My DARLING CEO Is An Insomniac!

[Of all the music I’ve ever heard, it’s your voice that calms my soul. He whispered] *** Tang Xue Mei was the legitimate heir of the company, but her best friend caused her to lose her sight and her status. She was tortured every day until she ended her life. To her surprise, she was reborn three years before her death! Now, she isn't going to waste her second chance. With a new lease on life and the determination to change her fate, Xue Mei finds herself entangled with a man suffering from insomnia, who offers her power in exchange for her help in curing his sleep disorder. Feng Shihan, CEO of AG corporation, had everything from looks, fame and wealth, but he could never get a good night's sleep due to his rare severe sleeping disorder. Until he met Tang Xue Mei, he never thought he could get a decent sleep. But then he finds out that as long as she's on the bed with him, he could sleep as well as he liked. She was his miracle sleeping pill. Soon he finds out she’s difficult to get, so he proposes a form of alliance to her. “Miss Tang…if you agree to be with me, I’ll give you all the power you need…” In a desperate attempt to gain power and get back at those who had hurt her, she agreed to his request. [Why Not Join Our Discord Server—> https://discord.gg/EraEwqtWKw ^^]

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From what she remembered her mother would burst into the room very soon, carrying a large bag, this were the clothes she was supposed to wear for the day but a certain someone had ruined it, so she had to make do of a even more casual outfit.

Tang Xue Mei chuckled, oh Ju Jing, you've truly wronged me, what was it i had that made you envy and hate me so much, was it Du Xuan? Even after making me blind you still weren't satisfied, you went all out in torturing me and my child, stole my inheritance, stole my good reputation, destroyed everything i worked for. And even after that it still wasn't enough for you.


"Mei mei! are you awake? Mummy's here to see you.."

Tang Xue Mei looked at clock, it's was already minutes past nine, it was drawing closer to her so called engagement with that scum bag Du Xuan, that day the Du's had thoroughly embarrassed her, this had been the stepping stone for Ju Jing.

"It's only 40%, I'd forgotten to charge it.."

Due to her accident in her past life, she had moved back to their family house where she was being taken care of, she remembered how hard it was for her to adjust to the lifestyle of a blind person.

It felt as though she was living in a very dark world devoid of any light.

The party would begin at 1pm so she still had time to prepare. After her accident, she had moved back to family mansion, but only for a short while before she was taken away by Ju Jing.

But right now she wasn't blind, she still had all her contacts, she was still in the second year of college, her life still had a long way to go.

"Mei, Mei!"

"I'm awake mom, you can come in the door is always open.."


Su Huiying opened the door and walked in.Dressed in a blue off shoulder gown, wearing a black four inch heel, she held a large brown bag in one hand and a plate of fish balls in another.

Tang Xue Mei slowly looked at her mother, from her tips of her heels till she got to her face. Then she saw that smile, how she had missed seeing her mother's face it had only been three years but it felt like an eternity.

Her eyes watered and tears rolled out uncontrollably, she had wrong her parents and caused them so much pain and sorrow. She had been an unfilial daughter.


"Mei, Mei why are you crying, shush don't cry, mum's is here.."

Tang Xue Mei wanted to say, mum i'm so sorry I fell short of your expectations and lived a terrible life.

She thought they were overprotective, Ju Jing made her believe they were but when infact they were trying to protect her harm.

But now there was no use crying over spilled milk, she would make the most of this life.

"I'm just so happy that i'm getting engaged to Du Xuan that i can't just stop crying.."

Su Huiying smiled softly as she used her fingers to wipe the tears away for her face.

"If you're so happy you wouldn't cry, do you want to carry puffy eyes about, it's a good thing you didn't cry for long.."

Tang Xue Mei smiled and hugged her mother, her and mother's relationship had become so strained that they didn't see each other eye to eye or ask about each other. They were all suffering on their own.


Su Huiying gently held her hand as she let out yet another bright smile.

"Mum loves you and i'll continue to look after you till i'm old and can barely walk and then you'll be the one one to take care of me.

"Yes mum by that time you'll have your grandchildren by your side and we'll both take care of you and dad.."

"Forget about your father, that fool claims he'll never get old so he doesn't need to be taken care of, you just need to take care of your mother.."

Tang Xue Mei chuckled she had really missed her mother and the good relationship they shared she was glad she got to experience it once again.

"Mum..where's Tang Can.."

"Downstairs helping with the decorations.."

"Can you let her go, i need her here with me..."

Su Huiying nodded and stood up, placing the bag in the floor she said to Tang Xue Mei.

"Your dress is here, you'll put in on after your bath, i'll get Tang Can to bring breakfast for you for now enjoy this fish balls..."

Su Huiying helped Tang Xue Mei sit up, she placed the plate on her laps before leaving.

After confirming that her mother was gone Tang Xue Mei let out a long sigh, after meeting her mother she finally believed she had been reborn.

Tang Xue Mei picked one of the fish balls and popped it into her mouths it had been years since had last eaten a fish ball she had forgotten the feeling of having good food.

She placed it into her mouth and her eyes widened, it was so delicious, she could feel the fish in every bite it was just like how she remembered.

She had gotten to the last one when Tang Can walked in.

"Mei did you miss me.."

Tang Can said cheekily, holding the tray of food, she sat down on the bed placing the tray on her laps.

"I see mum, has brought the engagement dress, are you really sure about your decision, Du Xuan and his family are total snobs."

Tang Xue Mei smiled Tang Can was one of the few people that stuck with till her death, she more realized just how much Tang Can cared for her.

"Tang Can we've been together for as long as i can remember so i'll tell you the truth because i'll be needing your help.."

Tang Xue Mei paused and looked around, Tang Can was also confused and turned to look around as well.

"Are the doors locked?"

Tang Can nodded she had locked the doors has she come in.


"Alright so i'll go straight to the point and and try not to shout.."

Tang Can nodded and placed a fried dough stick in her mouth, she felt the story was going to be juicy.

"I've been dead before"