19 You Didn’t Just Get a Deal, You Got a Gold Nugget!

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"What? What a gold nugget? Where? Where?"

"My God, there's a gold nugget embedded within the jade toad!"

"It seems like it weighs around 200 grams. It should be worth around 500 thousand yuan, right?"

"Wait a minute, let me calm down first. So you guys are telling me that this jade toad I bought for 1 thousand yuan is actually worth 500 thousand yuan instead!?"

"What kind of luck is this? This luck is simply heaven-defying..."

Everyone present exclaimed in shock, expressing their surprise at the turn of events.

The so-called gold nugget referred to gold that was naturally formed. Their surface were usually relatively smooth, and there were often small beehive-shaped holes dotted around their bodies.

Gold nuggets were rare, and as such, their value exceeded that of ordinary gold. The average price per gram of gold nugget ranged between 2 thousand to 3 thousand yuan.

Since the piece that Tang Feng found was around 200 grams, its worth was indeed around the 500 thousand yuan.

Many people who were browsing Antique Street normally rushed over upon hearing the commotion.

As a result, more and more people came over, and very soon, the stall was completely surrounded.

Amidst the discussions of the crowd, Tang Feng picked up the gold nugget and looked at the crowd with a confused expression. "So, this is a steal?"

Someone immediately explained to him.

"Not only did you get a steal, you got a gold nugget of all things!"

"Yeah, this gold nugget is worth at least 500 thousand yuan. Since you only spent 1 thousand yuan to buy it, you made 500 times the profit!"

"It was fortunate that you did not return the jade toad earlier. Otherwise, you would've missed this windfall."

"Your luck is pretty good, young man."

"Look at the stall owner's face, it's already turning green. Hahaha..."

Everyone looked at the stall owner. As expected, his face had already contorted into an ugly expression.

The stall owner could have accepted it had Tang Feng discovered the contents within the toad back home.

However, that was not what happened. Tang Feng had smashed the jade toad right in front of everyone to reveal the gold nugget worth 500 thousand yuan within it!

This was simply a slap to the stall owner's face.

Moreover, when he thought back on how sternly he had rejected Tang Feng's offer to return the toad, he got so mad that he wanted to vomit blood.

Tang Feng took the gold nugget and deliberately waved it in front of the stall owner. "Damn, I didn't expect my luck to be so good. I spent a thousand yuan to make 500 thousand yuan in return. Boss, I really appreciate your help!"

With that, Tang Feng turned around to leave.


The stall owner suddenly shouted and quickly walked out of the stall to block Tang Feng from leaving.

Tang Feng looked at him with a puzzled expression. "What else do you want?"

The stall owner reached out his hand towards Tang Feng. "Return the gold nugget to me."

Tang Feng hurriedly put away the gold nugget and looked at him with disdain. "Boss, what do you mean? I bought that Jade toad. You claimed that all ties would but cut off once the goods are sold, so why should I return it to you?"

"That's right. You bought the jade toad, but not the gold nugget within it. You can take away the gold nugget, but you'll have to pay up another 500 thousand yuan." The stall owner demanded.

Amused by the stall owner's demand, Tang Feng turned around and directed his attention to the onlookers. "Guys, what do you think? Is this how things work around here?"

The surrounding onlookers were on Tang Feng's side.

"This is too much, Mr. Stall Owner. How could you be this unethical?"

"That's right. The young man had asked for a refund, but you refused to do so. But now that he has discovered a gold nugget, you suddenly want its content back? This is plain illogical!"

"Young man, we support you. You shouldn't return the gold nugget to him."

"That's right. He's being a bully, plain and simple. This is some rather loathsome behavior."

The stall owner turned to look at the crowd. "What? Do my ears deceive me? Are you guys really standing up for this kid? Fine then, let's see which one of you will actually come up and stop me!"

As he said that, he suddenly shouted to the two stalls beside him, "Second brother, third brother, the bullies are already at our front door! Stop playing dead!"

As soon as he finished shouting, the owners of the two stalls beside him walked out. One was carrying a machete, whereas the other one was carrying a baseball bat.

Those who had been speaking up for Tang Feng earlier all retreated in fear once they spotted the newcomers.

"Who else wants to stand up for him? Step right up then!" The stall owner glanced at the crowd fearlessly, but no one dared to stand up again.

The stall owner was very satisfied his intimidation. He turned to look at Tang Feng again. "Kid, if you know what's good for you, leave the gold nugget behind and scram. Otherwise, I'll send you to the hospital your friend is staying in."

Tang Feng played with the gold nugget in his hand and stated, "Actually, I really don't think much of a gold nugget of this size. Had you guys had spoken nicely to me, I might've returned it to you. But seeing as you guys are trying to coerce me to hand it over, I refuse."

The stall owner waved the iron rod in his hand and smiled sinisterly. "So, you're saying that you want to do this the hard way? Well, I'm more than willing to fulfill your wish."

At those words, the other two stall owners immediately rushed forward.

Realizing that a fight had started, the surrounding crowd immediately retreated.

However, Old Ma did not retreat along with them. Instead, he pulled over a armchair from the stall beside him and sat down on it.

He folded the bracelet in his hand and looked at Tang Feng with interest.

At this moment, the man with the baseball bat had already rushed in front of Tang Feng and was swinging his weapon at him.

It was clear that the stall owners were not actually trying for his life. It was for this reason that the stall owner wielding a machete was standing back. He was likely just there to intimidate Tang Feng.


Tang Feng shouted excitedly.

He had purchased Martial Arts Mastery the previous night and he was currently looking for a practice dummy to test his new skills on.

However, as he was living in a peaceful society, such an opportunity was hard to come by. After all, it was not like he could deliberately start a fight in the middle of a street... Or so he thought.

The attacker with a baseball bat was fierce. The old Tang Feng would definitely have been hit.

However, the new and improved Tang Feng had easily dodged it by taking a step back.

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