1 Old cursed building

Blazing inferno sect, Vlester city.

In the outer perimeter of the famous Blazing inferno sect, a young man of around 16 years of age was sweeping the dusty tiles in front of an old building.

'Sigh...only one month is left for me to prove myself. If I fail it, then I have to return to my home,' The young man muttered to himself as he continued sweeping the dusty tiles with his long broomstick.

His face looked tanned, which might be from overworking long hours in the sun. He had a below-average build with good looks.

However, his dusty robes and messy long hair made him look like a beggar.

The young man's name was Henrick, and he was one of those young men who always dreamed about cultivating and becoming an immortal.

With his dream to become immortal, he came to the Aswor city that hosted the four sects recruitment of everyone below the age of 18 and tested their affinity with the present elements in the surroundings.

He didn't have much luck and showed a slight affinity to the fire elemental and was admitted into the Blazing inferno sect as a working disciple.


As Henrick was sweeping the floor with many thoughts inside his mind, suddenly, something had fallen from the sky and hit his head.


"Damn it. Why am I the only one to be this unlucky?"

Rubbing his head, Henrick looked at the small black rock on the ground that made a small bump on his head and cursed his luck.


He looked at the black stone for a moment before resuming his sweeping and thought about the last ten months of his stay in the Blazing inferno sect.

'Due to my very low affinity with the fire element, I got a working disciple position in the sect and started working as a sweeper in a day and tried to sense the fire elementals in nature.'

  He stopped thinking when he saw some outer sect disciples pass by him and watched them with envy.

After they disappeared from his view, he returned to his thinking, 'However, even after ten months, I could not sense the fire elements in nature. What's more, I only have two more months to sense the fire elements around me; otherwise, I have to go back to my village.'

As a working disciple of a famous Blazing inferno sect, he has exactly a year to sense the fire elements in nature around him. Only then could he attend the assessment for the outer sect disciples.

So, with the deadline coming for him, he was more worried that won't even have a chance to participate in the assessment for the outer sect disciples.

While thinking, he came near to the old building that had been abandoned and who knows when.

'Why did the sect abandon this building? It looks even more majestic than the present main building of the sect,' Henrick stopped sweeping and looked at the building in front of him and thought about why this colossal building was abandoned without even bothering to clean it.

'Whatever, since the outer sect elder asked me not to clean it, I will leave it,' With that thought in his head, he turned back to go back to the working disciple's dormitory.

"Take this, you lowly servant,"


However, before he could turn back completely, he was kicked by someone from behind. With force from the kick, he entered the old building with an open door.

"Senior brother, why did you kick him with your full force? Once someone enters this cursed building, they will die without a doubt." After Henrick was forced into the vast old building, an anxious voice resounded in front of that building.

"Hey, keep your voice down. I only used less than my half strength in my earlier kick," another voice replied to the anxious voice, and it continued, "Also, why are you worried about a working disciple, no one cares about it, and one knows about what we have done now."

With the assurance of the latter's words, the former voice didn't reply anything.

"Let's go away from here before anyone sees us," the anxious voice hurriedly said after remaining silent for a moment.

Soon some receding footsteps were heard by Henrick, who was unable to come out of the old building as the entrance he had entered disappeared without a trace making him anxious.

Henrick was unable to see anything around him as there was no light.

Nevertheless, he slowly started moving to find an exit to go away from this old building.

"Why? Why does this happen to me all the time?" 

After searching for an hour, Henrick cursed his own luck once again as all the bad things in the world happened to him.

'There are many stories of this cursed building. I hope they are all false,' Until now, Henrick was angry about being kicked by someone into this old building and for not being able to find the exit. However, once he calmed down, his mind started remembering the things he had heard about the old building that made him start fearing the darkness around him.

'Is it true that once someone enters this building, they can't come out of it?' Henrick thought about a particular rumor and started to lose hope about leaving this cursed building.

"Sorry, Elder Eagor, I can no longer take tips from you in sensing the elements in nature,"

"Sorry, mom, I should have listened to you and stayed one more year with you,"

First, he thought about some Elder Eagor, and then he thought about his mother.

When he thought about his mom, he felt sad, and unconsciously tears came out of his eyes.


Checking the blood drop of the new participant.

When he finally thought there was no way for him to escape from this cursed building, he suddenly heard a voice beside his ears that made him shiver and lose consciousness.


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