My Ceo is Psychopath Book

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My Ceo is Psychopath


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"Once upon a time there was a man who was the president of the biggest company in his city, collided with a woman who met him accidentally, and finally the man who was the president fell in love with the woman he hit, even though in the end the woman felt depressed because of the attitude of the man. the president who likes arbitrarily at will. " Because they have different temperaments, as well as different degrees, between Lilui Yu and Wormy Xu. My Xu, who is currently a very famous president director, is Lui, who is just a kid selling a bakery in a makeshift shop. How is the next step? Come on, read on for those who are curious! :-) . . #IG Author -> @ dwisetya_98 #Fb Author -> Dwi Setya


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