My Demon Clan Is Too Capable, It's Automatically Launching Revenge Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

My Demon Clan Is Too Capable, It's Automatically Launching Revenge

Sir Demon Lord

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Su Mo transmigrated to a fantasy world. Here, various powerful clans ruled the world, and power commands respect! He thought he was simply hiding and cultivating quietly, yet he became the Demon Lord of a fallen Demon Cult!! The cult was just pillaged by the so-called “righteous” forces. The buildings were ravaged, and all of their cultivation methods were destroyed. He was the only person left in the entire clan. Just as he thought the can would become a relic of the past, the clan suddenly started its own path of the upgrade! “Ding! Detected that the Evil Monster Matrix of the clan lacks evil monster power. Actively repairing and strengthening the matrix. 300% amplification compared to the previous version!!” “Ding! Detected that the clan’s Forest of Beasts only have a few beasts inside, actively upgrading the beast-raising functionality and signing a long-term collaborative contract with Chaos, one of the four great Mythical Beasts of the Demon World!!” “Ding! Detected that there are very few resources in the clan library, and all of the books are damaged. These books are unable to provide positive learning experiences. Actively increasing the books on cultivation methods of the various faction and clans, attempting to launch a collaboration with the Divine Wordless Book!!” … Before he realized it, Su Mo’s Demon Cult became great and powerful again. All attempts of trying to quell the cult made by righteous clans failed. In the end, Su Mo’s cult became the greatest demon clan in the world. No one dared to provoke him. Su Mo said, “I didn’t even realize this was happening. How did we become the strongest cult? It’s all the clan’s fault for being too capable!”


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