38 Soul Out of Body, Comparable to the Martial Dao Universe Realm

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Jiang Changsheng had been walking around for an entire night, and there was no expert in or outside the capital who could contend against him. The one with the strongest true qi in the city was Jiang Yu. At present, the two of them were on good terms, so it was impossible for Jiang Yu to attack him.

After returning to the house, Jiang Changsheng began to circulate his energy to reserve his spiritual energy so that he would not lack it.

The moon set and the setting sun rose.

The sun could be seen in the winter in the capital. Even though the scenery was chaotic all year round, the capital was still prosperous. For the citizens, the capital was the safest.


Thunder suddenly sounded and it resounded throughout the entire capital. Countless commoners, soldiers, and influential people turned around and saw dark clouds gathering on the mountaintop of Longqi Temple, turning into thunderclouds that churned. The snow that filled the sky melted and turned into mist that surrounded Longqi Temple, making it look like a place of immortals that was faintly discernible.

Lightning was extremely conspicuous in the boundless fog, and it was even more spectacular in the cold winter.

"Is that Longqi Temple?"

"Rumor has it that Daoist Master Changsheng had once transcended the lightning tribulation. Could it be that he wants to do it again?"

"Is that true? I thought it was just a rumor from Longqi Temple."

"It's true. A devotee witnessed Daoist Master Changsheng floating in the air to resist lightning, just like an immortal."

"Today, I'd like to see if it's true or false."

The citizens in the city were in a heated discussion.

In the palace, Jiang Yuan walked out of the imperial study with the help of the Empress and looked at Longqi Temple in the distance.

The Empress had taken the Beauty Pill, so she still looked young. However, Jiang Yuan looked to be in his seventies or eighties, and he had lost a lot of weight. He trembled as he walked. He said, "That little priest is transcending the tribulation again. I am curious if he is really transcending the tribulation or if he is deliberately mystifying things."

The Empress smiled and said, "Naturally, it's to deliberately mystify things. Martial arts practitioners don't need to undergo tribulation."

Jiang Yuan said, "I don't think he's deliberately mystifying things. Take the Beauty Pill for example. Don't you think it's magical? It's impossible for famous doctors and Great Daoist Masters in the world to produce such a pill."

The Empress felt that it made sense and became more interested in Daoist Master Changsheng. She said, "Your Majesty, since you are so close to Daoist Master Changsheng, when will you summon him into the palace for me to take a look?"

Jiang Yuan's gaze became fleeting as he said, "It's time for him to meet you."

At the same time.

In Longqi Temple, Xu Tianji, Wang Chen, and Huang Chuan were dumbstruck. Jiang Ziyu and Ping'an were extremely excited. All of them looked up at Jiang Changsheng who was floating above the eaves.

Jiang Changsheng sat in the air, his robes fluttering. The Qilin Horsetail Whisk was placed flat on his legs. A bolt of lightning struck down, but it was isolated and dissipated by the invisible air shield on his body.

The tribulation began!

"So the rumors are true… He really knows how to undergo lightning tribulation… What kind of martial arts is the Heavenly Scripture of the Universe?"

Xu Tianji muttered to himself. The way he looked at Jiang Changsheng had changed, like a mortal looking up to an immortal.

The disciples and devotees of Longqi Temple gathered outside the courtyard to watch the excitement. Many of the new disciples had never seen Jiang Changsheng transcending the tribulation, so they were very excited.

The last time he transcended the tribulation was 18 years ago. At that time, Jiang Changsheng was 21 years old, and he was now 39 years old.

Jiang Changsheng ignored everyone's gaze and focused on transcending the tribulation. As more and more lightning bolts appeared, he began to feel pressure.

The lightning tribulation of the sixth level was too terrifying!

It far exceeded the previous tribulation!

The deafening roar made everyone in Longqi Temple feel that the sky was about to collapse. The citizens in the city were also frightened, fearing that the lightning tribulation would fall on them.

When Jiang Changsheng saw that the might of the lightning tribulation had risen, he immediately began to use incense points to offset the might of the lightning tribulation. In an instant, specks of faint light emitted from his body and scattered above his head. It quickly formed a ball of fire that resisted the continuous bombardment of lightning.

Jiang Changsheng watched as the incense points began to decrease. With the fire above his head, he could temporarily retain his spiritual energy.

No matter how powerful the lightning was, it could not break through the flames and hit him. He felt as if he was basking in the shade under a tree. However, he could not relax in front of everyone. He had to pretend to be powerful.

"Amazing. Even lightning bolts could not hit the Daoist Master."

"This lightning is not an illusion."

"What's the flame above Daoist Master's head? Is it formed by true qi?"

"Perhaps this is what Daoists call the gathering of three flowers."

"We should call the Daoist Master an immortal master. We are not allowed to offend him. Hurry up and pay our respects."

The disciples were discussing, and the devotees knelt down one after another, causing the disciples to follow suit.

Jiang Ziyu was so excited that he did not notice the birthmark between his eyebrows shining with a faint golden light.

Wang Chen lamented, "The realm of martial arts is hard to imagine. I underestimated it in the past."

Xu Tianji stood by his side and took a deep breath. "Indeed, the realm of martial arts will never have a peak. Since ancient times, those immortals and gods were only the work of powerful martial artists. Ordinary people just can't believe that they can reach that height by relying on martial arts. The fact that Daoist Master is transcending the tribulation can only mean that his realm far exceeds what we have seen and heard."

After surpassing the Heaven Arrival realm, Xu Tianji thought that he was invincible. He was sure that he had surpassed the Heaven Arrical realm and reached a higher realm. At least in Great jing, he had never seen anyone stronger than him.

However, compared to Daoist Master Changsheng, it was as if he had just embarked on the path of martial arts.

Within the estate.

Jiang Yu stood in the courtyard and looked at the spectacular lightning tribulation on Longqi Mountain. He frowned and asked, "Daoist Master Changsheng has undergone his second lightning tribulation. Even though I don't know what martial arts he has trained in, can the Mahayana Dragon Tower suppress him if he were to become my enemy in the future?"

Gui Liu, the leader of the Thirteen Assassins, answered, "The Dragon Tower naturally has a deep foundation, but I'm not sure how strong that Daoist Master is. If Your Highness is worried, I can write a letter and ask the Dragon Tower to send a Sage to test him."

Jiang Yu shook his head and said, "Forget it. That would only infuriate him. Right now, he is Ziyu's teacher. Other than Chen Li, there are no other aristocrats who have contact with him. Even Jiang Yu has cut off contact with him. Perhaps he is really a person who seeks the Dao that transcends the secular world. Let's maintain the current situation."

Gui Liu nodded. In fact, he felt that there was no need to test him. That was because Daoist Master Changsheng was already very powerful and was not someone that could be stopped just because he wanted to. Moreover, with such an expert in the capital, the Jiang Family's imperial power was safer.

The lightning tribulation lasted for an hour before Jiang Changsheng had no choice but to resist the lightning tribulation himself.

Fortunately, he had survived the most difficult period. He could rely on himself to withstand the next part of the lightning tribulation.

Xu Tianji could no longer count how many lightning bolts Jiang Changsheng had suffered. In any case, he admired Jiang Changsheng to the extreme and regarded him as a god in his heart.

About an hour later, the lightning tribulation finally ended and the vast heavenly might dissipated.

Jiang Changsheng began to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth without restraint. The branches of the Earth Spirit Tree swayed as invisible and colorless spiritual energy surged towards Jiang Changsheng, forming a whirlwind around him.

His spiritual force began to soar!

Another transformation!

Jiang Changsheng suddenly opened his eyes and discovered that he was floating in the air. He lowered his head and saw that his body was still below.

"This is… my soul leaving my body?"

Jiang Changsheng was pleasantly surprised. The soul leaving one's body was one of the characteristics of immortal cultivation. He began to control his soul to float and found that he was like a fish in water and was exceptionally agile. When he landed in the courtyard, no one saw his soul. They were still looking at his body and discussing.

No one could see his soul!

Jiang Changsheng flew into the city at an extremely fast speed, as if he was performing the Sword Control Technique.

He wandered around the capital, going through the sky and earth, passing through walls and people. It was a novel experience.

At this moment, he really felt like he was cultivating.


He stopped and hung in the air. His gaze landed on the palace in the distance. He saw a ball of Yin Qi floating above one of the palaces, which made him feel uncomfortable.

"What is that? Evil? There are secrets in the palace?"

Jiang Changsheng frowned as he thought. He looked at the palace with confidence. He had passed by it when he barged into the palace at night, but no one lived inside.

Forget it.

He decided to consolidate his cultivation first.

Jiang Changsheng turned around and flew towards his body. He was very fast. After his soul entered his body, he only felt an itch and could not help but tremble. When he opened his eyes again, he had already taken control of his body.

It was a good skill to leave one's body, especially when it came to obtaining intelligence.

Jiang Changsheng began to consolidate his cultivation. He noticed that the Dao pattern between Jiang Ziyu's eyebrows was shining. Fortunately, it was very weak and everyone's attention was on him so they did not notice anything unusual about Jiang Ziyu.

These dao patterns might contain other profundities.

Jiang Changsheng thought to himself. He did not reveal his Dao patterns to avoid exposing their relationship.

When the lightning tribulation dissipated, Meng Qiushuang and Qing Ku began to disperse the disciples and devotees, leaving Jiang Changsheng in peace.

The birthmark between Jiang Ziyu's eyebrows also returned to normal, and he was also dragged into the house by Wang Chen.

Xu Tianji watched for a while before he picked up his broom and left. He did not dare to disturb Jiang Changsheng.

Jiang Changsheng was suspended in mid-air as he circulated his energy. Even until dusk, the spiritual energy in his body had yet to be filled, but it had exceeded ten times the amount before his breakthrough.

So powerful!

Jiang Changsheng was excited. After eighteen years of bitter cultivation, he had finally broken through to the sixth level.

Now, he should not have to fear the Mahayana Dragon Tower!

At that moment, lines of words appeared before Jiang Changsheng's eyes.

"Thirty-nine years after the founding of the dynastty, you have made progress in your cultivation and comprehended the true meaning of heaven and earth. You have survived the Three-Nine Heavenly Tribulations and obtained the survival reward—secret technique, 'Seal of Reincarnation'."

[Detected that you have received incense. As your cultivation method does not belong to the Dao of Heaven and Earth, you have two choices and can only choose one.]

[1: Give up on cultivation and your spiritual force will transform into the martial arts realm of this world—the Universe Realm.]

[2: Continue to cultivate. Immortals are above all living beings and are respected by all. The path of cultivation is to pursue the path of the Heavenly Dao. You can activate the incense function.]

Naturally, he would continue to cultivate!

Jiang Changsheng made his choice without any hesitation and pondered about the Universe Realm.

He did not know how much higher the Universe Realm was compared to the True God Realm. In any case, he had never heard of the Universe Realm. Not to mention the Universe Realm, he had never even heard of any True God.

However, the existence of a realm meant that someone had reached it. There must be a Universe realm expert in this vast world.

Jiang Changsheng would not roam the world to search for the Universe realm expert. He would stay in the Great Jing and cultivate in the novice village he had decided on while ruling the world. When Little King Wei ascended the throne and became the emperor, he could ask the Emperor to help him search the world if he needed any medicinal ingredients for pill refinement in the future. Then, he would be able to pursue the Immortal Dao without any worries.

One day, when the realm of martial arts could not correspond to the realm of cultivation, he would surpass the realm of martial arts and reach the realm of invincibility.

When he was invincible, he would be free and happy and experience the joys of the world!

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