4 Chapter 4: Is Pangu Epoch-making a Waste Card Energy World?_1

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As time passed, the others also finished designing cards one after another, and the Card Designing Lab gradually became noisy.

"Liu Datou, what Card Energy World did you awaken? You even made a Low Tier Energy Card reach white quality. I'm so outstanding, but it's only gray quality."

"Take a guess."

"Hehe, Yuanjie, this is the love letter I prepared before I awakened. I wanted to confess my love to your sister when I awakened. If I didn't awaken, then I would forget it. But I didn't expect that I would succeed in awakening. It's fate."

"What do you mean?"

"I heard that there's a newly opened hotpot restaurant in Nancheng District. The food is especially delicious. Do you want to go and have a good meal together after school?"

"Hotpot with demon beast meat? Of course. By the way, do you know what the most forbidden thing to do when eating hotpot is?"

"WTF! I want to design a few Beauty Cards for fun after I become a Tier 1 Card Designer. I didn't expect that I would awaken the Buddha Realm!"

"Amitabha, are there any nuns?"


"Ah, it's time. Mr. Wang will be back soon."

Everyone was talking at once. It was obvious that after successfully awakening the Card Energy World, everyone had relaxed and returned to their youth.

Xu Wang frowned and looked around. For some reason, his eyelids kept twitching. At the same time, he felt that the humidity around him had increased.

However, he didn't have time to think too much. The door to the Card Designing Lab opened. It was obvious that Mr. Wang had returned.

He walked into the Card Designing Lab and locked the door again. Then he stood by the door and looked at everyone.

"Have you finished making the Low Tier Energy Cards?"

"Mr. Wang, everyone has completed it," a class cadre replied.

"Pretty good. Then, everyone, please sit down. I'll start from the row against the wall and test the energy contained in the cards for you."

"Monitor Lin Jin, I'll have to trouble you to follow me and take notes for the rest of the time."

As he spoke, Mr. Wang had already picked up the card of the student leaning against the wall and started to examine it seriously,

"Li Xiaote's gray card contains traces of Elementary Force in the mountains and rivers. The Card Energy World should be a Low-martial world, with the highest Card Building being the 5th story!"

"Mr. Wang is indeed amazing. You only needed to probe to know!" Li Xiaote gave him a thumbs up.

Mr. Wang nodded and glanced at Monitor Lin Jin. Lin Jin immediately raised his hand and recorded Mr. Wang's words.

Seeing this, Mr. Wang picked up the Energy Card of the student next to Li Xiaote and continued to check.

"Liang Niankun, the card contains some Elementary Force. The Card Energy World must be a Middle Tier Magic World, with the Card Building of 6 stories."

"Xue Lin'er, grey Energy Card. The card contains a weak Magic Elemental. The Card Energy World should belong to the Low Tier Fairy World, with the Card Building of 5 stories."


"Li Chongsi, white Energy Card. The card contains high-level Psychic Power. And the Card Energy World is the Comprehension World, with the highest card building being 7th story, good!"

"This is all thanks to your good guidance," Li Chongsi stood up and replied politely. Then, he looked around and glanced at the people around him, as if he was asking who else could compare to him.

When everyone saw this, they immediately began to discuss it in hushed tones.

"Li Chongsi didn't spout nonsense earlier. His Card Building is 7 stories high. But with his expression, I really want to give him two punches!"

"Although that's the case, he's got a good look and his family background is extraordinary. Besides, he has many bootlickers. Therefore, we can't beat him up!"

"D*mn, look, there are so many brainless girls in the class who are already smitten. I'm really speechless."


"Calm down, everyone, don't panic. Even though he has 7 floors, Fairy Chu doesn't even look at him. Hehe!"

"Hahahaha, that's right. I wonder what kind of Card Energy World Fairy Chu has awakened."


The crowd's discussion did not affect Mr. Wang's examination.

Although Xu Wang's position was also considered to be close to the wall, it was another wall. By the time Mr. Wang checked his cards, it was probably the last few minutes.

Xu Wang naturally knew about the Fairy Chu that the other students were talking about.

In every boy's youth, there would be a girl in his heart that he had a crush on. When many boys had a crush on the same girl, then this girl did not need any recognition. She was a fairy!

Chu Jingyi was the Fairy Chu that others spoke of, and the position she had chosen to design the card today was coincidentally in front of Xu Wang.

However, the two of them had never interacted.

After about 15 minutes, Mr. Wang finally found Chu Jingyi's location after checking four other students who have the 7-story Card Building. Instantly, everyone in the class turned their attention to her.

"It's finally her turn. There are already five students with 7 stories. Can she surpass this level?"

"The Chu Family that she belongs to is also one of the five great families in Xue City. Her Card Building should be at least seven stories high."

"That's for sure. Look, Mr. Wang seems to have finished checking!"

In front of Xu Wang, Mr. Wang finished checking Chu Jingyi's card. A smile appeared on his stiff face.

"Chu Jingyi, a white card. The high-quality Psychic Power contained within it contains traces of sword intent. It should be a world dominated by swordsmen. Her Card Building is 8 stories."

Hearing Mr. Wang's words, everyone once again began to discuss intensely.

"Hiss! As expected, it surpassed the 7th story. It's the 8th story. What quality was that?"

"I know this. It's the Myth of Blood!"

"I told you, Fairy Chu can do it!"

"She's really my fairy. She reached the 8th level. How terrifying! I couldn't wait to know what kind of achievements she will achieve in the future!"

"As the direct descendants of the five great families, the resources they received should be about the same. Li Chongsi is useless."

"Hehe, what an ant's opinion. How laughable!" On the other side, Li Chongsi heard this and immediately sneered.

"The 8-story Card Building is mainly for swordsmen. Could her Card Energy World be the third most prosperous world, the Age of the Sword Immortal?" Some people guessed.

"That's hard to say, but it's definitely not, because the Age of the Sword Immortal is nine..."

Xu Wang didn't pay attention to the discussions around him, because Mr. Wang had already come to his side and picked up his Energy Card.

"Eh, yellow energy pattern, the highest quality that can be achieved after using the school's Low Tier Energy Card. Not bad!"

Mr. Wang was slightly surprised. Then, the ancient ring on his finger flashed with red light, and Xu Wang's card disappeared from his hand.

After a while, the card appeared again.

However, Mr. Wang's eyes widened, "Fairy Psychic Power! There was also a trace of a chaotic aura. The Card Building was ten... No, it should be 9 stories?"

The others had yet to recover from the aftertaste of Chu Jingyi's 8-story Card Building when they suddenly heard Mr. Wang's words and immediately turned their attention over.

"'The Card Building was ten... No, it should be 9 stories?' What was Mr. Wang saying? What was wrong with Xu Wang?"

"Fairy Psychic Power, a trace of a chaotic aura, could it be that Xu Wang's Card Energy World is a powerful Newly Created Card Energy World?" Someone deduced.

"I don't think that's possible. Just a Newly Created Card Energy World isn't enough to make Mr. Wang lose his composure!"

"That's right. Mr. Wang has been teaching for many years and has a wide range of knowledge. Just a Newly Created World wouldn't make him so uncertain."

"A 9-story Card Building? Could it be that he has awakened A Hundred Schools of Thought Contend With Each Other? That's the strongest Card Energy World in our country!"

"Are you stupid? Although there were many types of Energy Cards in A Hundred Schools of Thought Contend With Each Other, there was no mention of a chaotic aura. It wasn't this world."

"Yes. I, Li Chongsi, may be inferior to Chu Jingyi, but I definitely won't be inferior to any other person!" Li Chongsi said proudly.

"If that's the case, what else can there be to reach the 9th story?"

"I don't know. I'm also curious about what kind of Card Energy World Xu Wang has awakened."

Everyone was chatting nonstop.

At a certain card-designing table, Ye Yanci called out softly, "Damn it! Could it be that Wangzai wasn't bragging? His Card Building was as high as 10 stories!"

The two card-designing tables on both sides of Ye Yanci were the two students who had also questioned Xu Wang earlier. At this moment, the two of them were also full of surprise.

"A 10-story Card Building. I can't find anything even after flipping through the literature. Could this be the reason why Mr. Wang lost his composure?"

"Probably so!"

"I think so too, but it's hard to say if there's a 10-story Card Building. Mr. Wang might be surprised by the chaotic aura."


Xu Wang didn't answer. Mr. Wang's question wasn't directed at him. He had only said it subconsciously in bewilderment.

Xu Wang was thinking that his previous feeling seemed to be right. The environment in the Card Designing Lab seemed to be a little damp now.

At the card-designing table, Mr. Wang suddenly frowned and looked at him, "Xu Wang, could it be that the Card Energy World you awakened was created by Pangu in the legends of Daxia?"


Xu Wang nodded and did not deny it. The Foreworld itself was a world created by Pangu using the Heaven-Opening Axe after the tribulation of creation.

"Don't... Don't you know that this world is one of the four major Waste Card Energy Worlds recognized by the world?"

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