302 Happy ending or a New beginning?

A week went by in a blur. Mia and Leo made sure to spend as much time together since they knew it wouldn't be long before he would be boarding a flight back to work. As much as they were happy to be with each other, there was a lingering sadness there. He may not get another break to return until the next 20 months. The only time they stayed apart during this week, was when he went to see Richard and Louis. Oh! And also Jeremy.

On the first night he had arrived, he realised Chloe didn't return at all that evening which made him worried and that was when Mia told him about her progress with Jeremy and the fact that she was usually with him most evenings. He hadn't taken it lightly and the next morning when she woke up, Leo wasn't beside her.

As early as 6am, Leo was in front of Jeremy's house since he wanted to meet him before he went to work. And to his surprise, he saw Chloe leaving. To his shock this time, it was Chloe who first kissed him goodbye.


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