9 Mystic Weapon, Are You Willing to Be the Abbot?

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The bright moon hung in the sky, and the stars twinkled.

In the courtyard, a group of disciples stood on a four-sided corridor and shouted excitedly. They were watching Qing Ku spar with Jiang Changsheng.

Jiang Changsheng stood rooted on the spot without moving. His left hand was behind his waist and his right hand was blocking Qing Ku's moves. No matter how Qing Ku attacked, Jiang Changsheng could easily resolve it and push it away.

At the age of sixteen, he was handsome and considered outstanding among the crowd.

Qing Ku had oracticed the Nine-Seeking Heavenly Dragon Steps that Jiang Changsheng had taught him. This footwork was exquisite, but it did not have any substantial offensive power. Therefore, Qing Ku's offensive move was a martial arts technique of the Longqi Temple.

It had to be said that most of the martial arts in Longqi Temple were weak. In Jiang Changsheng's opinion, it was no different from the traditional martial arts on Earth in his previous life.

Jiang Changsheng pushed Qing Ku away with one hand again. Qing Ku took seven consecutive steps back, staggered, and fell to the ground.

Qing Ku helplessly called out, "No more."

The surrounding disciples cheered and praised Third Senior Brother for his prowess.

Ever since he reached the fourth level of the Dao Technique, Jiang Changsheng would occasionally guide other disciples. As a result, the image of his Third Senior Brother was established and his prestige rose day by day.

Just as Jiang Changsheng was about to ask who else wanted his pointers, the courtyard door was pushed open. Everyone turned around and immediately ran back to their rooms in fright.

Qing Ku hastily got up and quickly ran back into the house, leaving only Jiang Changsheng and the newcomer in the courtyard.

"Third Junior Brother, you have to sleep early in the night. Don't let these little bastards cause trouble."

Meng Qiuhe walked to Jiang Changsheng and said earnestly. He frowned and a few strands of white hair appeared on his temples.

In a short span of two years, he had become a completely different person. The once lively and cheerful Second Senior Brother had now become a gloomy man who was obsessed with martial arts…

Jiang Changsheng sighed internally. In the end, it was all because of him. If he had not been brought to Longqi Temple, the situation would have been different.

However, he was not the sole cause of all this. He was also a victim.

Jiang Changsheng smiled and said, "Yes, Eldest Senior Brother."

Meng Qiuhe stared at him with a burning gaze and said, "Third Junior Brother, you were able to kill the Evil King two years ago. How powerful are you now? When will you spar with me?"

Jiang Changsheng did not want to dampen Meng Qiuhe's spirits, so he declined. "Forget it. The Evil King was careless back then. I'm not his opponent. Eldest Senior Brother, I'm tired. I'll go back and rest first. Let's practice swordsmanship when we're free."

With that said, he turned around and walked towards his room.

Meng Qiuhe asked, "I heard that Li Changqing has already stepped into the peak. Third Junior Brother, do you want to go down the mountain and have an adventure?"

So soon?

Could it be that he cultivated a demonic technique?

Jiang Changsheng thought to himself. He waved his hand and said, "I don't want to go down the mountain. I just want to stay in Longqi Temple and stand aloof from worldly affairs."

Meng Qiuhe watched him enter the house before he turned to leave.

Returning to his bed, Jiang Changsheng frowned.

What did Meng Qiuhe mean?

This guy also wanted to learn from Li Changqing?

He thought for a moment and decided not to meddle in other people's business. Then, he closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

The next morning, he came back after striking the Dao bell. Qing Ku was not in the house, so he took out the Qilin Horsetail Whisk from his mind. Previously, he was worried that he could not put the survival reward back after taking it out, so he did not take it out, but now was the right moment to take it out.

During this period of time, he had completely mastered the Imperial Sword Technique. Other than cultivating his Dao Techniques and immortal skills, he had nothing else to do. Therefore, he might as well play with his magical weapons.

The Qilin Horsetail Whisk appeared out of thin air in his hand. It looked no different from an ordinary horsetail whisk, but the handle was made out of white jade, similar to a white bone.

He held the Qilin Horsetail Whisk and could sense the surging magic power inside. As expected of a magical weapon, it had its own spiritual power.

A memory surfaced in his mind which told him how to make the magical weapon recognize its master. He began to imitate it and probed his divine consciousness into the Qilin Horsetail Whisk to break the restriction inside the magical weapon.

An hour later, the Qilin Horsetail Whisk successfully recognized him as its master. After that, the Qilin Horsetail Whisk began to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth on its own. It was very magical.

When Jiang Changsheng injected spiritual energy into the Qilin Horsetail Whisk, the long whiskers on it could extend freely. Moreover, he could control them to bind someone up or just hit them.


Jiang Changsheng tried to put the Qilin Horsetail Whisk back into his mind, but he failed.

Once the items for survival rewards were taken out, they could only exist in reality.

Even though he felt somewhat regretful, he could still accept it.

From then on, Jiang Changsheng wore the Taihang Sword on his waist and held the Qilin Horsetail Whisk in his hand. He had the aura of a sage. When a disciple asked about the horsetail whisk, he said that it was a gift from Chen Li. All the disciples in the temple knew that Chen Li and the Fourth Prince would visit him occasionally.

They were not the only ones. There were also other high-ranking officials and aristocrats who wanted to visit Jiang Changsheng. At first, he met them, but after a few more times, he declined. That was because those people only wanted to see him and did not have Chen Li's sincerity.


The summer sun was so hot that the air was slightly distorted.

"Brother Changsheng, I am going to the army. I will not be able to visit you for the next five years. I hope you can forgive me."

The young man said in high spirits in front of Jiang Changsheng. He put his hands on his hips and sweated profusely, but his energy was still high.

Jiang Changsheng had just finished guiding the Divine Shadow Leg and was about to chase out the guest when he heard something unexpected coming out of the guest's mouth.

Jiang Changsheng asked, "Where are you joining the army? Not in the capital?"

The Great Jing Dynasty had been founded for sixteen years, and its interior was harmonious and peaceful. However, the war against the outside world had never stopped. The north had always been in a constant state of battles, and every year, a batch of outstanding generals would be born.

Jiang Yu smiled and said, "In the north, of course. I want to flatten the desert and destroy Ancient Han."

The Ancient Han Dynasty was a dynasty in the north of the Great Jing Dynasty. It had a vast territory and often invaded the surrounding dynasties. The Chu Dynasty, the predecessor of the Great Jing Dynasty, had been conquered by the Ancient Han Dynasty for a period of time and most of its territory had fallen. At that time, the royal family and citizens had suffered great humiliation, causing the people of the Great Jing Dynasty to still have a bone-deep hatred for the Ancient Han Dynasty.

Other than pursuing longevity, the current emperor's greatest goal was to flatten the Ancient Han Dynasty and achieve thousands of miraculous achievements.

Jiang Changsheng smiled and said, "It's not that easy for a prince to join the army. You have to think carefully."

Jiang Yu grinned and said, "I have no choice. If I don't enter the army, I won't be able to win against my brother."

Jiang Changsheng was stunned. This was the first time Jiang Yu had revealed his ambition to him.

The faction of the fake prince was getting stronger and stronger. It was said that he was in control of two of the six ministries, and he personally supervised the government offices in the capital. At the age of sixteen, he already had the ability to deal with government affairs. Many people were looking forward to what kind of prosperity he would bring to the world after he ascended the throne.

As for the current emperor, the people had some criticisms about him. Repairing the canal was really a waste of money for the people.

Jiang Changsheng added, "Then I wish you success."

Jiang Yu curiously asked, "If my brother or other princes come to rope you in these next few years, would you go down the mountain?"

He seemed casual, but he was extremely nervous.

Jiang Changsheng shook his head and laughed. "Of course not. If I were here for fame and fortune, I would have listened to His Majesty and participated in the martial arts examination."

Jiang Yu smiled and turned to leave.

"Brother Changsheng, wait for me to ride my horse back to the capital. I will spread your martial arts on the battlefield!"

The young man's laughter echoed in the building. At the age of fourteen, he was full of confidence and energy.

Jiang Changsheng looked at the pastries by his side with regret.

He would not be able to eat such delicious pastries for a long time.


The Fourth Prince's departure did not cause any waves in the capital. There were more than ten princes and a crown prince among them. Thus, the Fourth Prince's presence was not high.

After Jiang Changsheng broke through to the fourth level of the Dao Technique, he did not relax and worked hard every day.

As the days passed, the leaves in Longqi Temple began to turn yellow, indicating that autumn was coming.

Longqi Temple had returned to normal. High-ranking officials and nobles would come to burn incense and seek the Dao every few days. There were also swordsmen who came to stay and recuperate. Even though Jiang Changsheng was the Third Disciple, he did not usually receive guests. It was always the other disciples who were in charge. At present, the one in charge of Longqi Temple was his second senior sister, Meng Qiushuang.

Meng Qiuhe and Meng Qiushuang were biological siblings. Their parents were killed by bandits when they were young. Fortunately, Priest Qingxu saved them and brought them up the mountain together.

At noon, Jiang Changsheng sat on the pagoda bell tower and faced the blazing sun. He circulated his energy and absorbed the weather between heaven and earth.

Qing Ku suddenly ran downstairs and shouted, "Something bad has happened. Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother has run away!"

Jiang Changsheng opened his eyes and stood up to look down at Qing Ku. "What do you mean? Do you mean Senior Brother Meng or Senior Brother Li?"

"Senior Brother Meng, of course. To be precise, another senior brother has escaped!"

Qing Ku said anxiously.

Jiang Changsheng frowned. He flipped over and leaped, landing lightly like a white crane. Qing Ku was already used to his movement technique and immediately led the way.

The two of them quickly arrived at the front of the Enlightenment Hall. Most of the disciples had gathered there, and those who did not come were either responsible for guarding the mountain gate or entertaining the guests.

In the hall, Daoist Master Qing Xu had his back facing them. He was silent as he held a letter in his hand.

Meng Qiushuang gritted his teeth and said, "Master, I'll go and find him!"

Jiang Changsheng was surprised. Meng Qiuhe did not bring his sister down the mountain?

Priest Qingxu sighed. "There's no need. Respect him. Qiuhe is different from Changqing. He is not seeking refuge with the evil cult. He just wants to obtain more power. Perhaps you will see him again in the capital in the future."

He turned around and looked at his disciples.

When Jiang Changsheng saw his calm expression, it seemed like he had already guessed it.

"Qiushuang will be the First Disciple. The other disciples will be promoted by one tier," Daoist Master Qing Xu said.

Just like this, Jiang Changsheng had become the Second Senior Brother. He felt somewhat helpless. The speed of his promotion was too fast.

Would he become the Eldest Senior Brother in another two years?

"Changsheng, follow me."

Daoist Master Qingxu waved his horsetail whisk and turned to leave. When Jiang Changsheng heard that, he hastily followed.

The other disciples continued to discuss Meng Qiuhe's departure.

They passed through the Clear Heart Palace Hall and entered a long corridor. The commotion outside gradually faded away. Jiang Changsheng followed behind Daoist Master Qingxu as his imagination ran wild. He did not know what he wanted to say.

Jiang Changsheng still wanted to know if Daoist Master Qingxu knew about his background and what he thought. Only then could he decide on revenge.

He was not sure if anyone in the capital could defeat him, so he had to be careful.

They arrived at a quiet courtyard. The courtyard was not big, and there was an old tree sitting there. The tree's body was winding like a dragon's body, and the dense autumn leaves fluttered with the wind. A yellow ring of leaves had already been piled up on the ground.

Daoist Master Qingxu stopped and looked at the old tree. He slowly said, "Changsheng, do you want to go down the mountain?"

Jiang Changsheng was stunned and hastily asked, "Master, why do you want to dive me down the mountain?"

He did not expect Daoist Master Qingxu to have such thoughts.

Daoist Master Qingxu calmly said, "If you are unwilling to go down the mountain, are you willing to be the abbot of Longqi Temple in the future?"

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