at it, then bellowed at Clarence, "Clarence, why are you still standing there?! Take the statue of Mother Mary and place it in my room now!"

"Noted," Clarence replied. Then, he walked over to Peony.

When he passed by William, a sinister flash darted across William's eyes. He stretched out a foot.

Clarence was oblivious about it. He stumbled and lunged at Peony.

"Clang!" The statue of Mother Mary smashed on Peony's head and shattered into pieces. Blood gushed out of Peony's head. Her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets, and her heart clenched.

"Ho… Ho…" There was even a catch in her throat.

"Mother, are you alright?!" Miranda was shocked.

She hurriedly went over to help her mother, only to find that she had already passed out.

"Miranda, I-I… I didn't mean to… William stretched his foot to trip me just now…" Clarence tried to explain for himself.

"Shut up!" Miranda boiled with rage and frantically dialed the emergency number. 

William rushed over to help out. When Clarence was about to go over to lend his help, William swung his fist at his head and said, "Get the hell out of the way, you rascal!"

Clarence felt his head buzz. Blood streamed down from his nose, and he fell straight down. 

When the ambulance arrived, Miranda and William took Peony and rushed to the hospital, leaving Clarence lying on the cold floor alone. 

After a few minutes, the necklace with a cross on Clarence's chest that had been stained with his blood instantly glowed.

The living hall of the Murphy family was filled with a mysterious green glow.

Clarence was in a coma. He felt his mind was stuffed with additional information such as Thirteen Hell's Gate Acupuncture, 720 Anatomy Acupoints, and other information on medical techniques, detoxification, and healing.

The green glow from the necklace on Clarence's chest was instantly absorbed into his body.

The serious injuries on his body surprisingly healed within the blink of an eye.

By the time Clarence awakened, he found the hall empty. 

He took out his mobile phone and called his wife, "Miranda, where's Mother?"

"Clarence, how dare you still have the guts to call me?!

"My mother is hospitalized now. If anything happens to her, I wouldn't spare you!" Miranda shouted angrily at the top of her lungs.

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