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Hello everyone, You can see the author tag beside my name. Yes, I am the author of this book. I am here to give some detailed review of the story. - The book will have some grammatical mistakes, so if you can bear those little ones, I can guarantee that you will enjoy the story. - No Harem Since it is a cultivation story, many readers think, it might be a harem; however, I don't plan to add Harem to it. - Starting will a slow; however, it will be smooth after initial world building and characters introduction. - MC will be ignorant about many things in the beginning but he will learn things with time - Romance Some readers asked me whether it has romance or not. Yes, there will be romance; however, it will be short. - The story will be very long. So, please stick with me till the end. Hmm...that's it. I hope it is helpful and if you have any doubts, you can ask here. Thanks for reading my book.

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IM going to be honest here since most of these reviews seem fake, while the story itself is good, the character is as smarts a brick. He ask the system everything and even then he doesn't follow the good suggestions that the system gives him and is completely oblivious to anything and cant seem to think for just a minute to find any answers. Like I said the story is good but for me the MC is the attention grabber if they are stupid then most of the time I will dislike the novel in general


Seems like an interesting concept. If you know of the manhwa, Nano Machine, then this is somewhat similar, without the Nanomachine parts and the whole time-traveling aspect, of course. But the MC on this one somewhat reminds me of Sung Jin-woo, obviously because it is a System novel. So I myself, find it interesting as to where this story will lead. Grammar and writing quality are almost flawless. As for the other aspects, too early to tell, but based on the author's other work, New Age of Summoners, expect the development to be good. Writing quality alone makes this deserving of a full score, for now. Keep up the good work, brother Vinay.


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Only a few chapters, cannot say much about the story so far. However, is it another work from a great author with superb writing and few grammatical error. If you are a fan of cultivation+system genre with weak and bullied MC getting an opportunity to turn his life around, this is the story for you.


I really like this LN. It is one of the better system LNs out there. I have read up to chapter 277 and find it quite enjoyable. The MC is currently traveling from world to world via the story-system. The best thing is that there are other people out there in the universe that also have systems. The MC is not the only one with a system. The story so far has hinted at SciFi where it had the invading forces of his world using a spaceship or flying ship of some sort. The hints point at the MC leaving this world later on and traveling the throughout the Universe. The MC at first starts off asking the system questions because he didn't grow up knowing anything about cultivation at all. The MC does make mistakes just like normal people would make mistakes in life too. He does learn from them. The MC is a blacksmith and a Monster tamer. The World has plant monsters too :-)


I didn't read the novel, I just read the synopsis. And I can't stop laughing, I can't imagine having a system named "My Cultivation System" instead of "Cultivation System". -What's the name of your system? -Oh mine?, its named "Heaven Defying System", what's yours? -My system is named "My Cultivation System" -Eii ohh ma guy, you have "My" in its name🀣


The story is good and keeps you hooked as it should do. It has its charms as a mix of a system and cultivation novel that I rarely encounter.


Hello everyone. Since this is my creation, I will be shameless and give 5 stars. .. I am not a native English speaker so there will be few grammatical mistakes but I will try my best in editing them as much as possible. I can guarantee you with the stability of this book. I will be not giving any spoilers. .hope you like the book. Thanks


Just like his previous book, the quality is good straight from the start, and of course with the addition of cultivation and system just makes it that much better.


My Cultivation System brings a new fire to the already well-loved Cultivation and System genres. You might think that you've already read these types of stories a thousand times but prepare to be amazed! The Author's clear and smooth writing along with the MC's character makes it quite immersive! It really sets you on the start of the cultivation path. It's just the beginning but the eagerness to see how far Henrick will reach will make you root for him at once!


I love the story, I need to know how it goes. Please dont give up, at least 1 or 2 chapters a week. I love the story, I need to know how it goes


are you still writing for this book. I love the content so I guess I'm just wondering are you still writing for this book. I love the content so I guess I'm just wondering


I have loved the story so far and I’m only starting. I hope you continue your amazing story, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone else.


Nice story with a few possible subplots. Wish the chapter release were faster. some minor grammar errors. may be due to translation. sure to rise in ratings.


From the first few chapters, the quality is spot on. As expected from a great author. There are minor grammatical errors are present, but it doesn't affect the quality of the story.


the books concept is good, especially the main idea, mc has a clear goal, good enough pacing, but the grammar is what threw me off completely and what made me decide to drop this


I am really liking your novel. I hope you continue it and do not drop it. I wish you happiness and success. Please keep updating regularly. I am writing more because of 140 character restriction. I hope it's enough.


l like it, I do but there isn't that it factor that makes me want to read everything at once but still it's a good story. βœ”οΈ


No Harem?! But, Romance? Good!, I'm In! [img=recommend] [img=recommend] Please, do Not dropt this movel dear author! Love it! [img=recommend]