1 A captivating scent

Zeus's Point of view(POV):

The man in that black hoodie was walking slowly towards his car parked near the basement of the mall. I was dressed up in a full-sleeve black shirt and a pair of trousers with a black mystical hat to match my disguise. I have been tailing him for about 30 minutes.

The parking area was dark and desolated. The man must have sensed me behind him as he was walking unexpectedly fast. I was enjoying his scaredy-cat nature.

Suddenly, he stopped walking and turned back to me. "Umm, mister? Do you have something to say? I have been noticing you behind me for some time now." He spoke with a fearful voice while standing all frozen.

I smirked with a devilish gaze in my eyes and took off my hat. The man was terror-stricken due to a sudden confrontation with me as he rolled his eyes while staring at me.

"You...You..." He was murmuring anxiously but couldn't complete his words as he was too scared.

"Yes, I am the one you had been spying on for the past 2 days. And you thought I wouldn't sense it? What a dork!" I slowly started walking towards him with a satanic look in my eyes. He gulped nervously and started stepping back.

"Si-Sir, I am sorry. I didn't mean to do it, I was paid for my work to collect information about you and your Romano group. I didn't want to do it, but I was helpless." He started begging for mercy in a crippled voice while folding his hands.

I felt pity for his ignorance, he is asking for mercy from someone who knows nothing except eradication of his targeted ones.

"It's of no use. Besides, I also know that you are working for the Lupo group. And you don't even have the slightest idea how much I hate that group! They snatched someone who was the most precious person in my life. And now, prepare to embrace your deserving gift!" With a dense expression, I groaned at him fiercely.

He seemed terrified of my threat and started to look all around him, but the parking area was completely deserted.

"Please...Please spare me, sir. I have my family. Please!" He started weeping helplessly while asking for forgiveness but I didn't stop.

"Have a safe trip to hell, you ignorant human," I grumbled in a dark voice with my eye-ball was changing to a bright red color as I was obtaining my true-alpha form.

He shivered with the fiery sight and immediately shrieked loudly, "help me! Someone, please save me from this monster!"

In a fraction of a second, my hefty razor-sharp claws grew from my nails as I was still in human form. With an absolute fast speed, I reached him within the blink of an eye while raising my claws.


"Goodbye," I mumbled densely while slitting his throat brutally.

Blood drops splatted all over my black shirt as I eradicated his existence. It was just a matter of seconds to kill this fickle human like him for me.

"I will destroy the entire existence of the Lupo pack soon," I grumbled fiercely while clenching my wrist and my eyes changed back to black color.

Before anyone could notice it, slowly I put the hat back on my head and walked out of the area with a proud grin on my face, leaving the man behind lying in a pool of blood.


Let me introduce myself first. I am Zeus Romano, the true-alpha of our Romano werewolf pack. As a dominant leader, it's my prior duty to look after the safety of my pack. I have assassinated countless foes who dared to harm me or my pack.

Also, we are living among humans with a disguise. For them, I am the most handsome, smart, and billionaire CEO of Romano Business Empire. I am 150 years old and have been leading my pack dominantly for near about 100 years. But for these ignorant humans, I am 30 years old eligible bachelor CEO. Sometimes, their habitats piss me off terribly. But I have to stay too alarmed around them so that my supernatural powers don't get discovered by them.

I am extremely brutal and cold-hearted. Along with leading my pack, I have another reason for my life- the extinction of our rival werewolf pack Lupo who snatched my grandmother from me, the only person who cared and loved me in my lonely life.

I wasn't born strong. I never wanted to be the leader of my pack rather than enjoying my life as my own, but my entire meaning of life changed drastically when she was murdered before my eyes and I couldn't do a single thing except crying and begging for their mercy!

They didn't harm me with a single scratch but left me all alone with my dead grandma covered in blood and bruises. The painful sight made me realize that I didn't have any other option left except becoming the strongest alpha.

Till then, my life has only two motives- protect and attack. There were no emotions left in my life but indeed I had an abyssal void in my frozen heart.

My mother and father both are alphas of my pack. But sadly, I never received any love from them When my grandma died, I realized my painful loneliness vividly. For them, I have been always just an alpha, not their lovable child.

My half-brother, Czar, who is a beta and also looks after our business as my partner. He pretends to be loyal to me but I am indeed well aware of his dark intentions towards me...

My hidden scars never allowed me to search for someone to mend my broken heart. I have encountered countless women (both in humans and werewolves) but none of them could surpass the barriers of my heart.

I don't know what has been planned by my destiny!

As I was walking past the footpath at a slow pace with the hands inside my pocket, a lady passed beside me.

Immediately I stopped. She had an extremely sweet fragrance on her body which I have never encountered neither in werewolves nor in humans. It was a scent that throbbed my frozen heart!

As she piqued my curiosity, I turned back to look her at her. She looked divine from behind as she was walking nonchalantly.

Who is she?

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