My Celestial Ascension

Warning!!!  Mature Content (R18) Yuan wakes up in the body of an 18-year-old boy who oddly resembles his former self from Earth and also goes by the same name. He was an orphan on Earth who passed away after being told that he had leukemia because he was unable to pay for his treatment because he was struggling to make ends meet. [Ding! The system has successfully rebooted.] Watch this brilliant young man as he and his partners achieve the pinnacle of cultivation and go on to become legendary figures in the future. ________ (English is actually my third language, not my first. Hindi is my second language; Assamese is my first, hence even if I use Grammarly, there may be some grammatical errors. (I apologize for my inexperience.) Discord— https://discord.gg/wR7KyerXgc

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Lily's Changes (2)

//WARNING!!! The chapter isn't edited —there are too many flaws! //

Lily felt uncomfortable about them staring at her body with a bewildered expression."Why are you guys staring at me like that? It feels strange, you know?" Lily spoke while exaggerating her facial features.

Lily's sudden voice jolted Anna/Grace and Emma out of their stupor. Coming out of their daze, they both rubbed their eyes to make sure they weren't seeing this or in a dream. They had no idea Lily would change so drastically after becoming a cultivator; it was truly unexpected.



After a brief moment of silence, Anna/Grace exclaimed to Lily, "It's nothing! We're just amazed at how much you've changed since morning—not only has your hair turned completely white but so have your brows and eyelashes. However, your eyes have changed. They were brown before, but now they're a deep blue. Not only that, but your body has changed dramatically; your skin is now much smoother than it was before, and you have a very sexy figure now!" This was said by Anna or Grace with a gentle smile on her face. She couldn't help but be envious of her daughter's beauty when she saw her.

"Fufufu! Mistress has just stated the fact, Lily. You're so beautiful now that I'm jealous!" Emma complimented Yuan while smiling slyly; she then sifted her gaze at Yuan and asked, "Am I right, Yuan?"

"Certainly! Big sister, you are stunningly beautiful!" He wasn't being dramatic; she was truly stunning. His heart began to race just by looking at her. "Thank you, little brother!" she said as she walked up to him and planted a gentle soft kiss on his right cheek.

He tried to sense Lily's cultivation base as soon as she approached him, and the result shocked him. Her cultivation has already reached the peak of the Spirit Apprentice realm; what's more, she accomplished all of this in less than half a day.

Suddenly, Nora's voice appeared in Yuan's thoughts, saying, [Host! Your sister is a true genius, and her rate of cultivation is downright terrifying. She is already at the pinnacle of the Spirit Apprentice realm, and as one would anticipate from the host, he is even surrounded by others with such terrifyingly high levels of talent.] In a confident tone, Nora exclaimed.

'I didn't anticipate her to advance so quickly to the Spirit Apprentice realm's highest level. It makes sense that her cultivation pace is so terrifying, given that she has the Heavenly Yin body!' Yuan pondered as she watched Lily.

"Congratulations! Big sis, you have at last achieved cultivator status, and to think that you have already attained the pinnacle of the Spirit Apprentice realm... Big Sis, you are a cultivation genius!" Yuan replied with a hint of surprise in his voice. Knowing that his sister, who had only begun cultivating this morning, had already surpassed the Spirit Apprentice realm's pinnacle in barely half a day, he was truly surprised. Why otherwise would he be startled?



As Emma and Anna/Grace overheard him, they also were astounded by what Yuan had just stated. They looked at Lily in a state of bewilderment.

"Is it accurate to say that you have attained the pinnacle of the Spirit Apprentice realm, dear?" With a tone of surprise, Anna/Grace questioned.

"The Spirit Apprentice realm is where I am at my best. But if you wouldn't mind cutting back on your flattery, I'm blushing. You know what I'm saying?" With her face reddening, Lily exclaimed.

"Fufufu! Not only have you developed into a cultivator, but you have also reached the pinnacle of the Spirit Apprentice realm, and for that, I am extremely glad for you, sweetie." As she said, Anna/Grace's face exhibited a soft grin. After that, she hugged Lily and placed her face against her quite large breasts.

Emma gave a brief smile after that and turned to face Lily. "I'm extremely happy for you, Lily, that you've finally become a cultivator. Congratulations!"

"I appreciate it, sister Emma. Then Lily smiled slyly and inquired, "By the way, sister Emma, how are things going with you and Little Yuan?"

Emma's face flushed as she heard this, and she didn't say anything. She had no idea Lily would be so naughty and tease her.

Yuan drew Emma into his embrace in front of his mother and sister after noticing she wasn't responding to Lily's question. He then gently kisses Emma on the cheek.

Emma was taken aback, and the next thing she knew, she was in Yuan's arms. She was taken aback, but she didn't argue with it; instead, she snuggled into his warm chest, completely forgetting that Lily and Yuan's mother was watching them.

As soon as everything was over, Yuan turned to look at Lily and stated, "As you can see, Emma and I are now dating," while wearing a soft smile.

Lily's eyes widened in surprise as she heard this. "What! When did you two start dating? How come I'm not aware of it? How come I never knew about this?" she asked, surprised. She then shifted her gaze to Emma, who was snuggling in Yuan's chest, and noticed that Emma was smiling.

"We simply started dating this morning, after you went to cultivate in your bedroom, so you don't know this, I suppose," Yuan answered.

"Ohh!" Lily nodded.

"Big sister Emma! Is what little Yuan said accurate?" She questioned Emma because she wanted to hear it directly from her.

As Emma heard this, she instantly broke away from Yuan and turned to face Lily with a flaming red face, nodding as she murmured, "Yeah! Yuan and I started dating this morning, so yes! Are you disappointed in me, Lily, a snake beast man like me started dating Yuan ?" She expressed sadness as she finished her sentence. She was reluctant to confess her love to Yuan because, in this empire, beastmen are viewed as nothing more than ordinary slaves. She is merely a slave in the eyes of the Empire.

"Why? Certainly not! Instead, I'm overjoyed. Now we can truly be sisters, don't you think so too?" Lily's attitude was anything but cheerful as she delightedly announced her desire for Emma to be Yuan's bride. Now that Yuan and Emma were formally dating, she couldn't help but leap at Emma and give her a loving, warm tight hug.

"Fufufu!" "For now, let's set those things aside; we should finish our meal first before it gets cold," Anna/Grace said, looking at their cheerful nature. Shall we? Please serve the meal, Emma!"

"Yes, Mistress!" Emma responded by beginning to serve the food to everyone.

"And Emma, you can call me mother from now on, because you and Yuan are now dating and will be husband and wife in the future," she said gently to Emma; she considered Emma her daughter-in-law even before Emma and Yuan confessed to each other.

"Of course, mis... of course, mother!" Emma's face flushed in response.

When Anna or Grace heard Emma call her mother for the first time, she cracked a rather amusing smile 'Fufufu! It's a wonderful feeling to have a daughter-in-law!' She thought to herself.

Emma then took her seat, and everyone began eating, even though the food was a little colder than usual. The food was still delicious.

Yuan had just finished his meal and was now relaxing on his bed in his bedroom. He was merely lying down to unwind a little, not sleeping. He still needs to teach everyone some fundamental offensive skills so they can protect themselves against those haughty mages who believe they are better than everyone, even when the opposition is far superior. They continue to be conceited and ignorant.


Suddenly, he heard the door to his room open. He also heard footsteps entering his room while attempting to conceal her presence as much as possible, but Yuan was completely awake and he pretended to be asleep. The person then gets on his bed and slowly moves toward his face; he recognizes her based solely on her body odor. His mother is the person in question.

She then pressed her mouth on his ears and blew hot air into his ears while saying, "Fufufu, Darling! You don't need to act like you're asleep because I am well aware that you are awake!" He felt a shudder run down his spine as she murmured in an incredibly enticing voice.

"Mom, why are you here when you still have work to do?" Yuan smiled and questioned; he could feel his little brother getting up from her touch.

"Fufufu! What exactly do you think I'm here for?" She asked the same question with a seductive smile.

"I'm not sure; why are you here?... Why doesn't my beautiful mother tell me herself, why is she here?" He also begins to join in on the fun.

She then climbed into his body and gave him a seductive smile while uttering these words in a very lovely voice: "Fufufu! This lovely mother is here to eat her beloved son alive right now!"

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