My Children Are Fierce and Adorable!

The second Ye Lulu transmigrates, she gives birth to three children on the spot. She imagines that she's the only transmigrator here and has to be careful. Who knew— The first baby: Cold and stern, he's a young little adult who acts as a judge! He steps forward to draw a bolt of lightning from the heavens to punish scumbags. The second baby: Agile, lively, and extremely smart. Every time he moves his mouth, he can accurately predict the future! The third baby: One with an even colder personality, with a single wave of his finger, he can hook out your soul and play with it! Ye Lulu never had a boyfriend in the modern world. Yet, who would have expected that the moment she changed into a different identity, she would have children, a husband, and in-laws — basically, the whole package? Initially, she says, "The three babies are so cute. They're my biological children. I can have them! As for my husband… I'll get a refund." Unexpectedly, Ye Lulu gradually realizes that her husband is very handsome! He seems very mysterious and charming! She seems to have developed feelings for him. How wonderful! However, Ye Lulu holds onto her little protective mask tightly and constantly warns herself to be conservative, as people in the ancient times are comparatively not as open-minded. Unexpectedly, that husband of hers is not himself either. He was a Yin God from the divine throne in the heavens where there were no restrictions, and thus is even more casual. One day, her handsome and god-like husband presses her against the wall and lifts his hand to hold her chin. He says to her in a husky voice, "I think I like you…" He lowers his head and kisses her deeply! Ye Lulu: "???" Something is wrong here! Aren't you guys from the ancient past? Why are you so unrestrained?

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Crucian Carp Soup and Pickled Fish

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However, Guan Chibei's yin energy was effective towards the fish in the water as well. As long as any fish swam to his side and entered the range of his yin energy, the fish's vitality would decrease by half.

The swimming speed became very slow. Guan Chibei reached out his hand and scooped up the fish easily.

Guan Chibei scooped up three fishes and used a straw rope to carry them. With his other hand, he held onto the net and shoes. He walked barefoot towards the Guan family's old house.

He had really caught three river fishes, all of which were two to three catties each!

The villagers stared with wide eyes and disbelief, causing a small uproar.

If the fishes in the river were so easy to catch, poor people would be able to eat fish easily too. Who wouldn't care about that?

In addition, the news of Guan Chibei hunting a goat on the mountain yesterday had already spread from the butcher. Everyone already knew that he used the goat to exchange for three months worth of pork trotters.

Then, the villagers started to discuss. "Oh my, Guan Chibei is really amazing. He can even scoop up fishes from the river? Look at the fishes in his hand. They weigh at least two catties each. There are three of them! The Guan family can eat fish meat again today, right?"

"What did Chibei learn in the city? He can hunt pheasants, wild hares, and even goats! This Guan family is eating meat every day. It's amazing."

"I didn't expect Guan Chibei to dote on his wife so much. That was such a big goat! If it was taken to a restaurant in the city, it could be exchanged for quite a lot of money! However, he just exchanged it at the butcher's."

"Pheasants were made into chicken soup. There are also pig trotters, and now there's fish. Guan Chibei really dotes on his wife…"

"Of course. His wife gave birth to triplets! Which man wouldn't dote on her?"

"Yesterday, the Guan family cooked a wild hare. I could smell it. It was too fragrant. It was braised hare. The smell in the village didn't dissipate until midnight… It was spicy and fragrant."

Amidst everyone's discussion, some villagers were jealous and said sourly, "Is the Guan family living the life of a wealthy family in the city now?"

"It's their family's business to eat meat, but it's a hindrance to our family! The smell of their family's cooking is spreading throughout the entire village every day. Why must the entire village smell it?"

"That's right. Moreover, my dung beetle has been crying at home for the past few days. How has this got nothing to do with their family?!"

"Tsk, Guan Chibei's capable now. He can even hunt goats."

Guan Chibei did not care about the good and bad comments. He just carried the fishes back to the Guan family.

He was quite knowledgeable. He knew that milk could be added to crucian carp soup. The smallest among the three fishes was a crucian carp. It weighed more than one catty.

The other two were grass carps, and they were slightly bigger.

When Mother Rong saw that it was fish today, she was overjoyed. She could not help but praise Guan Chibei for being capable and brought the fishes to the kitchen to cook.

The milky white fragrant crucian carp soup was naturally prepared for Ye Lulu alone. The other two grass carps were made into pickled fish. Almost every farmer had pickled vegetables, so it didn't cost much.

She fished out a few pickled vegetables, washed away the salt on the surface, and cut them into pieces. Then, she prepared the commonly used ingredients like dried chili, pepper, ginger, onions, and garlic.

After killing the grass carps, the bones were chopped into pieces. Then, according to the typical method of preparing pickled fish, the fish was made into a steaming hot dish that made one salivate.

That same day, some children in the neighboring families cried again.

The petty women were indeed coaxing their children while feeling jealous and resentful towards the Guan family.