1 My Friend is Actually a School Belle Disguised As a Man?!

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Zhonghai, Baiyang Street light rail station.

Tang Feng, who was dressed in casual clothes, stood quietly at the exit.

He was waiting for someone.

To be precise, he was waiting for a big brother whom he had known online for a long time but had never met before.

It was his first time meeting a friend from the internet offline. Just thinking about it made him a little excited.

As Tang Feng's mind wandered about after waiting for an extended period of time, a thin, tall, fair, and delicate-looking little boy seemed to have noticed his presence and started waving at Tang Feng from within a crowd. His face was filled with excitement.

He had discovered his target!

Naturally, Tang Feng noticed the other party as well. His eyes lit up, but at the same time, he was a little surprised.

After all, something did not quite add up. The person he was supposed to meet spoke in a rather manly voice online. However, instead of the fearsome figure he had imagined, his friend looked more like a sissy in real life.

"Young Master Feng?"


Once they had properly gathered up, the two of them greeted each other at the same time.

Both parties were calling each other by their online monikers, in which case, Tang Feng was Young Master Feng, and as for the "Big Brother" opposite him, he was 'Pretty Boy Heartthrob'.

Despite this, Tang Feng preferred to call him 'D*ckface' instead.

Alright, identity confirmed. He's definitely the stupid online friend that I've always gamed with.

"Holy sh*t man, is that really you? F*cking hell. I've always thought of you as a chad in real life, and not this sissy I see in front of me!"

After confirming the other party's identity, Tang Feng teased and casually gave the other party a light fist bump on the chest.

It was a normal procedure to take for old friends, after all.

However, immediately upon making contact, Tang Feng felt that something out of place.

How could this grown man's chest be so big and soft, almost as if it's a water balloon?

All things considered, it was still a really good feeling.

"Hey, watch where you're touching!"

Tang Feng's Big Brother seemed to be shocked by his sudden action. He quickly crossed his arms over his chest as he hurriedly took several steps back.

His cheeks were visibly red. Moreover, his watery eyes stared at Tang Feng as if he was looking at an evildoer.

That small look made Tang Feng's heart skip a beat.

Damn, could Big Brother actually be a sub?

Tang Feng was shocked by the other party's reaction and immediately felt that something was amiss.

"It's just a greeting. What's the issue, D*ckface?"

"I'm hurt that you're acting this way over a greeting, y'know?!"

Seemingly realizing something upon hearing those words, the Big Brother bit his lips and explained, "I'm... I'm sorry. I rarely have physical contact with outsiders, so I was caught off guard, is all."

Tang Feng chuckled. "What outsiders? Our ties are thicker than blood. How can we be considered outsiders?"

The Big Brother rolled his eyes at Tang Feng and spat out three words cleanly, "Scram, you b*stard!"

The friendship between men was that simple. In just a few sentences, the awkwardness just a moment ago had been dispelled.

While the two of them joked around and formally introduced themselves, a strange robotic notification sounded in Tang Feng's mind.

"Ding ~"

"Host selection completed, world information synchronization completed..."

"Congratulations, host, the Scanning System has been successfully bound to you."

"This system allows you to scan and obtain the information of any living or non-living being. The higher the system's level, the more detailed the information you'll receive from your scans."

"Current system level: Level 1(Can only retrieve the basic attributes of scanned items)"


Once the electronic notification ended, Tang Feng was immediately in high spirits.


A Scanning System?

You have my full attention now!

How could an old bookworm like me not be familiar with such a concept?

My life's about to soar to new heights!

"Young Master Feng, is something bothering you?" Tang Feng had been silent for a while and was staring forward in a daze. It struck the Big Brother as odd.

"Oh, oh, nothing's wrong." Tang Feng drew his attention back to reality and shook his head.

However, the moment he laid eyes on the other party, a virtual interface suddenly appeared in front of him.

[ Name: Song Lele ] 

[ Gender: Female ]

[ Three measurements: 81/60/83 ]

[ Appearance: 93 points ]

[ Figure: 95 points ]

[ Family background: 46,321,600 ]

[ Personal information: ... ]

? ? ?

Tang Feng could not help but widen his eyes.

Gender: female?

The Big Brother that he had known for several years was actually a girl?

Moreover, she had the looks of a school belle, a legendary 36D perfect figure, as well as the perfect package of being fair, rich, and beautiful!?

F*ck, am I crazy, or is it this world that's crazy?

"Young Master, you sure you're alright? Why are you distracted again?" Beside him, Song Lele had a strange look on her face.

"Don't tell me... Do you have social anxiety?"

Upon hearing Song Lele's concern, Tang Feng immediately came back to his senses. "In your dreams! I'm a maestro of social connections!"

"A maestro you say? Kek, I wonder who's the guy that's still single despite leaving his mother's womb for more than 20 years?" Song Lele had a look of disbelief on her face.

Tang Feng subconsciously retorted, "I do wonder though. Say, aren't you single too, Big Brother?"

Tang Feng was still in the state of shock from learning that his "Big Brother" was actually a woman with riches and looks way beyond his league.

It struck him especially hard upon recalling the vulgar topics that he had discussed with her on the internet in the past. He was well and truly speechless.

Had he known earlier that the person hiding behind the flirtatious online name "Pretty Boy Heartthrob" was actually a beautiful school belle with a 36D chest, he would definitely have held back from speaking certain topics.

Even suffering a social death would not have been as shameful as what he was currently experiencing!

Damn it, no matter how I think about it, it's definitely this b*tch's fault for leading me astray! I need to get back at her!

Tang Feng's anger welled up from the bottom of his heart, and he began conjuring up evil plots in his mind.

You like to pretend to be a man, huh?

Then you'd better be ready for the consequences!

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