1 Rebirth

"Young miss…you've been sitting outside in the cold for a long time now, please come inside, the old elders and your parents are worried…"

The butler muttered softly as he draped the quilt over the quiet lady. She didn't flinch when she heard his voice, nor did she turn to see who it was, only staring at god know where.

"Butler, Su..do you know what hurts the most?"

The lady finally spoke up, her words slowly spewing out of her mouth.

"I understand your pain…young mistress. My grandmother was blind, she never once saw my face…"

The lady paused and didn't say anything for a long while. Cold? Yes, she was freezing. She had been sitting on this balcony for hours, but she would rather not leave being here soothe her cold heart.

"Do you know what hurts the most butler Su, after living all my life used to light and colors I'm suddenly in a world of darkness, and I'd never be able to see things for myself again, I'd never be able to see my parents once more neither see the covers of the books I love…"

Butler Su sighed he knew his grandmother was blind, but he didn't experience being blind himself, he didn't know how to comfort the young lady.

"Here…butler Su take this, give it to my mother, but only when I'm dead…"

The butler was shocked, and he pushed the envelope away.

"Young lady, please don't lose hope, your mother said she has found a good doctor overseas, and he's coming here to work alongside other notable doctors to fix your eyes…they've even fixed a surgery date…"

The young lady chuckled as a single tear rolled down her pristine face, she looked like a glass figurine, considering the fact that she was always in doors and never going out into the sun.

See? She knew her eyes perfectly, she would never be able to see again in this life.

"Take this letter uncle Su, I'll be dead soon…"

"Miss Tang Xue Mei, I'm sorry, but I cannot accept this letter, please let me take you inside, it's getting colder…"

Tang Xue Mei placed her hand on the bench and nodded, indeed it was getting too cold, she placed her hand around the quilt and stood up.

"Thank you, uncle Su, I'd like to go to my room straight…"

Tang Xue Mei, muttered softly, her cloudy like eyes, which were naturally brown which had turned cloudy minutes after her accident.

"Let me lead you to your room…"

~Three months later~

"Xue Mei..where are you, don't be sad the surgery didn't go as planned…"

Tang Xue Mei's friend stepped into the room, holding a white bag, her voice sounded remorseful, but there was a smirk on her face.

"Ju Jing, is it you…I'm over here on the bed…"

Tang Xue Mei called out, she hadn't left her room ever since she came back from the surgery, even though she knew she wasn't going to see again, a part of her still had a bit of hope.

"Xue…xue how are you feeling?"

Ju Jing placed a hand on Tang Xue mei's she flinched a bit, withdrawing her hand, Ju Jing's hands were just too cold.

"I'm fine…thank you for asking…"

Ju Jing sneered a bit seeing Tang Xue Mei smiling face, she wished she could slap the smile off her face.

She had been wanting to deal with Tang Xue Mei ever since she heard that she had slept with Du Xuan, he was her man, not Tang Xue Mei's, even though he was Tang Xue Mei's fiancé.

"Juju I'm glad you're here…there's something I want to tell you before I tell Xuan…I'm pregnant…"

Ju Jing's temper flared instantly, and she almost raised her hand to slap Tang Xue Mei, how dare this blind bitch get to get pregnant for Du Xuan before her. She stared at her slightly bulging stomach in disgust.

She was definitely not going to let her keep the child.

"Ju Jing, are you there…"

Tang Xue Mei raised her hand to find Ju Jing, but she immediately regained her composure and spoke up.

"I'm just surprised…I'm so happy…for you, I have a little godson or goddaughter now…"

Tang Xue Mei smiled as she placed a hand on her stomach, she had a little being in her stomach, she couldn't see it, but she could feel it, maybe because she was blind, she had a deep connection with her baby.

Ju Jing didn't stay for long after finding out Tang Xue Mei was pregnant the only thing on her mind, was to kill both her and the child, that was the only way her anger would be soothed.

"Enjoy your days Xue xue because it would be your last…"

Ju Jing chuckled before leaving the house, as she did she fished out her phone.

She smiled, death bells were ringing and the one who would fall would be Tang Xue Mei.

Revenge was a dish best served cold.

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