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In the early summer afternoon, the sun shone brightly.

Xue City First High School, Class 1 Senior 3.

Xu Wang sat in front of his desk in the back row of the classroom, looking out the window.

If one looked closely, his eyes were unfocused and he was slightly dazed. It was as if he had just woken up from a dream and his soul had not completely returned to reality. He was at a loss.

After a while,

only then did he whisper.

"Card Designer?"

"There are suddenly many inexplicable memories in my mind, and this unfamiliar classroom in front of me, did I time travel?"

This was the subconscious thought of a young man from the 21st century who had been immersed in all kinds of novels all year round.

Xu Wang's eyes narrowed slightly as he quickly sorted out the extra memories in his mind.

Not long after, Xu Wang had an answer in his heart.

He had indeed time travel. When he was working on the blueprints all night, he suddenly felt sleepy and fell asleep. He had time-traveled from the solar system's blue planet to another blue planet called the Tio system.

His name was still Xu Wang.

However, the country changed from Huaxia to Daxia.

Of course, other than the name, Daxia's map, festivals, and culture were not much different from Huaxia's.

However, Daxia seemed to be missing many myths and legends. Other than Pangu Epoch-making, there was no trace of other myths and legends.

At the same time, 200 years ago, this world was shrouded by a red fog that appeared out of thin air for half a month.

According to the records, the red fog was extremely terrifying. It was completely impossible to tell the direction inside. From time to time, there would be terrifying roars. When the red fog dissipated, the population on the blue planet was reduced by more than half.

Moreover, as the red fog completely dissipated, many unknown monsters appeared in various places.

Those monsters had all kinds of terrifying abilities and posed a great threat to humans. Even thermal weapons had little effect on them.

And people didn't dare to use the ultimate weapon casually.

Under such difficult circumstances, some people discovered that humans could make and use Super through a special medium.

From then on, humans could be considered to have the ability to resist monsters.

Super referred to cards with various mysterious abilities. One could obtain all kinds of wonderful powers by using these cards.

Those who could make Super, which meant that they could make cards, were collectively known as Card Designers and enjoyed many privileges.

If one wanted to become a Card Designer, one would need to undergo an awakening and awaken a Super Card Energy World that belonged to the Card Designer himself.

This was because one could only create cards by awakening their Card Energy World.

Xu Wang looked up at the clock hanging above the blackboard.

According to his memory, this afternoon was the "awakening time" of the Senior 3 students in Xue City First High School. During the first class in the afternoon, the form teacher would bring a medium to assist the awakening of the students in the class.

The clock showed that there were only five minutes left before the class started.

In other words, in a few minutes, he would have to face the awakening of the Card Energy World!

Xu Wang took a deep breath and carefully observed his classmates around him.

"After waiting for so many years, this day has finally come."

"That's right. God bless me. Let me awaken a Card Energy World with golden cards."

"I'm not asking for golden cards or purple cards. I just need to awaken the Card Energy World!"

"Yes, as long as you successfully awaken the Card Energy World, you can become a Card Designer and enter the Card Academy. You can enjoy all kinds of privileges and won't become the most ordinary worker."


All kinds of noise could be heard, and the atmosphere was tense.

It was not difficult to determine that the probability of an ordinary person awakening a Card Energy World was not high.

"I don't know whether time travel will have any impact on awakening Card Energy World. However, I died under the pressure of intense work in my previous life, and now I've come to such a world, I mustn't repeat the same mistake!"

Xu Wang muttered in his heart.

Judging from the memories he had obtained, although the probability of awakening the Card Energy World was not high, after many years of exploration by humans, they had found two conditions that had a high probability of awakening the Card Energy World.

The first condition was that, before awakening, the person who had awakened would have a spiritual power that far exceeded that of ordinary people.

Class 1 Senior 3 was the school's spiritual class. Every student was selected, and their spiritual power was different from ordinary people.

Even so, many students were still nervous about the upcoming awakening. They were afraid that the awakening would fail.

The second condition was the depth of the awakened person's understanding or conception of the non-present world.

A non-present world could be a part of history, a myth, a concept of history, or a future that had a beginning and an end.

Up until now, the few strongest Card Energy Worlds in Daxia were all worlds that were based on history.

The first one was "A Hundred Schools of Thought Contend With Each Other", a Card Energy World based on the main characters of the Contention of a Hundred Schools of Thought.

The second one was called "Fantasia Sango", which was based on famous generals from the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty to the Three Kingdoms period.

The third was the "The Age of the Sword Immortal". The blueprint was a brand new world of sword immortals that was conceived by taking the Fairy Poet Li Bai as one of the sword immortals.


"The first one is ridiculous. Others are fighting to bloom, this is fighting for the emperor's path, right?" Xu Wang muttered in his heart. At this moment, the bell for class suddenly rang, pulling him back to reality in an instant.

The noisy classroom quieted down.

It only took a few breaths.

A middle-aged man wearing glasses and a formal suit walked into the classroom with a serious expression. He was holding a black box in both hands.

He was the teacher of Class 1, Wang Wuji. When he placed the box in his hand on the podium, he raised his eyes and swept his gaze across the class.

In an instant, the classroom was very quiet.

Wang Wuji seemed to be very satisfied. He nodded slightly,

"I'm sure all of you are aware that the afternoon class is the time that the school has arranged for everyone to awaken the Card Energy World."

After saying this, he swept his gaze over everyone and continued,

"I've talked about the process of awakening the Card Energy World no less than ten times in class, so you must have understood it by now.

But I would like to emphasize that during the awakening process, everyone should try their best to imagine the non-present world that they are familiar with.

Then I won't say much for the time being to make you feel no pressure. It was fine as long as you knew what to do.

Of course, if any of you still have doubts about the awakening, please tell me before the awakening begins. I can still clear your doubts!"

Wang Wuji finished speaking in one breath. His eyes were serious as he stared at everyone without blinking, observing their expressions.

About half a minute later, seeing that no one asked, he continued, "Since there are no doubts, then let's distribute the medium!"

After saying this, Wang Wuji lowered his head and carefully opened the tightly sealed box he had brought.

Inside the box, there were many irregular transparent crystals the size of fingernails. The surface of the crystals emitted silver light from time to time, which was very magical.

Wang Wuji didn't say much. He directly picked up the box and personally distributed these irregular crystals to the class.

After the distribution, he returned to the podium with a solemn gaze.

"The item in your hands is the medium that can allow you to awaken the Card Energy World, the Energy Crystal."

"Next, no matter what I say, you just need to do it!"

The students nodded and listened carefully. From their expressions, everyone's attention was unprecedentedly focused.

Wang Wuji nodded slightly and continued,

"Then let's begin. Please place the Energy Crystal in your glabella, then close your eyes and concentrate all your mind and six senses. Imagine that you are sitting cross-legged in an empty world!"

Hearing this, everyone followed suit.

Beside the window, Xu Wang also picked up a medium called the Energy Crystal and gently pasted it on his glabella.

In an instant, his mind became clear as if it was connected to a clear divine river. All his thoughts were washed away.

He didn't even need to do anything to enter such a mysterious state. His mind was naturally focused, and so was his six senses.

Xu Wang quickly followed Mr. Wang's instructions and focused all his attention, imagining himself in a world of nothingness.

At this moment, Xu Wang heard Mr. Wang's voice again.

"In this world, there are no concepts or objects. Other than you sitting cross-legged, nothing else exists!"

"Slowly, you discover that a huge Energy Crystal has appeared in front of you. It contains endless energy."

"You soon discover that you are in control of these energies. Therefore, you had a sudden idea and decided to use it to create a Super world that belonged to you."

"As your thoughts appear, many non-present worlds that you know suddenly appear around you. These worlds are like water droplets that revolve around you."

Xu Wang's consciousness sat cross-legged in the void, following Mr. Wang's instructions step by step. At this moment, worlds like water droplets appeared around his consciousness.

"A Hundred Schools of Thought Contend With Each Other!"

"The Age of the Sword Immortal!"

"Fantasia Sango!"

"The Immortal Pre-Qin!"

"Kingdom of God!"


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