My Celestial Ascension

Warning!!!  Mature Content (R18) Yuan wakes up in the body of an 18-year-old boy who oddly resembles his former self from Earth and also goes by the same name. He was an orphan on Earth who passed away after being told that he had leukemia because he was unable to pay for his treatment because he was struggling to make ends meet. [Ding! The system has successfully rebooted.] Watch this brilliant young man as he and his partners achieve the pinnacle of cultivation and go on to become legendary figures in the future. ________ (English is actually my third language, not my first. Hindi is my second language; Assamese is my first, hence even if I use Grammarly, there may be some grammatical errors. (I apologize for my inexperience.) Discord— https://discord.gg/wR7KyerXgc

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With Anna and Grace 2(R18)

Grace, who was masturbating while watching her son sucking Anna's juicy, delicious pussy from the corner of the bed, noticed him sucking every last drop of Anna's love juice directly from her pussy. She became more excited as she looked at them, and she was barely holding back from pouncing her son because she didn't want to disturb Anna.

She couldn't stop herself after seeing Yuan finish with Anna. She immediately stopped masturbating and smiled seductively at him, licking her lips. She then began approaching him with a seductive movement of her own. Yuan only chuckled when he saw Mom Grace's actions.

After approaching him, she cupped his face with both of her hands, bringing his face closer to hers while maintaining an amusing smile on her face. Yuan did nothing but gaze into her beautiful pair of red eyes and smile softly. When she saw her son's beautiful smile, she licked her lips with a seductive smile before pressing her soft, rosy lips against his.

She kissed his lips, then wrapped her arms around his neck, coiled her legs around his waist, and hugged him like a koala, as if he would run away from her. Yuan felt amazing kissing Grace's soft, rosy lips; the softness and sensation were on par with Anna's; he felt like he was having an intimate moment with a completely symmetrical pair of "Twins," and just thinking about it made him more excited. He then placed his hands on her two large pairs of breasts, which felt like giant marshmallows due to their softness and contrast. He then grabbed her nipples, which were almost the size of a thumb, and gently pressed her nipples between his two fingers.

"Ahhh!" Yuan pinched Grace's nipples, and Grace let out a faint moan as she suddenly felt pleasure. She then kissed Yuan quite vigorously as their muffled cries echoed across the entire room, tightening the grip even more out of delight. Her mouth slightly opened as she moaned with delight. Yuan promptly forced his tongue inside her mouth and searched for her tongue after spotting the opportunity. She did the same as Yuan and closed her eyes when she felt her son's tongue enter her mouth. The two tongues then started to kiss enthusiastically and passionately, like couples.

As Yuan kissed Grace passionately and intensely, Grace's pussy began twisting on its own, giving her a tingly sensation, and juice began to leak out of her pussy, making the bed sheet wet. Yuan was taken aback by how much his mother Grace had just orgasmed; the amount was insane and equal to a glass of water. This demonstrates how horny Grace is; even Anna doesn't have an orgasm this intense.

They found it difficult to breathe after about 10 minutes of intense, passionate kissing. They quickly separated from one another and both gasped for air. Grace and Yuan exchanged chuckles as they looked into each other's eyes.

Grace then pushed him into the bed while flashing a predatory grin. Yuan was taken aback by this, but he made the decision to remain mute and give her access to his body as she pleased. Then Grace got up on top of Yuan and put her pussy in front of his face. He felt shivers run down his spine as she gazed down at him and smiled seductively.

Suddenly, as her gorgeous pink pussy, which was soaking wet and dripping juice, was above his face, he was drawn to look at it and to its delicious, womanly aroma. One look at her stunning pussy was all it took for his cock to twist with excitement. He then takes hold of her thighs firmly and sticks out his tongue. His lips are filled with the exquisite taste of her love fluid as he licks her juicy, wet pussy. As if his life depended on it, he started eating his mother's pussy like a ravenous wolf; he didn't want a drop of her juice as he licked clean her pussy.

"Ahhh!! Yes, yes, yes, lick Mama's pussy more... Ahhh, a little bit harder, darling!!" Yuan sucked Grace's pussy while she squealed in delight. Upon hearing her scream, he felt even more thrilled and inserted his tongue in her pussy and began sucking.

"Ahhh!!! Darling, faster... I am cumminggg!" She groaned loudly as her son's warm tongue began to invade her pussy, which then began to twist before she experienced a large orgasm.

"Gulp!" Yuan's mouth was filled with her cum, and he gladly drank every last drop of it before licking the leftover cum on her pussy.

"Fufufu~ Did it taste good, darling?" Grace asked with a chuckle.

"It was delicious, Mom Grace!" Yuan responded with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Fufufu~ Glad that you liked it!"

Then, once more, he placed his mouth on her pussy and began to lick it. He couldn't get enough of the taste of her pussy; it was almost like an addiction to him.

He was smiling happily and sucking Grace's pussy. Then he saw that Anna, who had been lying on the bed, was now walking over to him and grinning seductively. He could feel her hot gaze on his fully-emerged cock.

"Let me take care of this little guy over here...."

After that, she immediately grabbed his cock and started moving her hand up and down. Sniffing the manly smell of his cock, she unconsciously opened her mouth and moved closer to it.

"Ahhhh!... Aghhh!!!" Grace was moaning from pleasure as he was invading her pussy with his tongue.

As Yuan felt Anna's warm tongue licking the tip of his cock, his eyes widened in amazement. The sensation of Anna's tongue coiling around his cock gave him an unfathomable amount of pleasure, and he felt as if he were on cloud nine.

To observe Anna sucking his cock, he then tightly gripped Grace's ass and turned his head to gaze at her. Anna was just enjoying sucking his cock with a smile on her face; she had lost all concern for morals or shame.

"Darling! How does this feel? Does it feel good?" When she noticed Yuan peering at her while she was sucking his cock, she smiled seductively and licked her lips before asking.

"Umm! It does feel good!" Yuan responded honestly.

Not long after that, Yuan reached his limits and released his load inside Anna's mouth. "I'm cumming!"

"Yes, Darling! Cum inside me!"

She sucked the entire load into her mouth; she swallowed the load right away. She stood up and approached Grace from behind; after that, she sat beside Grace.

"So, how does it taste?" Grace curiously asked Anna as soon as she sat beside her.

"Why don't you try for yourself? I'm telling you, you won't regret sucking him."

"Is that so? Then I have to taste it for myself," Grace exclaimed with a smile as she gazed at Yuan's fully erect dick, then spoke to him in a seductive voice, "Darling, now it's my turn to suck you off...hehe!"

Grace then quickly grabbed Yuan's dick before he could say anything, and after she kissed the tip of his dick, she opened her mouth wide, put it in her mouth, and started sucking his dick as she warped her tongue around his dick.

'This is amazing! Mom Grace's mouth feels incredible!' Yuan mumbled to himself inwardly as he felt the warmth of his mother's mouth and the pleasure when she warped her tongue around his dick and moved her head back and forth.

Sometime later, Yuan reached his limit and released his load into his mother Grace's mouth.

Grace was surprised by the amount of cum released by her son in her mouth; she gulped down every drop of his cum and found that his cum is very delicious and the exact opposite of what she thought at first, and she said, "I never thought that man's cum would be this delicious!"

"Indeed! It looks like our son is a bit different than others." Anna nodded her head with a slight red face.

"I agree," Grace responded.

"Are you guys going to keep talking, or are you going to move on to the main event?" Yuan spoke as he was getting impatient to fuck them.

"Fufufu! What do you think?" They responded at the same time, and they both have a seductive, playful smile on their faces.

Yuan recognized the significance of their smile, grabbed Grace's waist, and dragged her towards him. "It's time for the main event!"

"Fufufu~" Anna giggled as Grace was being dragged by Yuan.

Grace was then placed on the bed, and Yuan split her legs into an "M" shape. He could easily see her stunning pussy, which had thin white pubic hair on top. She was hardly able to hold herself in when she felt Yuan's scorching gaze on her delicious pussy.

Yuan then positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy, the tip of his panis kissing her pussy lips, and her pussy began twisting even more.

Anna stood on the sidelines, staring at them with a dripping, wet pussy.

Yuan then grabbed his massive cock and rubbed the tip of his cock against her dripping, wet pussy.

"Yuan! Stop teasing me! Give it to me already!" Grace muttered as she grew impatient to experience his huge cock inside of her.

"hehehe! Why don't you say it more clearly, Mom?" Yuan responded with a mischievous grin on his face as he looked at her impatient expression.

"You are such a bully, darling! Put your huge cock as quickly as possible inside your mama's small pussy. Mama is becoming impatient!" Grace shouted with a flushed red face.

"Hehehe!" Yuan then chuckled. Before carefully inserting his cock into her pussy, he leaned in close to her face and gave her a delicate kiss on the forehead.

"Ahhhh!" Grace groaned as she felt his huge cock pierce her pussy.

Yuan abruptly stopped moving forward and turned to face Grace, saying, "Mom! If I push my cock any further than this, you will lose your virginity and become my wife for all eternity."


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