37 Dog Barking

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At the thought of how well Ye Lulu was doing, Auntie Tian gritted her teeth with a dark expression. She would definitely not let Ye Lulu lead a comfortable life!

Everyone knew that a woman who had just given birth needed sufficient rest to recuperate. Furthermore, the pregnant woman had to take care of the children. It was tough for her to go through confinement, so it had to be ensured that she slept well.

Auntie Tian had given birth to a child before, so she knew how to take revenge on those who were in confinement.

After a few days, it was already late at night. The entire village was quiet and most people had already fallen asleep.

The Tian family's house was at the end of the village, not too far from the Guan family's house. At that moment, Auntie Tian's husband, Tian Laoqi, was already lying on the bed, snoring thunderously. As for Auntie Tian, her expression was gloomy. She got up and secretly left the house.

The Tian family's house wasn't big, but the courtyard was huge. Auntie Tian was greedy and carved out a lot of vegetable fields. The courtyard was very wide.

A black-and-white dog was half-lying in the narrow and dirty kennel at the gate. The dog was very thin, almost left with only skin and bones. However, it looked very fierce.

Auntie Tian came to the courtyard in the dark and gave a resentful smile in the direction of the Guan family's house. She took a stick from the side and stepped forward, deliberately whipping the dog's body.

Woof! Woof!

Auntie Tian's strength was ruthless. The dog suddenly stood up in pain and let out a shrill cry while dodging the rod.

In the quiet village, the barking of a dog immediately attracted the barking of other dogs.

Woof woof! Woof woof!


All the dogs in the village which had been sleeping soundly were awakened and started to bark!

The families around the Guan family all had dogs.

In the middle of the night, dogs suddenly started barking. The sleeping Ye Lulu in the house was suddenly jolted awake. She opened her eyes abruptly, her heart beating fast.

The barking outside the window was very loud.

Listening to the dogs barking, Ye Lulu heaved a sigh of relief and went to see the babies. The babies were awakened and had opened their eyes, but they didn't cry.

Miraculously, these babies of hers were very obedient. In the days that she took care of them, they rarely cried for no reason.

Now that they had been woken up, the babies did not seem to be afraid of the barking of dogs. They only opened their eyes and looked at Ye Lulu adorably.

Ye Lulu felt her heart soften as she gently coaxed the babies back to sleep.

The barking of the dogs faded and the village fell silent again.

At the end of the village, Auntie Tian sneered when she saw that the village had returned to its peaceful state. The rod in her hand lashed out again.

Woof! Woof!

The dog, which had just recovered from the pain, was whipped up again and started barking crazily.

Woof woof woof woof!

The dogs in the village, which had calmed down, started barking again.

"Eh?" Some of the villagers who were already sound asleep frowned when they were woken up. They turned over and started snorting unhappily. Why were those dogs so naughty tonight? Why did they keep barking?

"Silence!" A villager shouted at his dog.

The barking of the dogs faded.

Ye Lulu gradually fell asleep again.

Auntie Tian slapped the dog hard once again. The dog barked fiercely at her, and the barking of the dogs in the village sounded again.

Ye Lulu jolted awake again.

Many people in the village were also woken up. They went out to scold their dogs and were extremely frustrated.

It was late at night and the village was dark.

Auntie Tian smiled viciously when she saw that it was quiet again. She whipped the dog again.

Woof woof woof!

The silence in the village was broken once again.

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