My bloodlines fates Book

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My bloodlines fates


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I had a prestigious life, I was a great general leading an entire army and respected by the people for my numerous success in battles. But one day I died mysteriously and suddenly woke up in the arms of an unknown man to whom I am supposedly married?! and on top of that he loothed me for some reason. I didn't know what was happening to me but one fact was clear the woman in this new life looked exactly like my last self apart from the fact that she was weaker and more elegant than my previous self. I was alone in a big castle surrounded by enemies, like the woman loved by my husband the duke and who was supposed to marry him.....the faithful and strong guard of the duke and all the servants of the house. To them, I was the evil woman that separated two person mean for each other....what a joke!.. Well, if they think that I, the great general would yield to them, they can dream on.....


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