My Celestial Ascension

Warning!!!  Mature Content (R18) Yuan wakes up in the body of an 18-year-old boy who oddly resembles his former self from Earth and also goes by the same name. He was an orphan on Earth who passed away after being told that he had leukemia because he was unable to pay for his treatment because he was struggling to make ends meet. [Ding! The system has successfully rebooted.] Watch this brilliant young man as he and his partners achieve the pinnacle of cultivation and go on to become legendary figures in the future. ________ (English is actually my third language, not my first. Hindi is my second language; Assamese is my first, hence even if I use Grammarly, there may be some grammatical errors. (I apologize for my inexperience.) Discord— https://discord.gg/wR7KyerXgc

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Frozen Body Refinibg Scripture

//WARNING!!! The chapter isn't edited —there are too many flaws! //

'What did I even do?...' He thought to himself noticing his mothers are frowning at him for some reason. He was about to take a bite of his food and caught a glimpse of Emma making a disappointed expression, he understands why they are glaring at him.

'It appears that she truly did fall for me, I have to talk with her alone later.' He thought after taking a glance at Emma, he could tell that Emma was feeling sad because the person she loved had sex with someone else. Yuan was really happy to know that what his two mothers said was true, Emma truly did fall in love with him.

"..." Emma saw Yuan was looking at her with a gentle smile on his face, Looking at his handsome face Emma turned red and looked below to hide her red face.

'How cute... hehe... ' Yuan chuckled looking at her.

Emma was indeed an outstanding beauty. Furthermore, in front of her magnificence, numerous princesses would lose their luster, that's why after catching a glimpse of her stunning figure, Jayden and his two lap dogs were like a dog in heat. If Lily is beautiful then Emma and his two mothers are mature beauty that has a different kind of charm in them that attract most of the man, Yuan was no exception to that as he was captivated by them the first time he saw them after coming to this world of magic.

As they had finished their breakfast, they are about to leave the room but they were stopped by Yuan.

"Wait!... I have something important to talk to everyone about, it's extremely important!"

Hearing him they stopped and turn around to him, they again took their seat.

"What is it that you want to talk about, Little Yuan?" Lily asked, she was curious about what he is going to say.

"First, here take this cultivation technique." As he said he took out the "Frozen Body Refining Scripture cultivation technique from his system storage. As soon as Yuan took out the technique book, the surroundings become chill as the technique discharges a cold aura around the room, and even the water in the glass entirely gets frozen instantly. His two mothers and Emma was surprised to see the water turning into ice in front of their sight.

'Unbelievable!... Truly incredible, I have never seen anything like this... 'That's what the three of them his two mothers and Emma thought looking at the blue technique book in Yuan's hand.

Yuan wasn't surprised at all as he had read about such a phenomenon in numerous novels in his past life on earth. As for Lily, she was staring at the book with great interest in her eyes as she was feeling a familiar feeling from the book.

'Why am I feeling a familiar feeling from the book?... It feels like the book is calling to me and trying to say to pick it up?..... ' She thought as she stares at the book with curiosity, she never felt anything like this before nor had she ever heard about such an occurrence even in the books at the Mage Academy; It was entirely a new experience to her.

"Hehe" looking at her eyes full of curiosity, Yuan let out a small chuckle.

"Little Yuan, why am I feeling like... this book is calling out to me? It's as if the book is a portion of my own that has been detached from me... Do you know anything regarding why am I feeling like this?"

"Do you know anything regarding this, Nora?" He asked Nora in his mind because he also don't know why this happening with his sister solely.

[It's a sign that the "Frozen Body Refining Scriptures is resonating with your sister's physique, which is why she is feeling a familiar feeling from the technique; it also indicates that she is very compatible with the technique to cultivate.] Nora said.

"Thanks, Nora"

"You're welcome, Host!" Nora responded.

"This is because the technique is resonating with your physique, this is an indication that you are very suitable for this technique, Big Sis." Then he said to his sister after listening to Nora's explanation about it.

"Thank you, Little Yuan..." saying that she kissed him on his cheeks and stretches out her hand towards the cultivation technique that Yuan placed on the dining table.

"Huh?..." as soon as her finger touched the book, she felt a very warm sensation coming from the book, unlike the others, she did not feel cold from the book; she felt very warm instead.

'This sensation, what a warm feeling... As if I am riding a soft cloud, I can't express it with any words...' Lily thought feeling the warm feeling from the book.

"Well, from now on you can also start your cultivation too big sis...Now listen to what I have to say." Yuan said seriously, witnessing how serious Yuan everyone become serious.

"As you guys have witnessed that I beat the shit out of Viscount Lewis's son and also made him impotent no less. So now if my guess is accurate... The Viscount has already dispatched numerous of his people to this town to investigate who humiliated his noble name to this extent. It would be wise to not go outside of the house until you guys are strong enough to defend yourself...I will be learning some combat techniques this afternoon in our backyard."

He then looked at his two mothers and Emma and said, "If you three are interested in practicing then come to the backyard later, I will share an offensive technique that suits you guys. It's best to be prepared for any situation, once we are strong enough to wander the empire without concern about anything then we will become hunters at the hunter association, what do you guys think?"

"That's a very good idea, Darling!... When we are Lily's age, we wanted to be hunters and roam the world freely but because our father at that time forced us to marry your father, that dream remains a dream until now!" Anna said as she get excited hearing her son mention the word "Roam".

"You're still acting like a child, Anna!...but I am also interested in becoming a hunter, Darling!" Grace said.

"Do you think think the same, Dear?" Anna asked Yuan with a frown.

*sigh* 'This kind of question is the most awkward one...' Yuan thought with a sigh.

"No, Of course not, Mom! To me, you're exceptionally gorgeous, Mom!" Yuan said hurriedly as he don't want to be on her bad side as much as possible, hearing her son's words Anna blushed like a young girl in love.

'Very cute! Even though both Anna and Grace are my biological Mothers I can't think of them as my mother....Now that I think about it, they accepted the confession that I made merely for teasing her, they now my lovers?' Yuan pondered as he stared at both Anna and Grace.

Ohhh, Does that mean am I not beautiful?" Grace frowned at Yuan.

'Why such a complicated question, why god why?' Yuan screamed inside his head as he listened to Grace's question.

"Of course not, Mom! You are equally gorgeous as Mom Anna, Mom!... You two are also very beautiful, Big Sis and Emma." Yuan said.

After hearing his words not only Grace and Anna but Emma and Lily also blushed and their faces become very red, Yuan was happy to see them become like this as it indicates that they have indeed fallen for him.

'This is great! This confirms my assumption that they are indeed serious at the restaurant about their answer to my confession, even though it was merely for teasing her....The prominent Legendary Mother and Son intimate relationship, huh? It will be fun!' Yuan thought as he looked at his two mothers blushing faces.

Yuan then noticed that Emma was now at the peak of the Spirit Apprentice realm and she can easily make a breakthrough at any given moment, he almost overlooked her cultivation and only focused on Lily and his two mothers. Yesterday she only cultivated for about a few hours or so, because she decided to sleep early as she has a lot of work to do in the morning, which is why she only reached the Peak stage of the Apprentice realm.

"Emma, it seems that you have now reached the peak of the apprentice realm and will soon break through into the warrior realm," Yuan said with a smile, he was happy for her to reach the peak of the apprentice realm in such a short amount of time, even though she doesn't have any special physique her cultivation speed is no less than those with the special physique.

"It's because the young master has given me a very valuable cultivation technique, which is why my cultivation speed is remarkably fast and it can be comparable to those with special physiques, I am forever indebted to the young master," Emma said, she was indebted to this family; not only did Anna/Grraiseised her from when she was only 10, but they also considered her a member of their family even though the beast-man's are considered filthy race by the society they still did not abandon her, she was indeed very grateful for everything.


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