44 The Table of Titles

Dante couldn't talk to Valentina or Morgana, so he headed to his room, or rather, his apartment.

"I don't know if they are afraid of me or you," Dante said, observing how distant people stayed from him; pure fear hung over the entire place.

"Rumors spread quickly; they probably already know about our battle, just as they know that I am a Vortex. It's a shame you have to keep up appearances," Sara replied, walking by his side. She was genuinely confused by so much exposure, something she had never faced before.

"At least they're not focusing on Valentina's demonstration. Thankfully, she didn't use her 'Mental World' to intimidate these kids; they would still be having breakdowns," commented Dante.

"What is her Mental World like? I formed mine recently when Durandal accepted me," Sara asked curiously, even though she knew she might regret it.


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