My boss is my ex-lover (completed) Book

novel - Romance

My boss is my ex-lover (completed)


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Natalie Zhuang came to a wealthy family in Shanghai. Her father owned a clothing company, one of the biggest clothing companies in the country. Jian Hong is a famous actor who came from an average family. The two of them met and developed a special feeling for each other. But Natalie left him, he was so broke! The woman he loves left him when he needs her most. Later on, he learns that she's getting married to the Young Master of the Su family. But Natalie's Family business suffered bankruptcy! The bodyguards, servants, luxury cars, and her luxurious life was gone! Her family lost everything they have! Five years later, she has to work as a designer at the rising clothing company, " Today's Trend". But she was surprised when she learned that, Jian Hong, the man that she left five years ago is the owner of the TTCC which is founded two years ago! What is his motive for hiring her? Does he want to prove that she was wrong for what she said to him five years ago? Does he want to face slap her? Or, will their love for each other bloom again?