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My Boyfriend is a PRINCE?! || NoMin


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Humming with a random song in my head as I was walking with some neatly folded clothes to put it back in my dresser as I was moving back to Korea , I walked by passed the living room and saw Donghyuck wathcing the of Sofia the First Intro song or Theme song if that's what would you would like to call it struck me. "I was a village girl doing alright," "Then I became a princess overnight" Jaemin didn't knew his boyfriend was a prince, even more a CROWN PRINCE! Until Jeno announced it on a live television as his boyfriend and soon-to-be Prince Consort for the whole world to see! That alone has caused a lot of problems with Jaemin, let him count a few 1. Jeno's Fan Girls and Boys 2. The Press 3. Being a Royal 4. Jeno's parents 5. His Royal Family 6. The pressure of the very first Male consort 7. The half-sided Public How will Jaemin and Jeno fight through the mobs of press, the judging stares of the public and the pressure in the line of the royal succession to create an heir. Will they have a happy ending just how people dreamt in the movies? A more extensive grammar corrections, spelling and editing will be done after the story is finished so sorry if you may see some wrong spellings, and wrong grammar miss-use since this my very first story.


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