1 An Unknown Book

Amid a raging inferno, the flames were relentlessly encircling the ground.

In the middle of the flickering blaze, a man was seen holding the body of a child, around ten years old, in his trembling grasp.

He was battered as if he had a grueling and merciless battle with someone.

With his right arm severed, he clutched onto spheres of mana energy in his remaining hand.

"My dear son..."

Whispering through tears, he gave a faint smile to his child, his voice filled with a mix of grief and unwavering determination.

"You're our last hope."

Saying this, he gently placed the ethereal energy orbs upon the chest of his son, and suddenly, the boy's wounds vanished, and his body rejuvenated as new.

"Stay strong... and protect the world from the tyranny of that bastard."

Caressing his son's head, tears streamed down the father's face, realizing this might be their final farewell.

He leaned closer and gently kissed his son's forehead, his voice trembling with regret.

"I wish this tragedy never befalls another. I know very well that loneliness might burden you. But I believe that one day you will embrace your destined duty. Forgive me for being such an incompetent father."

Suddenly, the man's body began dispersing into ashes, fading from existence.

In his last fleeting moments, he beamed at his son with teary eyes. Shortly, his body evaporated, and he whispered his final words,

"Goodbye, my dearest Ary..."

And with that, he vanished, leaving behind only the hope that one day his son would rise to eradicate the tyranny of the Demon King.


In a sudden burst of consciousness, the child's feeble voice pierced the air. Even though his wounds were healed, he was still fragile.

He extended his trembling right hand towards the heavens as a desperate plea escaped his lips.

"Don't leave me..."

"Please... don't leave me..."


Unexpectedly, the weight of exhaustion consumed him, and he succumbed to a fitful slumber.


'Ary Inochi!'

'Ary Inochi!!'



With a gasp, Ary opened his eyes wide and raised his head as he noticed an old man in his fifties, standing beside his desk.

"What type of impression do you give to your colleagues like this?"

While placing his hands on his waist, the old man, Sir Benjamin, ranted.

"Ah…I'm sorry, sir."

While rubbing his eyes, Ary replied in a weary voice.

"No, sorry. This is the last time. If I see you sleeping again, then don't forget you'll be severely punished."

Sir Benjamin warned him, turned around and walked away toward the blackboard.


Ary sighed as he rubbed the back of his head, pondering,

'That strange dream….I think I have to consult a doctor's advice now.'

"Hey, bro."

Suddenly, the student beside Ary's desk called out.


Ary responded as he shifted his gaze to the right and saw a blue-haired boy with blue eyes smiling at him.

"Don't tell me that you stayed up late again."

He commented as he rested his head on his right palm while standing his right hand against the desk.


With a slightly tired voice, Ary replied as he fixed his gaze on the boy's face, saying,

"And look, I know you also didn't sleep yesterday. There are black circles below your eyes. I'm sure you definitely read some erotic manga, don't you, Michael?"

Michael was left dumbfounded after hearing this.

He coughed, saying,

"W-Well, it's human desire, bro. You can't control it. Also, you are already obsessed with your Shounen Manga. What's the problem if I read erotic sex mangas?"

Cough! Cough!

Sir Benjamin, who noticed them talking, coughed and shifted his gaze toward the student, saying,

"So, students. Your winter holdings will start from tomorrow onwards. As per homework, just complete and learn till chapter seven of the Flamin Book."

Ding! Ding! Ding!

As he informed the students about the holidays, the school bell rang, and the last period was over.

"Okay, have a good holiday."

Sir Benjamin remarked with a smile, then turned around and left the room.

'Finally, some rest.'

Ary said inwardly as he glanced outside at the sky through the window.

'Life is so boring like this.'

"Bro! Let's go!!"

Suddenly, Michael gurgled.

"Damn! Are you crazy? Don't shout like this. You almost made me deaf!"

While placing his hands on his ears, Ary pleaded.

"Oh, sorry for that. Anyway, let's go! We'll be late, otherwise."


Ary lifted his eyebrows.

"To the maid cafe!"

With sparkling eyes due to enthusiasm, Michael claimed.

Ary's face shaped a bewildered expression after hearing this, he replied.

"But…didn't we already go there yesterday."

"It's fine, man. As long as there are boobs—Cough! I mean, lovely maids, who don't want to go there?"

While slamming the desk with enthusiasm, Michael commented.


Ary didn't reply but showed a weary expression at Michael's perverted desire.


He sighed then, picked up his backpack, and said,

"Actually, I wish I could, but I'm kind of busy with my work. Maybe later."

"Oh? That's bad. Well,"

Michael replied as he grabbed his backpack and ran outside the classroom, roaring,

"But I'm going to see their lovely mountains!!"

"That pervert…"

With a wry smile, Ary mumbled, and then he started going downstairs.

"Okay, and yeah, don't forget to place the files at my desk."

As he came downstairs, he noticed a beautiful young lady standing downstairs, talking to her classmates.

She had long silver hair that reached down to her waist with a curly cowlick. She had a pair of crimson eyes. Her body was slim and sexy with fair skin. Her beauty also attracts a lot of attention. She's Erica Kisai, the Student Council President of Satakino High School.

Ary smiled after seeing her and pondered,

'Erica sure is working hard now.'

Then, while smiling, he started walking away and went outside the school.

While walking toward his home, Ary placed his right palm on his forehead, saying,

"Damn! My head is still hurting. I'd better hurry."

It was evening, and the cold air was breezing around the area. The cold breeze was blowing at a natural speed, but it messed up Ary's dark black hair.

Soon enough, he arrived back at his home.

He took out his door's key and opened the door. As expected, there was a deathly silence inside.

He used to live alone. He had no parents or siblings. He was just...alone.

He walked forward, turned to his left and entered the room.

"Man…I'm so tired."

He said to himself while lying on his bed.

'I better take a bath to refresh myself.'

Ary pondered as he got up, stepped to his left, and opened his closet, but suddenly,


Something fell to the ground.

"A book?"

Ary twisted his eyebrows as he noticed a strange book lying on the floor.

He picked up the book and looked at it.

The impression of that book was totally stunning.

It was a big book with many pages, weighing roughly half a kilo. The edges of the book were coated with blue shining crystals, and the back of the book was so fluffy that it looked like fur. There was a lock on the book on the front; a hexagonal-shaped crystal-like figure was on it as if it needed a hexagonal key to open the book. The pages that are seen from the outside look golden in colour. And the book itself looks ancient in style.

"Strange. When did I get this book? It looks so odd."

Ary muttered to himself as his eyes shifted to the left, toward his desk.

"It's not my book, for sure."

Then, while analysing the book, he noticed the lock on the book.

"Hmm... now it's got my interest. However, the key... "

Suddenly, his attention shifted to the ground as he noticed something glinting.

Coincidentally, it was a crystal key with a hexagonal pin area and a circular bow, in other words, the key to that strange book.

Ary picked up the key and inserted the key inside that lock, unexpectedly, the key was fully inserted and the book opened with a "Tap!"

Out of curiosity, Ary looked inside. However,

"What the?! It's plain clean!"

The pages of the book were golden in colour, and the paper was so smooth.

"Strange…the pages are so smooth. Where did that book come from?"


Unexpectedly, a palm pattern formed on the page.


Ary reacted, astounded as he noticed this unexpected phenomenon.

For a second, he thought of throwing the book away, but his curiosity overwhelmed him.

He extended his right hand and placed it on the palm pattern.


His hand got glued to the book and some golden sparkle started emitting from the corner of the book.

"What the—?! Let go of me!!"

Ary screamed while trying to detach his palm from the book, but it didn't help. The palm got glued.


Suddenly, a dinging sound was made, and luckily, Ary's palm got free.

"Phew~ thank goodness."

Ary said with a sigh of relief, but in the next moment, he held his breath in dread as he noticed that the book started floating in front of him while emitting golden light.

The book reported.


In confinement, Ary repeated.

The book reported that suddenly, it started emitting golden light.

Ary covered himself due to the bright light, and soon enough, the light engulfed everything within its blaze!

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