My Billionaire Husband

Maddie Ji, a Billionaire playboy, finds himself married the heiress of a fallen empire, Jiaye Zhi. That wasn't in his life plan at all and nothing was going to make him change his playboy ways even this preposterous marriage arrangement. Growing up watching his parents' pathetic excuse for a marriage made him lose all faith in binding himself to someone for life. Jiaye Zhi, she was once the life of the party but she had to change her ways drastically when her family's business went bankrupt. Her father always admonished her childish, stupid, rebellious ways and didn't even bat an eyelash getting Jiaye to marry into the Ji family. Jiaye suddenly gets into a nasty accident that changes their lives forever. What happens in this forced marriage? Will it really work? Or will they ruin each other? Will it be one of the pure conveniences not messing with each other's life or will they somehow make it work? Indulge yourself in Married to the Billionaire to find out. List of my Novels Here in Webnovel 1. Billionaire Defiant Wife 2. The Cage of The Past 3. Revenge to the Devil 4. Winter of the Wolves 5. Love & Revenge 6. My Billionaire Husband 7. Love & Revenge: The Return of the Heiress 8. You Are Mine (English) 9. Memories of the Night 10. The Rebirth Of SOPHIA GREEN 11. The Rise of NATHALIA CARTER 12. MIDNIGHT Bride The CEO's TEMPTATION 13. Love & Revenge: The Stubborn Heiress (Taglish) 14. Loving A STRANGER Special Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong.

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Chapter 40: Seduce Her Husband

The relief she felt had her sinking into the next chair. This was good, and they could work things out after all. She sighed happily. That's dealt with.

"I hope we won't be having other flings coming to disturb our peace. I don't think I can take much more of this." She finally talks without feeling a lump in her throat.

"None," he promised. "I was a dick, but I always had everything under control. I didn't make mistakes. Just that one time."

"Good. Then let's never talk about this again." She uttered with finality.

"Deal. Why don't you choose a spot we can go for our retreat as I finish up here."

She nodded her head as she looked around at the mess she'd made guiltily. Maddie went back to his chair and was immediately in work mode. She dug around for her phone then remembered she was still talking to Jayden.

"I need to make a phone call real quick. I'll be right back." She mumbled under her breath as she stepped out. James was already back at his desk. He gave her a little smile, then went back to work. She decided to go to a place to make a call. She landed in the coffee lounge.

But maybe she didn't think this through-

"Jiaye! Jiaye! Jia!" She could hear someone calling her, but she was deliberately ignoring whoever the person was.

"Hey, Jiaye!" she said as she grabbed her, finally reaching her. Oh lord. She pasted a fake smile in her face and turned.


"How've you been? You've been away for so long I was scared something had happened to you!" she kept on talking enthusiastically.

Something had happened to her, though. She wasn't completely wrong.

"I've been well. I just took a little break. I'll be back soon. Why don't you give me the tea? What's been happening around here? You are done with your shift, right?"

Her face lit up. "Yes!" she pulled her to an empty table. She rambled on and on about people whose names she didn't even recognize. One just made sure to use the right exclamations where necessary. My phone rang, cutting her off.

She apologized and left the table to pick the call.

"Where are you?" It was Maddie at the end, asking where she was.

"I'm in the coffee lounge."

"Okay. Come back to the office now," His voice sounded scared of something.

"Why?" She wondered what he needed her presence for.

"I feel less anxious with you in my sight. And I'll actually get work done."

She smiled at that hearing his abrupt explanation. He probably still thought she was going to up and run. Maybe she should just rile him up. Nash. They did deserve a break.

"I'll be there in a few then," She said softly as I hung up. "Sorry, Maddie wants me back in his office. We could do this again sometime." She told her apologetically, just barely stepping into the coffee lounge to avoid being trapped again. She quickly walked out and headed straight for the elevator.

Jiaye quickly dialed Jayden's number.

"Yo, what in the actual fuck happened?" he asked her, picking up immediately. She recounted the whole event to him and waited for his reaction.

"I don't think I like Maddie, taking you with him, see?" So she refrains from giving her intake this round.

"Okay?" without even waiting for her reply, he continued, "look, I'm a little caught up at the moment, I'll call you later then we can catch up properly, bye hun. I love you."

"I love you too-" She doesn't think she'd even managed to get it out before he hangs up.

Sigh. "Jayden."

The elevator dinged, and she'd already arrived at Maddie's floor. She slowly entered his office and found him on a call. He smiled at her, acknowledging her. She took her seat and got on the internet looking for the perfect place they could go on a retreat. Pinterest was a good social media to start.

Roughly an hour later, she'd settled on around five places and wanted Maddie's input. She kept looking at him, but he seemed so busy. Sigh. She drifted and went to other social media platforms, played games, her mind strayed. She remembered what she had underneath. She felt herself getting wet at the thought of what could happen. She looked at him from over her phone, wondering if he could read her thoughts. He didn't even seem to remember she was there. Jiaye wonders what his reaction would be if she dropped her coat. Would he be pleasantly surprised? Or would he be pissed at the interruption? She doesn't think he would have been pissed, but maybe it would have been better for her to let him be so that he could finish his work faster and go home sooner. She glanced up at him again, wouldn't life be much simpler if they could read each other's thoughts.

"I can feel you are staring," Maddie said under his breath as he kept on scribbling whatever. He looked up, and his gaze pierced through her. It sent shivers running through her body. Could he feel it? The atmosphere had definitely changed. It's now or never Jiaye. But now her legs felt like jelly. They couldn't support her weight if she decided to seduce him.

"I'm just admiring my hunk of a husband."

Good girl, flirt your way into it.

"Okay. You're allowed." Maddie said lightly with a smile on his face and went back to work. Okay, how would she proceed now? Just drop the coat. Damn.

She felt like screaming. She didn't know if she was actually that courageous. But what the heck. It was now or never. She means, what was the worst that could happen. She shakily got to her feet. Maddie looked at her, puzzled. She slowly walked towards him, trying for her sexiest strut. Jiaye slowly opened her belt, undid the buttons, and let the coat fall to her feet.