My DARLING CEO Is An Insomniac!

[Of all the music I’ve ever heard, it’s your voice that calms my soul. He whispered] *** Tang Xue Mei was the legitimate heir of the company, but her best friend caused her to lose her sight and her status. She was tortured every day until she ended her life. To her surprise, she was reborn three years before her death! Now, she isn't going to waste her second chance. With a new lease on life and the determination to change her fate, Xue Mei finds herself entangled with a man suffering from insomnia, who offers her power in exchange for her help in curing his sleep disorder. Feng Shihan, CEO of AG corporation, had everything from looks, fame and wealth, but he could never get a good night's sleep due to his rare severe sleeping disorder. Until he met Tang Xue Mei, he never thought he could get a decent sleep. But then he finds out that as long as she's on the bed with him, he could sleep as well as he liked. She was his miracle sleeping pill. Soon he finds out she’s difficult to get, so he proposes a form of alliance to her. “Miss Tang…if you agree to be with me, I’ll give you all the power you need…” In a desperate attempt to gain power and get back at those who had hurt her, she agreed to his request. [Why Not Join Our Discord Server—> https://discord.gg/EraEwqtWKw ^^]

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A memory that never fades

Everyone deserves happiness and every so often some happy moments are short-lived.

Jealousy and envy can make one lose their way and matter how you say it, it was you who wrong them.

Six months later,

Tang Xue Mei laid on the bed in an abandoned hospital, no matter how she screamed or cried, no one could hear her.

"My baby…where did they take my baby to, Ju Jing, please bring back my baby, don't rub this blind woman of her only happiness…"

Tang Xue Mei muttered softly but no one replied, no one answered, she could feel the pain from her stomach that had been ripped open, but it didn't hurt as much as the psychological trauma she was going


Her living child who was growing well had been removed from her womb, she could feel her child was no longer with her.

"Ah! Ju Jing I won't forget how you've wronged me, this pain you've caused me

I'll remember it in all my next lives…"

Tears rolled out of her eyes as she shook her head, right from day one, somehow how her happiness had been robbed away from her.

"Is this how I'll die, in an abandoned hospital, ah! My life has truly been unfortunate…"

If there's a chance I get a new one, I would right all my wrongs, starting with Ju Jing. Tang Xue Mei sobbed uncontrollably when she heard a foreign voice.

"Tang Xue Mei if you were given a second chance at life, what would you do…."

A soft, gentle voice flowed into Tang Xue Mei's ears, she laid in her blood puddle, her stomach ripped open, and her child removed from her womb.

There was a knife directly plunged into her heart, it was a surprise to see that she was still breathing.

"If I was given a second chance, I would grow stronger and crush the faces of those that trampled upon me as I burn them to the ground."

"I want my revenge for what they did to me and my child…"

Tears rolled out of her eyes, despite being blind her inability to sense the evil hearts of those around her had led to her downfall, even her fiancée had betrayed her.

"Then…" the voice spoke up.

"I'll grant you this wish, I shall give you my eyes, so you may once again regain your sight. Tang Xue Mei are you ready for your rebirth?"

Tang Xue Mei paused, she had nothing to lose anyway.

"Yes… I'm ready…"

"Though you'll have memories of your previous life, you will not remember your encounter with me…"

A blinding white light appeared and with a flash, Tang Xue Mei's body in the room had disappeared.


The alarm rung softly as a white, milky hand rose to stop it.

"It's morning already?"

Tang Xue Mei coughed gently as she opened her eyes, she winced at the sudden brightness as her eyes slowly got used to its newly found sight.

Is this a dream?

Tang Xue Mei looked around, everything looked so bright that she had forgotten how bright the world could be was after living in darkness for the past three years.

Her eyes suddenly widened, she could see again, she wasn't dead, she was alive and breathing.

Could that mean, the phenomenon called rebirth actually existed, she always thought it was a myth.

"If this is a dream, then I don't want to wake up…"

Tang Xue Mei paused and ran to the bathroom, if it was really a dream, then she must use the advantage and check her image in the mirror.

She found the mirror and walked straight to it.


She placed a hand on her cheek, this was her face, for three long years she had been slapped, scratched, cut, she didn't even want to see how disfigured her face could have been in her past life?

"Ju Jing I'm back, I know all your tricks, I know the day you planned to make me lose my sight. I'll be ready for you this time, I won't fall into your trap."

She had been reborn, which meant she really did die that day, and right now, she was 21 years' old, which meant today was her and Du Xuan's engagement party. This was how her life had slowly turned upside down.

A cold smile appeared on her lips, what a good day to crash her engagement party. After, the memories of the evil, they had done to her would never fade.