My Date With A Billionaire

Author: moorfiction
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What is My Date With A Billionaire

Read My Date With A Billionaire novel written by the author moorfiction on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Twenty-year-old Alica Delaurentis was struggling to make it in the big city of New York. Between college, and being a single parent, she never had time to just take care of herself. What happens when Alica meets twenty-six-year-old Emilie unbeknownst to whom she is? Billionaire Emilie Ferla was on her rise to fame, they knew the bachelor for running her diamond company with an iron fist; she had a dark secret that she kept hidden from the public. Emilie has everything anyone in the world wanted but always felt like something was missing. A dash of lies, dark secrets, plot twists, and love makes up the perfect love story. --------- You can join my discord: Twitter: Support My Kofi: ko-fi.com/lenoramoor Follow Me on Instagram: thelenoramoor

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This is fabulous First time reading a novel like this and I'm blown away already I highly recommend this book Thumb up to the author Good work


I absolutely love this story, so interesting, so real, the plot and synopsis really hooked me into reading the full story, definitely recommend this story to everyone, and Alicia seems like a tough cookie and i love it


Seriously, you got caught in this book author, like I'm literally imagining Alicia at that bar counter at the moment. This book has good story development and the author is clearly skilled. Good job author Moor


Although it's an old story that I once read on Wattpad, you can see 9in the rewritten version that the author has taken their time, its amazing, and I hope they continue!!


Modern day story with characters struggling in their daily life. The author put a good thought in the story progression and the delivery of the dialogues.


I love this nove[img=recommend] I can't wait for the next chapter but wait I can't see chapter 25


I love everything about it. These are one of those stories that make us dream dreams. It is amazing and it is fabulous. Can't wait to see more of your work.


Great work dear author, This is so an intriguing story. The characters and storyline are very relatable. I really got good feelings while reading this book. I recommend this book to read. Great work. Keep writing this good. 👍👍👏👏


The fact that the closest I have been to a billionaire is only through books, is totally crazy!!! I love their life. This book is a seller. Keep it up...


A good start indeed, only 16 as of now but these all seems promising to keep the readers hooked on what happens next. A must-read for the fans of this genre.


It is rare to see personal relationships being handled with such complexity. it felt very realistic and I could imagine actual people in each scenario. nice


A perfect story. It had attracted me too much. I highly recommend this one to everybody. You can imagine the scenes thanks to the perfect illustrations. Thanks to the author for sharing such a good one with us.


Ugh,, I can't wait for more, I'm absolutely in love with this novel! With a story this good, and this well written I won't be surprised if it blows up.


I love this story. the way author hooks up the readers is so great and joyous. the plot, characters, background, everything is neatly fabricated.


the characters are so relatable, I love the plot, the author is really amazing I would like it if you can upgrade your dialogue a little, however, you are a really talented author keep going, a great novel totally recommended.


The plot was amazing even it's chapters it will really drag you away to read more🤗🤗🤗I can't wait for more chapters looking up into this story❤️❤️Kudos author👏👏👏👏


Hello dear author!!!! I read the first chapter, and so far i have to say that i really like the story so far. The charaters are are interesting and how the story unfolds is very intriguing. I camt wait to find out what happens next!!!


Loved this story! The synopsis, and the story itself, are very well-written. This is really an interesting story. Would wait for more updates! Good work, Author![img=recommend][img=recommend]


The book is so captivating. I feel like I'm trapped inside a movie scene and I can watch every scene unfold right before my eyes. The author has a versatile way of writing. I loved the book. Good Job!


This is modern, intriguing and amazing. The idea of this novel is really interesting. I really liked the first chapters and I am amazed by Author's talent. I recommend this novel.


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