My DARLING CEO Is An Insomniac!

[Of all the music I’ve ever heard, it’s your voice that calms my soul. He whispered] *** Tang Xue Mei was the legitimate heir of the company, but her best friend caused her to lose her sight and her status. She was tortured every day until she ended her life. To her surprise, she was reborn three years before her death! Now, she isn't going to waste her second chance. With a new lease on life and the determination to change her fate, Xue Mei finds herself entangled with a man suffering from insomnia, who offers her power in exchange for her help in curing his sleep disorder. Feng Shihan, CEO of AG corporation, had everything from looks, fame and wealth, but he could never get a good night's sleep due to his rare severe sleeping disorder. Until he met Tang Xue Mei, he never thought he could get a decent sleep. But then he finds out that as long as she's on the bed with him, he could sleep as well as he liked. She was his miracle sleeping pill. Soon he finds out she’s difficult to get, so he proposes a form of alliance to her. “Miss Tang…if you agree to be with me, I’ll give you all the power you need…” In a desperate attempt to gain power and get back at those who had hurt her, she agreed to his request. [Why Not Join Our Discord Server—> https://discord.gg/EraEwqtWKw ^^]

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But right now she was Tang Xue Mei the star of the occasion friend, she had no choice but to walk her to the stage.

Mr and Mrs Tang immediately frowned when they saw the dress Ju Jing was wearing, this dress was specially made for their daughter why was it on her body.

Ju Jing passed the mic to Tang Xue Mei, who tapped it twice before speaking.

"I want to thank everyone for coming but to cut to the chase, i stand before you all to say i call off this engagement.."


Mr and Mrs Tang screamed,

Mrs Du and Du Xuan screamed,

Even Feng Shihan was a bit surprised by the change of situation.

"That's right, i realized that Du Xuan is too outstanding for him to be tied up with a woman like myself but that's not the only reason, the second reason is that i've fallen in love with the most beautiful man in the world..Feng Shihan. On that note I do that Du Xuan and my friend her are deeply in love so I don't want to come in between them. I gave her my dress so this could be their engagement party..."

The crowd was shocked, Tang Xue Mei had painted their cheating so beautifully it was even more embarrassing.

Everyone knew the name Feng Shihan but almost know no one knew how he looked like but Tang Can and her parents all turned to Feng Shihan.

The young man didn't flinch he just kept staring at Tang Xue Mei a bit amused.

Ju Jing expression froze, Tang Xue Mei had called off the engagement, the whole Du family was here because Du Xuan wanted to call it off now that Tang Xue Mei had said it first, it made them look like fools.

Ju Jing clenched her fists her eyes growing cold, Tang Xue Mei has really played a fast one and turned the tables around.

Tang Xue Mei left the stage and walked to where Feng Shihan was, she was a bit star struck when she saw Feng Shihan, dark eyes,slim built but he had that combact type of air to him, he had the longest legs she had seen, the spectacles fitted his face perfectly in one word, he was an extremely handsome she couldn't believe there was such a man and she never noticed him and instead fallen in love with that Du Xuan.

Feng Shihan stood up and held Tang Xue Mei's hands, he pushed his spectacles back before saying.

"Since Tang Xue Mei has said her mind, i'll also say mine, id been looking for ways to call off the engagement because anyone with eyes would see that he and the entire Du family are all after the Tang's wealth after all why would the snobbish and obnoxious Du Xuan settle for a woman he does not care about, but since she has come to me i'd gladly take care of her, i don't need their wealth.."

Tang Xue Mei gulped she tried to loosen her hand from Feng Shihan grip but it only made it tighter.

"This is utterly ridiculous, how dare you embarrass us Du's in such a manner.."

Du Xielan immediately stood up as she walked up to Tang Xue Mei wanting you give her a slap.

Tang Xue Mei didn't move but only watch her move closer and closer.

Just when Du Xuelian raised her hand, Feng Shihan slowly spoke up.

"Go ahead...touch her in my presence!"

Du Xielan remembered that Feng Shihan was still around and immediately kept her hand down.

"Auntie please don't be offend, i know you don't like me. I can see that I'll only be like a annoying pest to your family, i know you wouldn't want that even i don't want that.."

Tang Xue Mei bowed her head as she slowly pulled her hand away from Feng Shihan, she looked up once again and this time her expression was very fierce.

"But i will not accept the fact that you raised your hand to hit me in my own house. If I call off the engagement with your arrogant son there's nothing you can do about, but to think in front of all these people, in front of my parents, you dared to hit me.."

Du Xielan realized that she had made a big mistake, Ju Jing noticed this and stepped in to help.

"Mei, Mei please calm down, auntie Du is also an elder, she overreacted a bit just now.."

"Her overreaction is pointless, this is my house, she's on my property, how dare she want to lay a finger on me.."

Ju Jing frowned realizing she couldn't control Tang Xue Mei like she usually did.

"Exactly, you Du's have gone over the line trying to hit our daughter and as a result all connections between us have been severed, we will no longer work together business wise.."

Du Xuan paled without the help of the Tangs it would be hard for them to find such international customers. He could only step in and fight for himself.

"But why, we haven't done nothing wrong.."

Tang Xue Mei chuckled inwardly, she laughed at the lies in his statement.

"Xuan you're right you've done nothing wrong i'm the one with the issues, my heart is filled with evil and will only poison you, this is something i've not even told my parents, i have plans to go the temple and seek enlightenment, perhaps somewhere peaceful away from society.."

Tang Can blinked, did Tang Xue Mei really meant what she said or was she just saying it for show.


Du Xielan refused to believe that, that was the reason she had called off the engagement with her son.

"Get out of our house, that includes you too Ju Jing, we also didn't want to tell Mei this considering her feelings, but now that she has no intentions of marrying Du Xuan, we'll say it, we don't like a son-in-law that plays around with another woman when he's about to get engaged to our daughter, he claims he loves her but they're not even married yet he's already cheating!"

After this Du Xielan realized that they wouldn't win this fight so they could only leave Tang mansion with their heads hanging low from shame.

Ju Jing held Tang Xue Mei's hand—"Mei mei do you really believe what they said about me?"

"Are you saying my parents are lying.."

"No of course not i'm saying it might be with another woman and not me.."

"So you're saying my parents saw wrong, Tang Can saw wrong... i'm sorry but i don't believe you.."

Tang Xue Mei raised her as she pried Ju Jing's hands off hers.