My DARLING CEO Is An Insomniac!

[Of all the music I’ve ever heard, it’s your voice that calms my soul. He whispered] *** Tang Xue Mei was the legitimate heir of the company, but her best friend caused her to lose her sight and her status. She was tortured every day until she ended her life. To her surprise, she was reborn three years before her death! Now, she isn't going to waste her second chance. With a new lease on life and the determination to change her fate, Xue Mei finds herself entangled with a man suffering from insomnia, who offers her power in exchange for her help in curing his sleep disorder. Feng Shihan, CEO of AG corporation, had everything from looks, fame and wealth, but he could never get a good night's sleep due to his rare severe sleeping disorder. Until he met Tang Xue Mei, he never thought he could get a decent sleep. But then he finds out that as long as she's on the bed with him, he could sleep as well as he liked. She was his miracle sleeping pill. Soon he finds out she’s difficult to get, so he proposes a form of alliance to her. “Miss Tang…if you agree to be with me, I’ll give you all the power you need…” In a desperate attempt to gain power and get back at those who had hurt her, she agreed to his request. [Why Not Join Our Discord Server—> https://discord.gg/EraEwqtWKw ^^]

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Heading to the dorms(2)

"This is her wish and we made a promise to grant whatever she asks for. She's grown she's not our little girl anymore, we can only wish the best for her.."

Tang Xue Mei eyes watered her parents had loved her so dearly but she had disappointed them severally in her past life.

She swore to herself, she would bring the Tang family to a higher reputation they would be number 1 second to none.

"You have to promise me you'll take care of yourself a-and not get into trouble.."

Su Huiying broke down as tears rolled out of her face. She didn't even know how to cook or do house chores.

"Mum i assure you that i'll be on my best behavior, i won't let you down nor bring shame to our family name.."

Tang Zijun smiled as she wiped the tears off his face, their daughter was growing up everyday he eventually a day would come when she would want to leave.

"I will fill up your credit card and Can's too, you both have to take care of each other well.."

Tang Xue Mei nodded and rubbed her stomach, the crisis was over now it was time to eat.

"What are we waiting for let's go have lunch..i'm dying here.."

Everyone chuckled at Tang Xue Mei antics, at the dinning table Tang Xue ate to her satisfaction, though they were looking at her werid she kept eating, they didn't know how long it had been since she last enjoyed a good homemade food.

"Woah that was fast, it's barely been minutes.."

Tang Can smiled as she laid on Tang Xue Mei bed, it had been an hour or so yet she had already received the credit alert, she was 2 million richer.

Now she had over 7 million yuan in her bank account, she couldn't be anymore happier.

"Wait let me check mine.."

Tang Xue Mei quickly opened her phone to check and she was stunned she had this much money to her name.

"Woah Can i really have this much money.."

Tang Xue Mei realized she had over 30 million yuan sitting there eating dust no wonder Du Xuan agreed to marry her, she was a rich fool.

"Don't you remember the last time grandpa came he was so generous to bless us he gave you a whopping amount of 12 million.."

The Tang family didn't have a vast amount of wealth you could say that had a lot of connections more that their wealth which was why Du Xuan wanted to marry Tang Xue Mei to get a free access to these connections

Tang Xue Mei nodded now that Tang Can said it, it really did happen that way, she hadn't seen her grandfather in years, they lived abroad and barely came to China.

"We're rich now and it's not dark yet let's go out and have some fun, i'll take you to a nice ice cream parlor you'll love it.."

Tang Xue Mei nodded, she was dressed in a black jean and hoodie, this was suitable to go out with right?

"I can go like this right?.."

Tang Can nodded she also went to her room and looked for something similar to Tang Xue Mei's outfit.

"There... now we're matching.."

Tang Can wore a black jean and white hoodie while Tang Xue Mei wore a black jean and blue hoodie.

Tang Can went into the closet and brought out a pair of black boots for Tang Xue Mei, she really had to say this..Tang Xue Mei had a lot of shoes.

"I have so many shoes when i barely wear any.."

Tang Can chuckled her parents didn't want her to miss out of anything so they bought her everything they thought a girl would desire.

Her mum would say a woman takes pride in the shoes she wears.

"Mum has connections to shoe lines so you always get new shoes every month, so much that they had to create a special place for it."

Tang Xue Mei sighed she had really wronged her parents in her previous life after being reborn did she realized that they had done a lot for her.

"If you see any one you like and it's your size take it, i won't be needing this many shoes. I will donate most of them out, they'll only be wasting away here.."

Tang Xue Mei put on the boots while Tang Can went to find the ones she liked, she ended up picking up a white sneaker to go with her hoodies.



"I've got one word for us..we're hot! Who else could be more prettier than us!"

Tang Xue Mei chuckled they were indeed very pretty there was no deny that but she saw beauty in different forms now, she preferred the beautiful of a good heart than that of a good face.

After they were done they told the maid they found close by that they were going out to avoid a panic and went to the garage.

"Let's go with this one.."

Tang Xue Mei said pointing to the black Audi R9, Tang Can nodded and grabbed the keys from the special compartment made for keys.

"Put on your seatbelt.."

Tang Xue Mei nodded and put on her seat belt as Tang Can drove out the garage and soon out of the Tang mansion.

The great capital city, Tang Xue Mei felt refreshed after leaving the house, she breathed in the fresh air and smiled.

Things could only get better from now on!

Tang Can parked the car beside a cafe which read Lora ice cream palor.

When they got in they felt a cool breeze on their faces and delicious aroma of waffles and vanilla bean.

"The interror is nice, i would definitely want to eat ice cream at a place like this and look at those cute chairs. Its an definitely a 10/10.."

Tang Can nodded the place was decorated well not mention the sweet aroma of vanilla and cinnamon that wafted into your nostrils from time to time