My Daughter is a Vampire Book

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My Daughter is a Vampire


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#### Try out my other book: Strongest Offline Cultivation Brian Jackson, the smartest person in the universe made a lot of stupidest mistakes. He never understood the importance of a family. He thought losing his parents was the end of him. He never tried to live a new life. But then, an opportunity came to his doorstep. A cute girl name Elenor called him 'father'. From that moment on, his life turned upside down. He started to live a new life where he finally began to accept people in his life but it wasn't enough. Being the smartest person in the universe came with a cost. And, that cost was being separated from his family most of the time. He didn't want that. He wanted to live with his family. It meant everything to him. So, he finally decided to do something unexpected. After living his life chasing strength, he decided to give up everything. But he realized that he must set the balance in the universe. But, it took him quite a while to realize that. This story is about him realizing his true life and doing something that he never expected to do. Would he be able to do something that he never expected to do? Would he be able to create a balance? Or, will he live his life same as before? :::::::::::::: My Daughter is a Vampire: Action + Mystery + Slice of Life + Harem + Space Adventure + Dungeons + Superheroes If you want to talk to me and get notified about the chapter release, then join my discord. https://discord.gg/eNETZCeKsY