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Everyone, I hope you will enjoy this story. Let's review what you will get in this novel. -Action -Adventure -Romance -Slice of Life -Aliens -Vampires -Werewolves -Virtual Reality -Level System -Unique Race -Space Travel -Slow Harem -And, a lot of cute daughter moments

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well, this was a fresh idea for me. it gives vibe of a good adventure and family relationships with a twist of suspense in it. looking forward for more chapters, keep it up author


I am really excited about this book. I love a slice of life and having a cute daughter as a secondary protagonist is very satisfying. I hope the author won't drop this book like any other.


I had to write this review quite freshly and only after 40 something chapters, because I just thought subjective and rash opinion about this book will be more important to some people than future reviews even if they contain 1000 chapters and are written as objectively as possible. It is just that unique of a case where i see Author self harming his story that it is quite weird to wrap my head around. You see, people hate and avoid stories with one diemensional character and simplicity as if they were some kind of stinky trash, and any story where not only MC but lots of side characters including enemies have their own characters and thought processes made for them usually make people like the story more. There is also writing method usually used in the middle of stories or end where perception of said character is turned upside down in plot twists or revealing of unknown facts. You see Author used this method on THREE out of four main characters, but in such way that rather complex personalities with lots of hidden thoughts start to appear as one diemensional ones and to make it worse as an extremely unliked sterotypes. But they are not 😅 AND HE USED IT IN THE VERY BEGINNING. First unlikeable sterotypes is shown to be completely false at chapter 19, second at around chapter 33 and third at chapters 43-45... And all of this false impresion starts in, like, chapter 1. And the problem is, first 15 chapters are often used by people to determine whatever story is good and author capable of making characters feel alive and allow you to immerse in story, after all there are hundreds of srories floating in web and only so much lifespan we have left, who would go and start reading hundred chapters and see if story gets better if there are 50+ stories with nice summaries and maybe even nice beginning 15 chapters. But this story I review here? Beginning 30 chapters felt terrible to read (well purely VR chapters were ok) afterwards chapters were nice. And the only reason I held on is because I wanted to know if my theory was correct - i read NTR 18+ story just one day before and Male MC being in similar position to certain female character... and I wrote my suspicions as two very long paragraph comments. And i found answer by reading so far, but not going to answer here, cause it would be spoiler read the story itself if you wanna know 🤷‍♂️


There are many grammatical mistakes such as missing words, wrong tenses, and weird word choice but you will be able to understand what the author is saying. Next point is that there isn’t much character description to the point where I have no idea what most characters look like. I only know that the daughter has silver hair and red eyes, thats it. There were maybe one or two line descriptions for Brian and Charlotte, but the author never describes them again after their introduction. The world building and the plot development is interesting with some good mysteries tho


I have not really gone far in this book but I already feel sad that Lucy love brain has a girlfriend when all she wanted was to be his wife aside from the tragedy the story is pretty nice and I could literally feel the emotions of the characters


I love slice of life with some nerd talk. So, I decided to read this book and it's amazing. I am pretty sure that you will like it. [img=update][img=update][img=update]


There are many loose ends in this story. The story could have been good otherwise. Also, for the first 40 chapters, the writing quality gets bad at some important times, making it difficult to understand the story. The only good thing about this story is, it is fast and concise. Things and revelations happen fast after ch 60, instead of other novels where they don't reveal mysteries even after 1000s chapters.


This is best. I got goosebumps after reading the MC's Background. Huhhhhhhhh , so the harem part is well balanced, I mean all the girls Had their reasons but they all love him . Alos there are not many harem , can't say about future though but these harem are already best, Many Girls make the Story bad , Though The author may not forgot about them , even though 3 or 4 is the best harem. Sometimes 5 are also considered good.


Bueno xD está es la mejor novela que eh visto aparte de el diablo cultiva dualmente mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm


Do you like cute daughters? Do you like smart main characters? Do you like slice of life and romance? Do you like Vampire and Werewolf kitty fights? Then, hop in and enjoy My Daughter is a Vampire


One Word- Awesome Two Words- Super Awesome Three Words- Super Cute Daughter Four Words- Super Smart Main Character Five Words- Werewolf and Vampire Kitty Fight




read 16ch loving it so far especially cause of the warlock class cause its different and rarely if ever seen in a novel i definitely recommend reading if you want something different than the usual generic classes.


The author's clear narration helps readers understand the story with no stress at all. His descriptions make the world background so visible that I can picture the mental image. Brian is a very interesting character whose personality sticks out. Very unique storyline, can't wait to read more of it!




love this!!


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