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Warning!!!  Mature Content (R18) Yuan wakes up in the body of an 18-year-old boy who oddly resembles his former self from Earth and also goes by the same name. He was an orphan on Earth who passed away after being told that he had leukemia because he was unable to pay for his treatment because he was struggling to make ends meet. [Ding! The system has successfully rebooted.] Watch this brilliant young man as he and his partners achieve the pinnacle of cultivation and go on to become legendary figures in the future. ________ (English is actually my third language, not my first. Hindi is my second language; Assamese is my first, hence even if I use Grammarly, there may be some grammatical errors. (I apologize for my inexperience.) Discord— https://discord.gg/wR7KyerXgc

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Seductive Mothers

//WARNING!!! The chapter isn't edited —there are too many flaws! //

In the dining room, three exceptionally gorgeous ladies were sitting around the dining table after Yuan left for training in the backyard. Suddenly, Emma stood up from her seat and start to collect the used plates, after gathering the plates she was about to leave towards the kitchen but stopped momentarily hearing Grace's voice from behind. 

"Emma, You don't have to wash the dishes... You can take care of the laundry meanwhile I and Anna will wash the dishes." Noticing Emma was about to leave, Grace said. It's been a while now since they have done some house works, and it will also reduce the workload on Emma's shoulders as she also needs to train with them and cultivate further. 

"Indeed, I also agree with Grace here, Later you will also join us in the training with our son... So I suggest you should take care of the laundry now..." Anna flashed a mischievous smile on her face at the "our son" part which made Emma's cheeks a little red. 

Emma has had feelings for Yuan for a long time now but she was suppressing her feeling all the time, even after knowing that he couldn't wake his mana at the awakening ceremony at the age of twelve and become the garbage of society her feelings for him never reduced even a single bit. But now that he become very handsome after he starts his cultivation, she couldn't hide her feeling and gradually started to arise at the surface. 

"Alright, I will do as you say, Mistresses!" with those words Emma left the dining room immediately to pick up the laundry from their respective rooms. 

"This girl is so shy to express her feelings for Yuan! It's also cute to look at her acting all shy. Fufufu!" Anna giggled. 

Grace nodded. 

After Emma left to do the laundry Grace and Anna glanced at each other and nodded, they stood up from their seat and Anna picked up the used dishes, they both went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. 

In the kitchen, Anna had a dreamy smile plastered on her face as she washes the dirty dishes while she was in a trance, it was like she dreaming about something good or imagining something good. 

While Grace was arranging the washed dishes her eye caught the sight of Anna in a trance, glancing at her Grace flashed a cunning smile as she stops washing the plate and get closer to her. 

She then hugged Anna from behind and whispered in her ears. "Fufufu~ Are you getting so impatient to do "that" thing with our son... that you start picturing now?..... I am also getting impatient, you know?" 

Hearing Grace's voice very close to her ear Anna gets out of her daze, and her face becomes bright red as a tomato because of embarrassment. What Grace said was true, she indeed was thinking about Yuan like a maiden in love, and the truth is that it was the first time she had fallen in love as she was forced to marry Lily and Yuan's father; The same applies to Grace too as she is half of her. 

"...After witnessing that big thing between his legs...Mmm, just thinking about it I am getting aroused!" she become passionate and she felt a little tingling sensation down "there" as she become wet from merely recalling the image. 

Emma watched with a mixture of shock and embarrassment as Grace writhed and moaned, her body contorted in a way that made her look like an animal in heat. The room was filled with the sound of her heavy breathing and the scent of her arousal. 

"Grace, behave yourself!" Emma hissed, feeling her face flush with embarrassment. "This is not appropriate behavior!"

Grace ignored her, lost in her own pleasure. Emma watched for a moment longer before turning and walking out of the room, unable to bear the scene any longer.

Swish! Suddenly they stopped what they are doing as a slicing sound along with an impact of scattering soil here and there came from the outside. 

Upon hearing the strange crisp sound of slashing something hard from the outside, Anna and Grace separated from each other in an instant.

"...wha... What was that?..." Anna murmured as she heard the strange sound from outside. 

'...Is it the Lewis family's doing...?' Grace thought momentarily. 

The Lewis family's lap dogs are now looking for Yuan and his family everywhere after he makes the heir of the Lewis family impotent, and because of that now the Lewis family has become a laughingstock in the entire kingdom. 

"...Did. Did the Lewis family attack us...?" Fear rose in Anna's heart thinking about the possibility of Viscount Lewis attacking them.

"...Something must have happened outside... Yuan! It must be his doing!" Grace said. "Let's go have a look outside..." 

Anna nodded. 

Both of them immediately rush toward the backyard leaving the cleaning aside for now. 

"Yuan! Are you alright....?" 


They are dumbfounded looking at the sight. 

After arriving at the backyard, they saw Yuan standing, perfectly fine, there isn't a single injury or wound on his body. On his right hand was a sword an extremely beautiful blue sword with a lingering blue aura around it, They could tell simply from the look only that the sword is a treasure and a pretty high-ranking one, in truth, it was only an earth-grade. 

'Hmm? Where exactly did Yuan get this sword from?... It's giving a pretty formidable aura, I have never seen a sword this beautiful before!' Grace and Anna thought the same gazing at the blue sword in his grasp. 


Suddenly, their eyes fall on the old three trunks, shocked! Seeing the old tree trunk that they couldn't remove from the yard because it was simply too large and heavy to bring this thing outside. But now seeing the very same tree trunk sliced in two they were speechless, utterly shocked, this kind of thing is unheard of. What just happens here?

"Ohh, Dear God....!" Both of them muttered with a stupified expression at the same time. 

"Hmm?" Suddenly, Yuan's advanced sense caught the presence of Anna and Grace behind him. He immediately turns around just to see his both mothers looking toward him wearing a dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

'*sigh*...Looks like I overdid a bit...?' He thought looking at his both mother's shocked expression. Well it's not his fault though, it was his first time using a sword technique and he also didn't expect the technique to be this powerful.

"Umm, Mom! What are you guys doing here?.... Are you here for the training...?" Yuan asked both of them looking a little anxious. He was worried a bit about his mothers getting angry at him because of the damage he has caused in the yard, now there is a huge pit at the back of the tree trunk and it was 7 to 8 feet deep. 

Anna immediately reduced the distance between them and hold his hand with a worried expression. "My son! Are you alright, there aren't any injuries, are there?..... Did you slice that thing in two?" 

Seeing his mother was worried for nothing, his heart felt warm and he give Anna a warm hug. "I'm fine you don't need to be worried about me... About that thing, I am the one who did it!"

"Umm, I believe you, dear!" Anna said as he hug him tightly and placed her head on his chest and feel his heartbeat. 

"But how is that even possible? This tree trunk is hard as iron and this is the reason we couldn't remove it from here in the past! So, how did you slice this thing in half? And not to mention the pit... It's huge! " Grace interrupted their lovely moment as she was feeling jealous because she was completely ignored by her darling son and also her future hubby and embraced Anna over her first, jealousy was visible clearly on her beautiful cold face. 

Hearing Grace's voice from behind Yuan and Anna instantly separated from each other, Anna stand beside Yuan with a flushed red face like a maiden in love lowering her head in embarrassment. 

"Ohh... Mhmm, well, actually I just learned a sword technique and I did not expect the damage would be this high!" Yuan said and added, "...Are you angry at me...?" 

"Angry? Why? Of course not! Why would I be angry at you... you have done nothing wrong for me to get angry at you!" She said and immediately get close to him and give him a gentle hug full of love and care and added, " if you are worried about the damage then... If you do one thing for me I will forgive you..." Grace said in a seductive tone as she blow her hot breath in his ears. 

Feeling the hot breath in his ears as she said seductively, his naughty hormones start to run wild and he could feel his little brother starting to rise. 

'Damn! Her voice is too sweet and seductive, it is a temptation that is hard to resist... Not to mention those huge boobs! Ah, this sensation is truly heavenly!' Yuan thought as Grace's huge boobs were pressed against his chest, his mind was now on cloud nine. 

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