23 The Place Where Geniuses Meet

At the current moment, world leaders were preparing their heirs and potential warriors for the Royal Academy. Needless to say, the competition over who would have the best child had begun.

As the leaders filled their descendants with techniques and methods to improve before entering the academy, the institution was bustling!

The wide hallways of the academy were filled with laughter and young ones running, from all classes and races, a scene rarely seen—a coexistence achieved almost a millennium after the great war, although there were still exceptions with some youths displaying extremely xenophobic and even racist behavior.

The professors were the best in their fields, and the students had gone through a rigorous selection. There was no doubt that the Academy had become a stage for the Geniuses among Geniuses; mediocrity was not accepted within the Academy—only individuals with potential could join this institution.

But now the real issue was the upcoming first year, where an entire generation would converge—the competitors of Dante coming from their own families, with support and years of training just for this moment.

The stage set by world leaders essentially dictated, 'We want the Geniuses above all Geniuses,' and this was clearly reflected in all visitors and students of Royal.

While the preparations of the youth were underway, some of the major races were finalizing preparations for their heirs.

In a dark forest, a young Elf emerged from the abyss, looking at her mother ahead.

"You've advanced," the Elven Queen said with a gentle smile.

"Yes, I'm ready." The Elf smiled back proudly, head held high.

"Great, Elowyn." The Elven Queen handed a frost bow to the young elf as she smiled.

In a part of the Dwarven Kingdom.

"Is he asleep again?" The Dwarf King asked upon returning from a trip to an important subordinate he considered.

"No, he's been in the forge for a week, my King." A subordinate replied, and a smile appeared on the Redhead's face.

In a part of the Vampire Kingdom.

"I see she's dedicated," the Progenitor of all vampires said, observing a young woman who resembled a perfect copy of his younger wife.

"She hasn't stopped swinging the sword once since she heard about that woman's son." Lisa replied, a chill running down her spine as she remembered the Spear hitting.

"Stop fussing, woman, you provoked her." Vlad said and continued. "She wants to consider that little monster a rival?" Vlad laughed, already realizing he couldn't compete with Valentina even if he wanted to.

"Support your daughter." Lisa said and scoffed.

"Of course, but support doesn't mean foolishness," Vlad replied as he vanished in a cloud of bats.

In the Fairy Kingdom.

"Titania, why are you so cautious about your daughter's training?" Titania's advisor asked.

"Vlad has scared everyone with the news that Scarlet will send her offspring to that place; she has to be prepared for all difficulties," Titania replied.

While all the rulers sought to improve their heirs, a young Redhead was setting his sights on a very seductive woman...

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