8 Unexpected Character

Hiru was eating dinner that his sister made, although he wasn't that hungry since he ate a bowl of Tempura a while ago, he wouldn't waste the food that his little sister cooked.

Right now two of them were eating silently while watching the news on the small TV that they had, although it was little it was quite enough at least they had something that could kill time.

[ Today the Shibuya District have a devastating casually with hundreds of japanese citizens losing houses to the mankind enemy the Devil…w-wait i-is this really the Devil's name…? ]

The woman announcer looked quite embarrassed at what she saw, while Hiru and his sister were quite curious about what the Devil name is for the news lady to feel embarrassed like that.

"I wonder what's the name of this Devil.."

"I know right? Why was she so embarrassed though?" Asa asked particularly no one.

After a minute of talking toward the crew that the news lady could only see, with a red face she reluctantly spoke its name.

Hiru got curious and unconsciously leaned forward so that he could hear more clearly.

[ T-the Devil….S-sloppy blowjob Devil r-ruined these peopl- you know what I can't take this anymore!! ]

Suddenly the news suddenly cut off, with the sentence [ Technical Difficulty Please Stand By… ]

Hiru and Asa were speechless at what just happened, especially for Hiru who suddenly remembered that particular meme from his past life.

Where Kobeni's Devil contractor is The Sloppy Blowjob Devil.

He can't believe something like that exists in this world, what a stupid fear that is, what's next the Wrong Hole Devil? Or It's Not Safe Today Devil?

Damn, people have weird fears, and he was judging them. Seriously, who fears a Sloppy Blowjob?

"What just happened..?" Asa who finally spoke after a minute.

"I don't know sister…it's better if we forget about it…" Hiru replied, to which Asa nodded, accepting his advice.

The birds are chirping, the sun is rising, today was a peaceful (not) day, as a stray devil was chasing an innocent person.

Hiru had just woken up from his slumber, with a yawn. He went to check if his sister was still beside him and there she was still sleeping peacefully.

It seems that he would be the one cooking breakfast and lunch for today. He stood up from his futon and started working for breakfast and heating the bathtub.

He was used to bathing with hot water, in his previous life he usually bathed in cold showers rather than hot, but now he couldn't take a bath if the water isn't warm.

His body simply adapted to this lifestyle, leaving the bathtub being heated, he went to the kitchen, he took some eggs and beacon from the refrigerator.

Some onion and garlic, and then a bottle of vegetable oil and he started working, as he started chopping the ingredients, he unconditionally started tuning and soon it turned into a full blow-song.

"Today I don't feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed Don't feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone 'Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything~."

Naturally he sang it in English, however he failed to realize that his sister was listening nor how good his singing actually is, as he was completely focused on his task of making breakfast.

After completing making egg rolls and beacon, along with his personal dish sunnyside egg with onion and garlic along with beacon, he finally noticed that his sister was staring at him with wide eyes.

Hiru raised his brow and asked. "What? I'd there something wrong?"

"You…? Were you always that good at singing? And that song you sang, where did you hear it? It's the first time I've heard of it…" His little sister said with a dazed look on her face.

"Of course, I don't think there's any difference with my voic-" Hiru paused and realized that there is indeed something different about his voice, it was the skill that he received as a tip from Ai Hoshino herself, the legendary idol from her world.

Now that he thought about it, his rhythm and voice completely matches with Bruno Mars, it's like he's in complete synchronization with the singer.

He realized that the skill 'Professional Level Singer' was more useful than he thought, if he could sing like that, there's no doubt he could become a famous singer if he worked hard for it, he could even plagiarize some song that he could recall from his past life.

After thinking about it, he realized how much effort he'd make to be in that level of influence and decided that he wouldn't become a professional singer, first of all he didn't want to make that kind of effort that he knew that he would quit sooner.

Plus even if he becomes successful, popularity is a double edge sword in this world, it could either be good or bad.

So that's why, he decided that he would rather for himself and those he wanted to hear his singing, rather than becoming a professional singer.

While he may become quite rich as a singer, sooner or later as long as he doesn't die along the way, he would become really rich with his system.

He was certain of it.

"Well, I always have a great voice, you usually don't pay attention to it, as for the song, let's say I heard it from somewhere." As much as he dislikes lying to his sister, this was necessary for now, but in the future he will have to tell her about this, but today wasn't the day.

He needed to have a sufficient amount of strength for him to reveal his secrets to her, because right now he's too weak to protect this secret of his.

The consequences of others knowing about the system are not good, if the government hears about this they would no doubt dissect him so they could try to gain its secrets.

He doubted they would, however he along with his sister would be miserable, that's why he absolutely cannot expose the system as long as he's lacking power.

Only when he has the power to completely destroy the world in one hit, only then he would tell his sister about the system.

Call him overly cautious, but it's only reasonable when he has a secret that could potentially make anyone a God.

"Is that so…?" Asa was a bit suspicious, but regardless she believed her brother as he rarely lied to her, and the only times he lied was when it's completely necessary and for her own good.

That's why she would completely drop the matter and wait for the day he would tell her about it.

Hiru couldn't help but sigh in relief that his sister didn't mention how he became so good at singing. He suspected that she knew that he was hiding from her but decided not to say anything, trusting him to tell her in the future.

He was grateful about it, now it's time for them to go to school, he was still in his second year of highschool while his sister was in first.

Unlike the original story, Asa has friends, a little more than 5 people, but regardless she isn't a loner like in the original plot, thanks to his existence causing a butterfly effect, his sister wasn't living a life of loner and he was honestly happy for that, no one wanted their siblings to be belittled unless they don't care about their siblings.

Hiru and Asa were a bit popular in their school, thanks to their good looks and personality.

While they weren't exactly good people, they also weren't arrogant nor haughty individuals, as they respect everyone as long as they respect them the same way.

The class was mostly decent, there wasn't anything special about it, he listened as he needed to at least graduate highschool or at least that was originally his plan, because there's no way he would be able to afford college.

But right now, he might go to college, but he wasn't too sure, after all he couldn't predict the future, maybe he'll end up going to college or maybe he'll change his mind years later.

After a particular subject ends, his 'friends' well, he wouldn't exactly call them real friends as he thinks of them as acquaintances at best, it's for a social camouflage so he won't end up as an outcast.

"Hey, have you guys heard that there's a transfer student in the next class? I heard she's cute!"

"Really? I gotta check it out, if the rumors are two then, I might try my luck with her?"

Hiru couldn't help but roll his eyes at their conversation. Seriously, he understands that their hormones are at its peak, he was no different but he could at least control them as he experienced them once.

However, it makes him wonder how they could remain calm while the world is at a near apocalypse state?

Can't they see that? Or they're just naturally blind of things that are happening in the world?

Hiru would never know.

The school ended for today, usually he would wait for his sister so that they could go home together.

However, today was his first day of his part-time job as a delivery man, he wasn't going to miss it, as it would be bad for his resume if he were to take another job.

He texted his sister, letting her know that he's going to his job, after that he went directly to his new workplace with his scooter.

Hiru thought today would be peaceful, but he was wrong to think that as suddenly a figure flew in front of him, so fast that he couldn't react and ended up crashing his scooter.

Losing his balance, he and the person who was thrown at his scooter dropped into the dirty ground.

"Fuck..!" As soon as he regained his bearings, he noticed that someone was laying at him.

The person also noticed him too, and now they were looking at each other's eyes.

Hiru couldn't describe what he felt after seeing this person, recalling his previous life memories although this and that were different, there's no doubt it was that person.

But it shouldn't be because this person is part of another series!

The person who was lying on his body was no other than Shigure Kōsaka.

A woman with a killer body, a unique kind of eyebrows that looked like bolt, an exceptionally beautiful face with hair that was tied in a high ponytail and wearing a pink kimono with a chainmail covering her massive chest.

Although she's a bit younger, probably the same age as him, there's no doubt that this person is Shigure Kōsaka.

One of the masters of Ryouzanpaku!

'I think this world isn't the same as I thought…' Hiru realized.

A/N: First series to be introduced into the crossover! History's Strongest Disciple! There's a few reasons why I added this, the main reason is that Ryouzanpaku is a perfect place for Hiru to learn how to fight! As you noticed, I described Shigure as younger which is natural as it's still in 1997, just you know the anime of the series started in 2006, to which Shigure is a 26 years old woman at that time and here she's merely 17 or 18.

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