My Celestial Ascension

Warning!!!  Mature Content (R18) Yuan wakes up in the body of an 18-year-old boy who oddly resembles his former self from Earth and also goes by the same name. He was an orphan on Earth who passed away after being told that he had leukemia because he was unable to pay for his treatment because he was struggling to make ends meet. [Ding! The system has successfully rebooted.] Watch this brilliant young man as he and his partners achieve the pinnacle of cultivation and go on to become legendary figures in the future. ________ (English is actually my third language, not my first. Hindi is my second language; Assamese is my first, hence even if I use Grammarly, there may be some grammatical errors. (I apologize for my inexperience.) Discord— https://discord.gg/wR7KyerXgc

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With Anna and Grace 3(R18)


She was genuinely pleased to hear his remarks expressing concern for her well-being, and her love for Yuan grew even more as a result. Grace then turned to face his handsome face and timidly nodded.

"You can simply continue, darling! I'll be your wife as well as your mother at the same time from now on."

He felt relieved after hearing Grace's words as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his heart. All this while, he has been thinking a lot about Grace, and he fears that she might one day leave the house and marry someone else. But now, all of his concerns have dissipated and vanished from his mind. Yuan's heart was filled with joy, and he let out a delightful smile on his handsome face as he gazed at her enchanting red eyes and leaned forward to give her a gentle yet passionate kiss. Grace eagerly anticipated the kiss.

The kiss didn't last long—maybe a minute before they broke it.

Grace was now extremely horny once they broke off their kiss; her body began to heat up, her look turned passionate, and juice was dripping from her pussy. She murmured as she pleaded with him while gazing into his eyes, "Ah, I can't hold it anymore... Don't make me wait anymore, darling!"

"Alright, Mom! I will push it in... Prepare yourself; it might hurt a little." Saying those words, Yuan inserts his cock into Grace's tight pussy very gradually and delicately. His cock tore her hymen as it continued to move.

"Aghhh~~" Grace let out a painful moan, and tears welled up in her eyes as Yuan broke her hymen; a few drops of blood spilled from her pussy, indicating that he had taken her purity.

Hearing her painful moan and seeing her mother cry in pain, he stopped pushing his cock any further and inquired, "Mom! Are you all right? Should I remove it if it hurts?"

"I feel pain! I, however, am okay. Furthermore, don't even attempt to remove it!" When responding angrily, Grace had a secret smile on her face because she was so relieved that her son was so concerned about her.

The discomfort gradually started to decrease after a short period of waiting. Grace then gave his cheeks a light touch and remarked," Darling! You can move now; the pain is gone now."

"If you say so, but tell me if it's hurt." Yuan glanced into her eyes and spoke with a concerned expression.

"Umm!" Grace nodded.

As soon as Yuan listened to what she had to say, he started to move his cock within her pussy gently and slowly while making sure she wasn't wounded.

When Yuan began to move once more, Grace felt a little bit of pain, but as Yuan began to move his cock inside of her pussy, the discomfort began to fade and was soon replaced by pleasure.

"Ahhh! So good! Darling! Yes, yes, darling... Keep moving... It feels so great!" Yuan continued to stick his cock in Grace's pussy, causing her to moan with pleasure and display a sexual expression.

"Ahhh, it feels so good. Ahh, Ahhhh." Yuan shifted his waist up and down as he delightedly glanced at Grace's face. While continuing to screw her, he held her breast in one hand and massaged her pussy with the other.

"Aghhh... No... Not my clitoris... Ahhh!" She screamed hysterically in excruciating pleasure as Yuan stimulated her clitoris with his thumb while continuing to shove his cock inside of her.

'This must be her sweet spot, then.' Yuan was stimulated by hearing his mother scream so loudly.

Yuan continued to touch her for a long time while moving his waist, and after a while, her pussy began to twist and become slightly wet, indicating that she had reached her breaking point and was going to cum.

Grace quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and stared at him with lustful eyes as he continued to pound her pussy. Yuan couldn't stop himself from kissing her lips when he saw her lustful expression.

"Mmmm... Hmmmmm... Mm." Despite Yuan's lips covering hers, Grace groaned. She closed her eyes as she moaned in pleasure, wanting to savor the sensation of kissing while her pussy was being pounded.

Grace began to shimmy her hips up and down while they were kissing, and Yuan's cock was in Grace's pussy.

"Ahhhh... " When Yuan saw his mother moving her hips, he broke off the kiss and began to move his waist in time with her movements.

"Ahhhh.. Ahhh... Ah... Ahh.. Ahhhhh!" Anna moaned as she massaged her pussy by herself while staring at them.

He heard a lovely groan coming from the side as he was fucking Grace, and it drew his attention. He observed Anna masturbating while watching her son screw Grace; as she watched them, her body grew extremely aroused, and love nectar began dripping from her pussy.

When she noticed that her son was looking at her as she was playing with her pussy, she gave him a shy yet seductive smile on her face and spread her legs even wider so he could clearly see her pussy. It was as though she was inviting him to lick her pussy.

He chuckled as he grabbed his mother's waist and placed her beside Grace while he fucked her pussy. He then stuck out his tongue and began licking her dripping wet pussy, then inserted one of his fingers into Anna's pussy while licking her pussy like a hungry wolf.

"Ahhh... Aghhh. Ah... Ahhh...ahhhhhh... Ahhh!" Anna was screaming in delight as her son continued to lick her juicy pussy while fucking Grace.

Grace began to move her waist closer to her son's cock as she groaned in delight as Yuan licked Anna's pussy. Looking at this, she suddenly had the urge to kiss Yuan passionately while he pounded her pussy harder. She then stretched her hands toward Yuan's face as she longed for a passionate kiss with him, while Yuan was sucking Anna's pussy Grace gently pulled his face from Anna's pussy with a wild, horny look on her face and passionately kissed Yuan while he was pounding her pussy.

His spark of lust suddenly started to flare as he was suddenly pulled by his mother, Grace, and she kissed him passionately. It was as though patrol had been thrown on top of the flames. He sensed that Grace's pussy was firmly pressing against his cock; this made him feel good, and he started to move his waist in imitation of his mother.

"Ahhh... So deep... darling... Ahhh..." Grace broke the kiss with him, and she felt his dick reach deep inside her, causing her to moan loudly as she felt incredible pleasure from it.

Grace's pussy tightened around his cock not long after that, and she moaned loudly in pleasure from his cock. "Ahhh... I'm going to cummm... Ahh... Faster...faster... Ahhh..."

"Darling, I'm cumminggggg!" Grace's body trembled as she had a massive orgasm.

"I'm also about to cum... Mom... Ahhh..." Yuan increased the movement of his waist as he was also reaching his limits.

"Ahhh... Cum inside... Cum inside my pussy..." After having an orgasm, Grace's lower body was extremely sensitive, so she moaned loudly. Every time he thrust his cock inside her pussy, his cock kept hitting her womb, making her pussy even tighter. Each time his cock touched her womb, her body began to twist in a pleasurable manner.

"Ahhhh... Take this, Mom. Ahhh." Yuan had an orgasm and loaded his mother's pussy with his seed. She was able to feel his semen's warm sensation in her puss. It made her feel a little strange.

Then, with Grace's legs spread wide and her pussy pouring with his thick semen, he carefully pulled his cock away. She was lying on her bed, a happy smile pasted on her face.

"Fufufu~ Darling, or should I call you husband now?" Grace asked while giggling.

She was unsure of how to address Yuan going forward since Grace had sex with her son. In this society, only nobility and royalty would organize a marriage for their children, because having sex with each other is enough for most commoners who do not attend church for weddings.

"You can call me whatever you want, Mom!" Yuan responded.

"Okay, I'll call you husband whenever we have sex. Will I get pregnant now that you've stuffed your seed into my pussy?" Grace was concerned that she might become pregnant because he had filled her womb with his seed. It's not that she cares; he would love to become pregnant by you and raise his child, but the fact is that Yuan is too young to have children right now.

"You don't have to be concerned, Mom! To prevent pregnancy, I used a dual cultivation technique to eliminate the sperm. So, No! You will not become pregnant. I can still get you pregnant if you want." Yuan stated.

Yuan used the Heavenly Yin-Yang Sutra to completely eliminate the sperm from his cum, preventing unwanted pregnancies. After all, he was still young, and he wanted to roam the world freely, but he wasn't strong enough to protect his children from harm, so it was a no-go.

"No, I don't want to get pregnant now, and it's too early to have babies now, and knowing that I won't get pregnant is reassuring... Perhaps in the future..." Grace was flushed as she spoke.


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