1 Three Days to Build a Toilet

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The construction team was renovating a dilapidated toilet in Katya Park. They had placed a fence and sign noting that it was under renovation. 

A few passers-by applauded when they saw the toilet being renovated. They were very pleased and satisfied. 

This was because the toilet was in bad shape. The smell in the toilet was bad, and there were flies and bedbugs everywhere. Everyone was reluctant to use the toilet in the park. 

They would rather hold their urine in until they reached their homes than use the park's toilet. 

Many people started to complain about the dilapidated toilet. Therefore, everyone was very happy when the park's management department decided to renovate the toilet. 

"How long is the renovation process?" asked an old lady. 

An old lady walked over to Smith. Smith was instructing workers to set up the fence.

"We'll work through the night. We should be able to finish renovating the toilet in three days," Smith answered with a smile.

"Three days? No way?" 

The old lady had on an incredulous expression. 

"This toilet is very difficult to build. You guys won't cut corners, right?"

"How is that possible? We're a formal and legitimate renovation company!"

Smith chatted with the old lady for a while until she was content. She then left. 

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible to build a toilet in three days.

It was impossible to build a toilet in three shifts, even if each shift was 24 hours.

After all, cement takes time to dry. If quick-drying cement was used, the cost would be much higher. 

It was impractical to spend a lot of money to simply fix a toilet. 

Smith only dared to make such a promise because he had a system.

The system was known as the 'Miracle Building System'!

The main function of the system was architecture. There was no lottery or shopping mall.

The only function of the system was architecture. However, the buildings that were created by the system were different from other buildings.

The buildings that were specifically built by the system had attributes.

An example given by the system was the Stark Tower in Marvel. If the system built the Stark Tower in Marvel, then the architectural attributes of the Stark Tower would be very strong.

Work Efficiency + 150

Mental State + 100

Scientific Research Ability + 100

Inspiration + 100

Anti-strike ability + 200

Physical attractiveness + 100

Buildings that were built by the system all had attributes attached to them. The attributes given by the system were different for every building and were based on the functions of the buildings. 

Aside from the attributes, the system's construction speed was also very fast.

Legend has it that the boss of the most powerful company in the Marvel Universe, New York Construction Engineering, had obtained this system.

When New York was invaded by aliens, the entire city was destroyed. However, on the next day, the city returned to its original state. 

This was the power of the system; its construction speed was extremely fast.

Smith planned to modify the toilet using the system. With the system's ability, the toilet could be built easily. 

He told people that it would take three days instead because he was afraid that they would not believe him if he did it any faster. 

Although it was very fast to build a toilet in three days, it was still within an acceptable timeline. 

It was 11 pm in the evening. 

Smith was alone at the construction site. The workers he had hired previously had left. 

"System, start building the toilet."

Smith ordered the system to start building after making sure that no one was around. 

[ Exquisite toilet construction began! ]

In an instant, a virtual projection of a toilet appeared in front of Smith.

In the next second, the virtual projection continued to gather light and shadows from all directions. The internal structure then gradually appeared and formed a solid structure. 

[ Exquisite toilet construction completed! Toilet attributes generated! ] 

[ Completed! ]

[ Toilet attributes: Odor removal + 10, Defecation + 15]

When Smith saw the attributes given by the system, he could not help but laugh.

He understood the need to eliminate odor as it was necessary for a toilet to have no odor.

However, what was this defecation attribute? 

Does it mean that he could defecate more if he used the toilet? 

"Forget it. It doesn't matter. Let's have a look inside the toilet."

Smith closed the system panel and walked into the toilet.

The black marble and brick walls had pale white patterns on them. The washroom was pure white and had golden edges. There was also a full-sized floor-to-ceiling mirror. 

The interior of the toilet made one feel that it was very clean and upscale at a glance.

The washroom looked like it was made for a five-star hotel. 

However, the toilet was located in a park that was free for everyone to use. Therefore, such a result was quite shocking.

Smith walked into the men's washroom. The Ruyan's cubicle doors were all made with solid wood. They were much better than any ordinary plastic doors.

"This renovation, no matter what, is worth 150,000!"

Smith walked around and was very satisfied with the end result. However, at the same time, he also felt that he was at a loss. 

The other party only gave him a total of 150,000 yuan when he took on this project. He spent 20,000 yuan just to treat them to a meal and another 80,000 yuan to build the toilet.

In other words, he only earned 40,000 to 50,000 yuan from this project.

However, the quality of this toilet certainly did not match the price of 150,000 yuan. Therefore, to others, it would look like he was definitely in debt after this project. 

"This is only an exquisite building. If it was a legendary, epic, or supreme-level building, how exaggerated would the effect be?"

Smith muttered and was extremely regretful.

Suddenly, Smith's stomach rumbled. 

Smith felt a little uncomfortable in his stomach.

It was not painful, but he wanted to go to the toilet all of a sudden.

Smith quickly ran into the toilet after opening the toilet door. 

"Plop! Plop!"

Ten minutes later, Smith walked out whilst holding the door. His legs were shaking.

"This is too scary... could this be the power of defecation + 15?"

After he reflected on the toilet's attributes, Smith's face became very ugly. He felt that there might be something wrong with the toilet. 

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