1 Drawn to Her

'I'm so fucking going crazy. That bitch has got some nerve. I can't believe she could still have the boldness to show her face to me, after all she did to me,' he thought to himself.

'arrgh! I'm freaking losing it' Kol screamed as he got into his car. His mind was so overloaded that he's scared it'd blow up. He'd got to leave that place, else he did something that he might end up regretting. So he started the engine and drove off.

* * *

He was on his way home, hadn't been there for a while. Well I guess he thought it could help him cool off.

'who the fuck is this?' he yelled as his foot slammed hard on the brakes his car screeched to a halt. He was angry, a bit terrified though didn't show it. He's not a kind of person who expresses fear, not after all he's been through.

He quickly opened the door and stepped out.

A girl was sprawled on the floor, her handbag was on the floor beside her.

she looked rich and classy with her outfit which made her curves very defined

He walked towards her, concerned she might be hurt.

She was staring at his shoe, then he watched as her gaze drifted up his legs and then, his face.

Large frightened eyes gazed up at him. He felt his insides churn as he caught sight of her delicately charming face. Her brown hair was a tousled mass of spiraling curls that flowed over her shoulders and it perfectly suited her skin tone which was milky with a hint of rose. Her hazel eyes were just so enchanting. Couldn't just stop staring at her.

He crouched down to one knee to make sure she was alright. She looked pale and her lips were dry.

Then she licked her dried lips subconsciously.

'fuck' his body screamed as he felt a rush of desire course through him. His lips yearned to ravish hers.

'shit Kol, what are you doing?' He thought, trying to bring himself to think properly. This is so not good.

'Are you alright?' He asked her trying to distract himself from this unusual feeling.

He held her arms and helped her up, he felt that jolt of electricity course through his body like he was connected to her some how. Reluctantly he let go of her arms then he bent to pick up her handbag from the ground.

'Be careful next time when you're on the road, if you don't want to get hit' he said handing her bag to her.

'Thank you' she replied, forcing a smile.

He reluctantly walked back to his car, started the engine and sped off.

* * *

'Amy, what do you think about the female lead in our blockbuster movie? Donald thinks she should go for a haircut.' Tiffany asked her best friend Amy

' yeah, I kinda agree with him. A female lead with a haircut kinda suits the storyline' Amy replied

Tiffany McClain has been the CEO of McClain Entertainment since her parents death.

She chose to manage this company amongst others because, she was already into entertainment. Kol, her elder brother only supervised once in a blue moon.

Amy has been their friend since childhood. Their families have really grown so close over the years.

They just got back from the company. Tiffany went to oversee some work that needed to be done while Amy is a signed actress in McClain Entertainment.

' lest I forget, we have to prepare. Kol told us he'd be coming home today' Amy said

' yeah, Anna is in the kitchen and everything is almost set' Tiffany replied

' we're gonna have the most interesting lunch time in weeks' Amy said getting a bit excited

' I couldn't agree more ' a voice said from the door

Gosh! Who wouldn't know who that is. My run away brother!

' look who we've got here! ' Amy exclaimed going to give Kol a hug

' gosh Kol, is this really you. You look so fucking messed up' Tiffany added

' yeah right? What happened to you.' Amy asked

' rough day ' Kol replied

' anyway, away with the drama' Tiffany said

' Kol? FYI, I'm still mad at you. How could you stay away from me for so long?' Tiffany asked feigning anger

It was about two weeks since Kol travelled for a business trip. it didn't go so well, as he wasn't able to click the deal as expected, so he just needed somewhere to clear his head away from home.

' yeah I'm still really mad at you too. I didn't even get to hear from you for a while ' Amy said.

This was that part Kol hated the most, being scolded.

' look girls, I'm sorry okay? Tiffany, you of all people should understand me. You know I needed time to clear my head.' He explained but the girls didn't budge

' okay you know what? I'll make it up to you girls okay? I'll take the weekend off from work'

' That sounds okay' Tiffany said

' by the way, I feel so glad that you girls are actually preparing for my arrival' Kol said.

' Don't be too proud of yourself, brother' Tiffany said rolling her eyes

' you should go freshen up.' Tiffany added pushing him out of the room.

' oh! Okay, see you in a bit', he said walking out to his room.

Well, it's just the two of them left, Kol and his younger sister Tiffany.

Elijah and Katie McClain were their lovely parents. Who didn't know Elijah McClain in the whole of the country! He was the CEO of McClain Inc., McClain Hotels and Resorts, McClain Estates. Besides, he also held major shares to various companies. His wife was the CEO of McClain Entertainment Industry and the chairwoman of McClain Foundation

They lived the best life that anyone could ever ask for until they died in that plane crash on their way to New Orleans for a vacation.

It's too sad a memory to be remembered.

' let me go check on Anna.' Tiffany said to Amy.

Mrs Anna has been their house keeper since they were very young and she was just like family to them

' okay ' Amy said as Tiffany went out the door.

She descended the large stair case and headed towards the kitchen.

And there she found Anna almost done with the dishes. The aroma of the delicious meal Anna had made hypnotized her senses completely.

' Anna, let me help you with that' Tiffany said taking the plates and cups from her hands. She went towards the dining table and arranged them neatly with their cutlery beside them.

Then she helped arrange the dishes and the wine at the center of the table.

' Lunch is served ' Tiffany sang aloud

She has always been known to love food. Amy calls her the 'eating maniac' because of how much she could actually put in, despite her slim frame.

* * *

Rebecca had just arrived home. Her dad had not yet returned, so she dashed straight to her room.

If anyone had told her that Raymond would do that to her, she wouldn't have believed.

In her 23 years of existence, he had been her first and only boyfriend and she had been faithful and loyal to the core. She felt she could give the relationship a try

She took out her phone from her bag which was in silent mode

46 missed calls from Raymond. She kept staring at the screen and then decided to check her whatsapp messages. She had 85 unread messages, all from Raymond.

'babe listen to me. You got the wrong impression. It's not what you think.'

'I swear, I didn't do anything with her'

'I only allowed her spend the night at my place because she had no place to go at that time. It was late.'

' please can you pick up your phone? Let's talk like adults.'

' please give me the chance to explain, I'll fix this I promise'

' I thought you said you trusted me. Then why are you jumping into assumptions? At least hear me out first.'

Rebecca kept scrolling down reading the messages.

She wanted to believe in his words but she had seen it with her own eyes, her heart refused to believe it.

She gasped for air as she recalled the sight. And the dam broke again, as tears rolled down her eyes.

But she didn't let the grief consume her. She was tired of shedding tears.

' what am I even crying about?' she asked herself

Was it because he betrayed her love for him? Or was it because of the disrespect he brought to her because of his actions?

Anyway, she doesn't care. All this crying had left her looking like an absolute mess and she was willing to let go of all the pain

' l don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. This relationship will never work. I'm breaking up with you. That's my gift to you.' Rebecca typed on her phone and sent it to Raymond.

Then almost immediately, she blocked his number and deleted it from her phone.

Why was it so easy for her to let go?

' I guess I never really loved him' she said to herself. She had made herself believe that what she had for him was love. She made herself believe it would work even if she wasn't feeling it.

Maybe she overreacted because it was the first relationship she has had, and it ended up being ruined. She dashed into the bathroom, soon after came out after having a cold bath.

She lay on her bed, her head facing the ceiling. Then she suddenly thought of the guy she saw earlier and she felt the butterflies in her stomach flutter.

she was headed towards where her car was parked when she heard the blaring of horns. Gosh! That was so close.

She felt so frightened, that she actually fell because she thought she was going to get hit. Her emotions were all over the place at that moment.

Then she saw the car door open and a pair of legs stepped out.

From the look of his shoes, he seemed like a rich guy because the shoes were pretty expensive.

As soon as their eyes met, she almost gaped. The man before her was so damn good-looking and hot. She was sure that he was a thousand times more handsome than any celebrity she had ever seen in her life.

He was tall. His inky dark hair looked like it was combed by his fingers and swept back away from his face. He had a strong, defined and masculine jawline, it was perfection in her eyes.

She was utterly impressed. She had never been impressed by a man's looks like this before. He was just so stunning.

Then he held her arms and helped her get up, and she felt it. That spark like a jolt of electricity course through her body like they were connected somehow. She didn't want him to let go but soon after, he did. She was a bit disappointed, but tried not to show it.

Then he bent down to pick up her handbag and handed it over to her.

' be careful next time when you're on the road, if you don't want to get hit' she recalled.

Jeez, he had got the most amazingly sexy voice she had ever heard.

She couldn't understand the influence he had on her. She felt so attracted to him somehow.

Gosh! She had never felt this way for any man before, not even Raymond.

She could recall Raymond asking her for sex several times but she kept telling him she was not ready.

She thanked her stars that she never had sex with him else she'd have felt a thousand times more heart broken than she felt earlier.

' shit! What am I even thinking?' she asked herself as she snapped back to reality

She sighed feeling a headache coming. Thinking right now wasn't going to help, she should probably sleep.

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