My Cute Ex-Wife: You Can't Slip Away Book

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My Cute Ex-Wife: You Can't Slip Away

Crimson Folded Cat Ears

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[Doting Romance] After a spring dream that nourished all things silently, Gu Xiaonuan gained a cute baby and a new relative. "Marry you?" She felt like she had been struck by lightning and was moved to tears. Could it be that, in the prime of her life, Gu Xiaonuan was about to marry a man in a white coat who fancied himself a miracle healer but was actually a beast in gentleman's clothing? "From now on, you're not allowed to flirt around, be half-hearted, or have your eyes on someone else while eating from your own bowl!" "Yes, yes, yes, you're the one with the money, who would you be afraid of!"